Spiralling out of Control

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Spiralling out of Control

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    Spiralling out of Control:


    REPORT OF THE Nunn Commission of Inquiry

    The Honourable D.Merlin Nunn Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Commissioner

    DECEMBER 2006


    Published on the authority of the Lieutenant Governor in council by the Nunn Commission of Inquiry.

    ? Crown copyright, Province of Nova Scotia, 2006

ISBN: 1554570859

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Nova Scotia. Nunn Commission of Inquiry

    Spiralling out of control : lessons learned from a boy in trouble : report of the Nunn Commission of Inquiry.

    "The Honourable D. Merlin Nunn, Retired Justice of the

Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Commissioner".

    "December 2006".

    ISBN 1-55457-085-9

    1. Juvenile justice, Administration of--Nova Scotia. 2. Juvenile detention--Nova Scotia. 3. Juvenile delinquency-- Nova Scotia. 4. Juvenile delinquents--Nova Scotia. 5. Youth-- Legal status, laws, etc.--Nova Scotia. I. Nunn, Merlin D. II. Title.

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Introduction The Tragic Intersection of Two Strangers’ Lives

    October 14, 2004, was a fateful day in the lives of two Nova Scotians. Theresa McEvoy, the 52-year-old mother of three sons, was doing what she did most days in her work life as a teacher’s assistant. She had

    driven home at noon, had lunch with one of her sons, and was driving back to school for the afternoon session. AB, a 16-year-old boy, whose life at this time was ―spiralling out of control,‖ was joyriding in a stolen car

    in the same area of Halifax.

    Though they were unknown to each other, their lives catastrophically came together in one terrible moment when the vehicle driven by AB, at very high speed, went through a red light at the intersection of Connaught Avenue and Almon Street,