Capturing and classifying power quality and power consumption data

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Capturing and classifying power quality and power consumption data


    The powerPerfector is one of Japan’s advanced scientific inventions of recent times. Since its introduction in 1993, total sales of the energy saver have exceeded several hundred thousand units, and they have made huge economic profits for their users.

    The distributors of powerPerfector in Japan include companies like

    Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi and IBM.

    Now it is available in the UK and can yield a capital return on your investment of 20% to 70% per annum and for 15 years plus, after purchase, you will continue to reap the full protective and economic benefits of a 12% to 20% reduction in energy

    and associated costs.

“The only reason companies have not installed powerPerfector is because they do

    not know about it.”







     The Energy and Cost Saving Voltage Conditioner

    What does powerPerfector do ? Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

; reduces energy use and costs by up to 15% by optimising the electricity supply voltage. powerPerfector

; powerPerfector balances three phase electricity supply voltages and currents.

; powerPerfector filters harmonic disturbances that can disrupt computers and other electronic devices.

; powerPerfector prolongs the life of electrical components through reduced voltage and electrical stresses.

How does powerPerfector save energy ?

    Operating electrical equipment at higher than optimum voltages leads to significantly higher energy consumptions. Equipment like lighting and motors consume more power at higher voltages.

    powerPerfector‟s main feature is its ability to slightly lower the voltage for a whole site and therefore cut energy costs. This reduces energy bills and makes no perceptible difference to the effectiveness of equipment.

The declared electricity supply voltage in the United Kingdom is 230v with a tolerance of 6% to +10%. This

    means that effective voltage can be anywhere between 216v and 253v depending on local conditions. Most electrical equipment manufactured for Europe and the UK is rated at 220v and will quite effectively operate at voltage down to 200v.

    Electrical equipment in use in the UK is, in most cases, operating at a voltage higher than its design optimum.

    powerPerfector corrects this over-voltage and saves energy !

How much can powerPerfector save ?

    Connecting the powerPerfector unit to the mains supply of a site will save energy. The amount of savings will depend on the type of equipment being used. Savings of between 10% and 20% are typical at a minus

    6% tap change.

Other benefits of powerPerfector

    ; powerPerfector‟s patented circuitry balances 3 phase voltages. This is important as it helps in the even

    running of three-phase equipment and minimises wasteful neutral conductor currents.

    ; powerPerfector has electrical filters that suppress harmonic voltages. Harmonics voltages in electrical

    systems induce wasteful current flow and can disturb sensitive electronic equipment like computers.

    ; Lower voltages from powerPerfector help to extend the life of electrical equipment especially light bulbs,

    70% - 150%.

    ; By extending the life of light bulbs and electrical motors maintenance costs are reduced substantially.

    ; The efficiency of powerPerfector reduces the demand requirement and gives you additional electrical


    ; powerPerfector installation makes a public relations statement about your business and social ethics,

    and, best of all: it is environomic” for you.

    Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

powerPerfector pedigree

    powerPerfector is a patented product and is available, for lease or sale, from Legend Power UK Plc, itself

    partly owned by Hong Kong listed Cheung Kong Holdings Ltd (?1.8 Bil Cap). Several 100,000 units have been

    installed in the Far East and are currently saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, protecting equipment and

    lowering maintenance costs. powerPerfector is a low/no maintenance device, completely reliable and guaranteed for five years.

How is powerPerfector installed ?

    powerPerfector is installed after the electricity main switch. The main switch and outgoing „tails‟ are simply connected to the 3 phase bus bar system. There are no other connections necessary. Installation time 2 - 3


Once powerPerfector is set-up there are no further adjustments required, and the unit will run 24 hours a

    day, 365 days a year. powerPerfector is unique and is the simplest and safest guaranteed way to reduce energy costs.


     PP-KVA PP-AMP Weight Kg

     PP-50-400 PP-75-4J 85

     PP-70-400 PP-100-4J 110

     PP-105-400 PP-150-4J 240

     PP-140-400 PP-200-4J 290

     PP-210-400 PP-300-4J 320

     PP-280-400 PP-400-4J 400

     PP-350-400 PP-500-4J 430

     PP-420-400 PP-600-4J 450

     PP-560-400 PP-800-4J 530

     PP-740-400 PP-1000-4J 600

     PP-840-400 PP-1200-4J 670

    PP-1100-400 PP-1600-4J 900

    PP-1280-400 PP-1850-4J 1130

    PP-1380-400 PP-2000-4J 1300

    PP-1730-400 PP-2500-4J 1550

    PP-2070-400 PP-3000-4J 1750

    PP-2750-400 PP-4000-4J

    PP-3100-400 PP-4500-4J

     Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

Specifications of the powerPerfector

Product intensive power transformer

    Phases three phase (3 & 4 wire type)

    Frequency 50/60 Hz

    Primary voltage 200 400v

    Secondary voltage 400v - 4% - 6% -8% down

    Voltage fluctuation less than 0.5%

    No load circuit less than 2%

    No load loss less than 1%

    Voltage deviation within +/- 0.5%

    Temperature rise less than 60 degrees C

    Insulation class H

    Insulation resistance > 100M OHM at DC 1000v

     between coil and iron core

    All units are CE marked

    Key requirements for powerPerfector sizing

Maximum demand reading

    We need to know the highest maximum demand over the last 12 months period for each site in KVA. This information can be derived from your electricity billing data. We require a copy of a monthly electricity bill in the last six months.

    {The powerPerfector will generally be rated within +/10% to this and has a capacity to operate at a 50%

    overload for 8 hours continuously without ill effects.)

Voltage readings

    The voltage of the supply to each site is required to determine the effectiveness of a powerPerfector

    installation. This should be measured using an accurate portable Power Recorder over a period of time that allows us to perform power quality, power consumption, harmonics, and flicker measurements simultaneously. Voltage and current waveforms are captured and displayed cycle by cycle together with wave shape faults, such as surges, sags, and transients. Frequency, ground current, power factor, demand power, and reactive power are also measured. The power monitoring instrument uses the latest digital-signal-processing (DSP) technology to monitor and measure power disturbances, power consumption, harmonics, and flicker in a single instrument. The Power Recorder also introduces a new technique to measure impedance‟s of distribution

    systems in real-time under dynamic conditions, at fundamental and harmonic frequencies. The information obtained from the recorder can then be detailed in a comprehensive 70 page report. The report will summarise events against the industry standard Power Tolerance Curves (CBEMA curve named after the Computer

    Business Equipment Manufacturers Association committee who adopted it) and provide recommendations.

    Records over a period of at least a week as a first guide to indicate the suitable tap setting on the powerPerfectorare recommended.

    If a detailed site analysis is required equipment can be hired from and a report submitted by our approved Re-Seller and Installation partner Integrated Power Technology. Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

    EA Technology Summary Report

    EA technology, the UK‟s leading energy efficiency research organisation, tested a 150kW powerPerfector unit in a Tesco‟s store at Cleveleys Cheshire. Results over 3 months indicated a 10.1% saving in energy use whilst operating at a 6% voltage reduction setting.


    The Legend Power UK plc. powerPerfector is a patented energy efficiency device that reduces electricity power input by optimising supply voltages. It has a number of other valuable features including three phase voltage stabilisation, and harmonic current suppression. The device has very low energy losses (0.1% of rating).


    Before normalisation, energy reductions were 7.1% (4% voltage reduction setting) and 13.6% (6% voltage

    reduction setting). After normalisation these figure were 5.4% (4% voltage reduction setting) and 10.2%

    (6% voltage reduction setting).


    EA Technology state that the powerPerfector provided “very significant” energy savings during the monitoring period, and that the savings recorded above were „conservatively‟ calculated. As UK average

    supply voltages are well in excess of the European harmonised minimum figure 216v, there is great scope for energy savings using this equipment.

    The powerPerfector produces no environmentally damaging emissions or gases.

    The Environmental Technology Centre conducted extensive tests for a retail chain and confirmed 13.6% savings at a 7% tap down, they are recommending pP to their clients. 26/6/02

     Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44


    powerPerfector has been distributed in Japan for a number of years by major Japanese conglomerates including Mitsubishi, Panasonic (national), Hitachi, Toshiba, N.E.C., N.T.T., I.B.M. Japan, Fujitsu, and Japan Oil.

    Numerous tests have been conducted in different countries that demonstrated significant savings, here are some of them;

    1. The first test at the Star Ferry Terminal in Kowloon, using a load of 60amps for public lighting showed

    a reduction in energy consumption of 11.4%

    2. A similar test at a Hong Kong shopping Center showed a saving of 17.9%

    3. The first installation conducted at Seibu Department Store in Hong Kong showed savings of 17.9% on

    their ?30,000 per month bill.

    4. A test at Tescos Cleveleys Cheshire showed a minimum saving of 10.2% at a 6% tap.

    5. Tests at the Environmental Technology Centre at Nottingham University showed savings of 11.6% at a

    -7% tap.

    6. Installations at Woolworth‟s Head Office show savings of 13%+ over a 10 month comparative period

    on a 7% tap.

    7. B.C. Hydro in Canada (major energy supplier) concluded that powerPerfector “made significant energy

    savings” and is now qualified for their incentive funding program.


    powerPerfector is quite new to the UK and from a discrete start is now expanding its marketing nationwide after first effecting installations at Tesco, Woolworths, BP, Woking County Council etc., two of which are rolling out the product, and the other still assessing it. A number of unit installations are underway at several other business types, and the interest level is high as pP is the only unit that allows one to maximise one‟s efficiency

    over an entire site with one installation.

    Todate we have not found any type of business that would not benefit from powerPerfector technology and to give you an idea of businesses around the world that have installations outside Japan we list below a few;

    Sears, Home Depot, Ikea, Science World, International Aviation Terminals, Il Mercato Shopping Center, New World Group (HK), Star Industry Ltd (HK), All Jusco Stores (HK), Hutchinson Whampoa (HK), Wing Hang Bank (HK), South China Athletic Association, Zhongshan Water Plant, Igarashi Electric Works, Column Watches Ltd, Hung To PCB. etc

    Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

    Customer services


    We are pleased to assist in the sizing and site survey if required. A charge will be levied if a visit is required.


    We aim to deliver all orders within 2 months from the signing of an agreement. We will give an exact commitment at that time.

    Installation time

    powerPerfector units up to 200kva take approximately 3 hours to install with a switch off time of half an hour on average.

    Installation costs

    The basic contract does not include installation, however if installation is required our certified electrical installation partner Integrated Power technology will be pleased to quote on a per premises basis.


    powerPerfector is a reliable no-maintenance unit, and will perform quietly 24 hours a day.

    The Economics

    Legend Power UK Plc understands that, whilst it becomes more essential every day for companies to support the environmental issues, as highlighted by the government‟s introduction of the Climate Change Levy, it has, ideally, to be achieved on an environomic basis. That is to say at a reduction of actual cost.

    Legend Power offers powerPerfector to companies for lease or sale and prices the product specifically to try to achieve the following objectives:

    ; High capital investment return (20% - 70%)

    ; overhead cost reduction (2% - 3%)

    ; immediate cost savings after installation

    ; total cost reduction 12% - 20% possible

    ; profit in your first year when leasing (30% - 80% + LF)

Sale Terms

    All powerPerfectors are guaranteed for 5 years

Lease Terms

    Period: five years. (no maintenance contract !!)

    Businesses using powerPerfector

    hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, service stations, retail shops, shopping malls, banks, offices.

     Integrated Power Technology Ltd Please call us and let us assist you in meeting your objectives. Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

    **The Intelligent Energy Efficiency Scheme

    Legend Power is using a novel approach to assist our customers wishing to reduce their costs and increase their profitability: The powerPerfector can be supplied through above scheme which is a “no cost” Performance Based Contract.

    Under the Performance Based Contract, the shared energy cost savings arrangement requires no money down on the part of the customer. In addition the monthly payments will be a proportion of the savings that the machine generates. In other words the payments made to Legend Power will be coming out of the savings that the customer would not have otherwise made without the device installed.

    The powerPerfector copies no other product on the market. The patent is based on pure physics and all units are guaranteed for 5 years with an expected life, in normal operating conditions, of 30 years plus.

     Integrated Power Technology Ltd Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

    Saving Energy Through Voltage Control

Paper written by Simon Redford, EA Technology.


    EA Technology have been researching techniques to save energy in retail outlets for the Retail Energy Efficiency Club (REEC). An early focus of attention was the potential of Electronic Motor Controllers to save energy through voltage control on individual motors, particularly hermetically sealed refrigeration systems (including „split-system‟ air conditioning units). As a result of this work, it was observed that good payback could be achieved through voltage adjustment within statutory ranges where supply voltage was greater than nominal levels (currently 230V+10%/-6%, or 400V 3-phase +10%/-6%). This short briefing note describes the underlying mechanisms for voltage control energy and demand savings.

Voltage related Energy savings in Induction Motors

    The vast majority of motors encountered in retail outlets are induction motors. The basic principle of operation of any motor, is the interaction of two magnetic fields, one on the stator (static frame of the motor) and one on the rotor (rotating core of the motor). In DC motors, the stator field is usually a static field in one particular axis. The rotor field retains a roughly quadriture (90 degree displacement) to the static stator field via a comutator, which electrically connects rotor windings in sequence as the rotor rotates to maintain the field interaction. A field displacement of 90 degrees gives the optimum torque. A similar principle applies to synchronous AC machines, in which the rotor field is constant, rotating with the shaft, and the stator field rotates around the magnetic poles due to the alternation of the supply current, such that a phase angle exist between the stator and rotor fields to establish the motor torque.

    Induction motors are difficult to understand although they represent the vast majority of the AC motor population due to their simple construction. Induction motors have a stator field which rotates due to the AC supply in the same way as the synchronous motor. However the rotor field is induced by transformer action from the stator to the rotor as their name suggests. Transformer action can only occur when an alternating current exists, so by definition a field can only exit on the rotor when the rotor speed is less than the stator electrical speed. The difference in speed is often called the „slip‟. The induced current flowing in the secondary, rotor circuit (often a single turn circuit formed by a „cage‟ rotor), in turn creates the rotor field to interact with the stator field, so creating the motor torque.

    In order to operate, the induction motor must act as both a transformer and motor, creating a primary magnetic field, to induce the secondary (rotor) current, and hence the rotor magnetic field. The creation of magnetic fields has associated losses as seen in transformers, consisting of;

    ; Hysterisis loss - the loss associated with reversing a magnetic field passing through the iron (magnetic) circuit

    ; Eddy-Current Loss - the loss associated with the induced currents within the iron circuit (these are minimised by the use of thin, electrically isolated „laminations‟ in the magnetic iron circuit)

    To enable a motor to produce rated (design) torque, the iron circuit (magnetic components) are sized to carry sufficient magnetic field. For a particular motor design, the iron losses are essentially constant, relating to the size of the circuit to transmit the motor power. This is also true of transformers. Good design principles can help reduce the relative magnitude of these losses, such as choosing good quality magnetic iron, using thinner laminations and optimising the volume of iron used. The design parameters are chosen for a particular condition of expected operation, including the rated power of the motor and the design Integrated Power Technology Ltd voltage of the motor. Quoted efficiency of induction motors refers to these Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

    design parameters. For voltage this is often 220/400V, reflecting the universal use of motors across a range of European electricity supply systems.

Two potential energy saving issues arise from the design parameters of motors;

    ; Where the rated power of the motor is not required, the iron circuit is effectively oversized for the application. Full torque can be achieved at a reduced voltage, so reducing the magnitude of iron losses that are roughly proportional to voltage below the design voltage. This is the principle of operation of Electronic Motor Controllers, where the voltage is reduced until an optimum point is reach at which the increasing current (load) related losses start to increase the losses.

    ; Where the supply voltage is greater than the design voltage, the iron circuit produces more flux than required for the transformer action, and in addition, the iron circuit is driven into saturation, so increasing disproportionately the hysterisis loss of the magnetic circuit (i.e the fixed losses increase disproportionately). As the application is designed around the nominal rating of the motor, it is effectively oversized as describe above, but in addition the iron losses increase disproportionately.

    In addition to the above, other factors may apply. Clearly both situations can happen together, in which the load is less than the motor design rating, and the voltage is greater so effectively oversizing the motor. In some circuits, particularly hermetically sealed refrigeration circuits, the losses from the motor may have further effects on the efficiency of the process, such as reducing the efficiency of refrigeration circuits, so multiplying the benefits of voltage control.

    Some caution must be applied when considering the design principles of the application that the motor is driving. Motors are often oversized for rated (continuous) duty to provide sufficient starting torque. This is the case in many hermetically sealed refrigeration circuits, where the full starting torque of the motor is required, but often less than 40% of the rated running torque is required. However, it is very unlikely that application designers would rely on the additional starting torque provided by higher voltage than expected (i.e. greater than the nameplate torque), indeed, normal design principles will be exactly the opposite, providing a safety margin for starting torque.

Summarising Saving Potential

    Two mechanisms for energy savings are identified;

; Optimising voltage when running for lightly loaded motors

    ; Controlling voltage to design conditions, irrespective of load

    The first category requires specialist equipment and is relevant to well defined loads such as individual refrigeration cabinets where additional benefits can be found via the driven application. The second can be applied universally and has no detrimental effects on the design performance of the motor and its applications. Indeed, the reduction of starting torque to nominal values is likely to reduce the stress on machines during starting and may have mechanical benefits through reduced maintenance costs. Providing voltage is controlled within statutory limits, the second can be applied to any application and has a high safety margin below the nominal voltage (experiments suggest that most hermetically sealed circuits will start at 200V).

    Experimental derivations and wide scale application in the field (more than 500 sites) suggests that savings through voltage control are at least linear with reduced voltage and may be greater in some circumstances. Savings may not be as great where savings have already been achieved through existing voltage control techniques applied to individual circuits, such as motor controllers or inverter controllers (which often incorporate voltage control).

    In addition to the above discussion, further benefits have been found through the reduction in Volt-Amperes-

    Integrated Power Technology Ltd reactive requirement. VAr „consumption‟ occurs through the need for magnetising current Derby Road Loughborough Leicestershire LE11 5HJ Telephone: 01509 556655 Facsimile: 01509 557755 Integrated Power Technology UK Limited Company Number: 4403170 V.A.T. Reg No. GB616 9007 44

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