GESE - Lesson plan for Grade 1 Colours Body Clothing

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GESE - Lesson plan for Grade 1 Colours Body Clothing

Lesson plans for GESE Language exam practice

    Grade 1 Lesson plan 1

    Title GESE Grade 1 Lesson plan 1: Colours / body / clothing

    To practice using the vocabulary: personal information, colours, parts of the Specific aims body, clothing, additional language of the grade

     To familiarize and prepare candidates for the GESE Grade 1 exam General aims Promote communicative skills and vovabulary

    45 mins. Or Teacher can choose activities as required. Session length

    40 Class size

    ; Handout 1: picture grid of language of Grade 1

    ; Ss bring a photo of family member Materials

    ; Trinity DVD 2010, Grade 1

    ; Optional: face mask for Ss to draw and colour

    T=teacher S=student Ss=students C=class E=examiner H/O=handout Key TPR=total physical response

    Directions for Teachers

    No. Activity Description Time Interaction ; Introduce the - T gives pairs of Ss copies the T-C

    Grade 1 picture H/O1 the picture grid of Grade

    grid. 1 language. T tells Ss they are

     going to watch a video and they

     have to notice what the candidate 10 1.1 says and tick the picture grid of mins

     they hear it.

    ; Watch the Video of - Play GESE Video of Grade 1. C-Video

    Grade 1 C-T

    - T asks Ss before they watch the T-C

    video again to think about and C-Video

    suggest what questions the C-T 10 1.2 ; Questions examiner asks. mins - Class watches the video again.

    - T then elicits the questions asked

    by E.

    ; Ss exchange - Ss walk around exchanging T-C

    personal infor greetings and asking and giving S-S 6 1.3 using exam personal info. mins questions from the - Timed for 1 min. T asks Ss to

    video(can include change partners and repeat.

    mask characters) - To add variety Ss can make a

    paper mask (draw a face create

    personal info) and repeat above.

    - In pairs Ss comment on each

    others masks (His hair is


    - T demonstrates with a photo of

    family member eliciting from the T-C

    class the language of the Grade

    (His name is His eyes are His ; Exchange more

    hair is His sweater is) personal info using a photo - Ss in pairs repeat with their S-S

     pictures. 8 1.4 mins - T demonstrates again, this time T-C

     say something thats not true

     about photo. ; Error pairs

    - Then Ss do the same, saying S-S

    something not true and other Ss

    have to correct.

    - T starts demonstrating Simon T-C

    says Touch your nose, Point to a

    blue sweater, Touch a window,

    etc. (Action should only be done ; Simon says game when instruction precede with 8 1.5 Simon says.) (uses TPR) mins

    - T leads class in game T choose C-C

    S to take over playing role of T

    using language of grade.

    - Repeat with other Ss.

    - Students tick or circle items on

    picture grid that teacher referred 3 1.6 ; Review (optional) to in the lesson or examiner mins

    referred to in the exam.

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