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By Hector Jenkins,2014-10-08 13:22
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周日组 2013925 星期三 播稿

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    The drop in the total value of cash and goods donated to charities for the second consecutive year can be considered normal given the country's economic slowdown. However, there has been a noteworthy change in where the majority of donations have gone.

    With the country's economic growth rate slowing to 7.8 in 2012, 1.3 percent lower than the previous year, the annual drop of 3.31 percent in the total amount of donations last year point to Chinese people's reduced willingness to donate. Of this, more than 50 percent came from enterprise, despite the fact that State-owned enterprises have a larger share of GDP.

    This suggests that State-owned enterprises need to have more awareness of their social responsibilities.

     The total amount of money and goods the China Red Cross Society received last year was 2.19 billion yuan, a decrease of 23.68 percent compared with the previous year. It is obvious that the country's largest charity organization doesnt shake off the negative impact scandals have

    had on its reputation. What is particularly noteworthy is the role the Internet has been playing in raising money for charities. The greater

    transparency online suggests that an increasing number of residents are closely concerned about where and how their money is spent. Transparency about the management of donations makes a great difference to people's enthusiasm and willingness to donate.

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