Affiliate Emails

By Rosa Bryant,2014-06-17 23:23
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Affiliate Emails ...

Affiliate Emails:

Email 1:

Subject: {!firstname_fix}, easily make up to $3000 a day on autopilot

Hi {!firstname_fix},

    You‟ve got to see this…

The owner of this website came out of the blue and is turning the entire

    moneymaking community upside down.

I'm serious. People are going totally crazy over this (and for good reasons).

You can see his website here. Just click the link:


On this website this guy shows you exactly how to make up to $3,000 a day,

    almost like magic!


    ** But here‟s the best part! **

1. This system doesn‟t involve any complicated schemes or tricks to make

    money. This is about as simple as it can get. If you can read and write, you can

    do this.

2. This system will last for as long as you want. Just set it up once and the cash

    flows in forever, most of it automatically.

3. The system is infinitely scalable. This means there‟s absolutely no limit to the

    kind of money that you can make with this system. You can build as many of

    these systems as you like. And it‟s easy once you know how to set it up.

Just imagine what your life would be like once you know a system like that…

Oh, and by the way, get this:

Remember I mentioned an income of $3,000 per day?

    Well, that‟s money ON AUTOPILOT, {!firstname_fix}. So it‟ll flow in every single month, even if you choose to stop doing anything.

Just go take a look at the website that reveals all:


Enjoy! :-)

{Your Name}

    P.S. You won‟t regret it, seriously. Just click the link and take action. That‟s all!


P.P.S. People are going crazy over this system for setting up an unstoppable

    flow of money. Thousands have joined already.

    But I‟ve heard rumors that he‟s going to take it down tomorrow already. So take a look now to make sure you‟ve seen it before it‟s gone:


Email 2:

Subject: {!firstname_fix}, have you seen this yet?

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Remember I told you about this life-changing website yesterday?

I just wanted to make sure that you‟ve seen it.

    After all, I‟m told the whole thing is about to be pulled down. And you really can‟t afford to miss all of this without at least having seen it, {!firstname_fix}…

You can check it out here:


Anyway, here‟s the deal:

The guy that created this system is not well-known (yet).

But that‟s just because he‟s been keeping his actions „low profile‟ so to speak,

    up until now…

The thing is that he‟s been making a killing online for quite some time. And he‟s

    been doing that based on a system that he calls the “Cash Factory System”.

I bet you‟re curious about why he calls it that…

Well, you can discover why he does here:


Look, I first sent an e-mail out about this yesterday, and ever since I did I‟ve

    literally been flooded with e-mails.

Everyone and their mothers want to know if I know this guy personally, if I get

    them more info, if I‟ve got some „inside connection‟ or anything…

I‟ve even had some „indecent proposals‟ in exchange for getting people in touch

    with him, but I‟ll spare you the details…

I can‟t possible answer them all, because there‟s just not enough time in a day.

So let me tell you the truth

I had never even heard of this guy until I saw his website earlier this week. But

    I‟ve seen his “Cash Factory System”, and I can tell you one thing…

I‟m hooked.

This has got to be the easiest way to make money online, ever!

The bottom line is that his website has been getting thousands of visitors a day.

    And obviously, he‟s been getting thousands of new members every single month.

    So rumour‟s going around that he‟s going to have to shut it all down completely. And that could be happening any day now.

So I highly suggest you go check it out right now, {!firstname_fix}.

Making money online (or making money in general) doesn‟t get simpler than



Just go there and see for yourself why people have been freaking out over this

    “Cash Factory System”.

It‟s simple, but mind-blowing.


Talk soon,


P.S. Remember the $3,000 a day I talked about earlier? It‟s easy to accomplish

    once you know the right system. And the whole system is revealed right here:


P.P.S. Imagine having just an extra $300 a day. What would you do? How

    would your life change?

    Then multiply that by 10, {!firstname_fix}. Because that‟s the kind of potential we‟re talking about here!

So check out this website now, before the whole thing is pulled down forever:


Email 3:

    {!firstname_fix}, exact details about this “secret” cash flow system…

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Admit it…

You want to make money, and lots of it.

And you know, there are a lot of “moneymaking gurus” out there who claim to

    give you the solution to all your moneymaking problems…

    But here‟s the dreadful truth that you just can‟t go around…

    Most of these gurus are lying to you. And they‟re doing it on purpose.

There, I said it. Someone just had to say it.

It‟s true. I know it‟s a bold statement, but most gurus are lying to you, and

    they‟re not helping you to improve your situation at all.

Or at least, they leave you with only part of the story so you‟ll never be able to


Anyway, you can discover why they‟re doing that over here, and I highly

    suggest you have a look:


And as if that wasn‟t enough reason already for you to take a look, let me tell

    you another thing…

On that website you‟ll discover an outrageous cash production system that‟s

    designed to spit out cash like a 24/7 ATM machine on steroids that has run wild.

I know what you‟re thinking…

I must have gone crazy.

Well, you‟re right, I‟ve gone crazy over the amazing system that this guy is

    revealing over there.

This system produces cash and you can‟t stop it unless you literally pull out the

    plug that you put in yourself.

It just keeps on producing cash for as long as you like, and on autopilot.

But don‟t just take my word for it. Check out what other have to say about this


You can read it all here:


This could be your ticket to fortune, {firstname_fix}!

Take care,


P.S. I know, I know… Making even just $200 a day probably seems impossible

    for you…

But that‟s what I used to think myself. And I know better now. And then to

    imagine that people have made $3,000 on one day with this system!

Nothing is impossible, {!firstname_fix}. You‟ve just got to see this:


P.P.S. This is the exact system used by all money making gurus to make an

    absolute fortune online.

But this is the part that they never share with you (for disgusting reasons that I

    won‟t get into now). This is the basic system from which all else follows.

And you‟re about to discover this exact system. Your life is about to change

    forever. Get the full insiders scoop right here:


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