Specification Section 05800

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Specification Section 05800


    Section 05800


    Model(s) “AFJ” Floor

    Seismic Expansion Control Systems


    1.01 Work Included

    A. The work shall consist of furnishing and installing expansion joints in accordance

    with the details shown on the plans and the requirements of the specifications.

    The joints are proprietary designs utilizing extruded profiles, elastomeric seals and

    preformed shapes.

B. Related Work

    - Cast-in-place concrete

    - Miscellaneous and ornamental metals

    - Flashing and sheet metal

    - Sealants and caulking

    1.02 Submittals

    A. Template Drawings - Submit typical seismic joint cross-section(s) indicating

    pertinent dimensioning, general construction, component connections, and

    anchorage methods.

    1.03 Product Delivery, Storage and Handling

    A. Deliver products in manufacturer's original, intact, labeled containers and store

    under cover in a dry location until installed. Store off the ground, protect from

    weather and construction activities.

    1.04 Acceptable Manufacturer

    A. All joints shall be as designed and manufactured by Watson Bowman Acme Corp.,

    95 Pineview Drive, Amherst, New York 14228.

    B. Alternate manufacturers and their products will be considered, provided they meet

    the design concept and are produced of materials that are equal to or superior to

    those called for in the base product specification.

    C. Any proposed alternate systems must be submitted and receive approval 21 days

    prior to the bid. All post bid submittals will not be considered. This submission

    shall be in accordance with MATERIALS AND SUBSTITUTIONS.

    Any manufacturer wishing to submit for prior approval must provide the following:

    05800-1 Allure

    1. A working 6” sample of the proposed system with a letter describing how

    system is considered superior to the specified system.

    2. A project proposal drawing that illustrates the recommended alternate system

    installed in the floor or wall construction that is specific to the project. Typical

    catalog cut sections will not be considered.

    3. Verifiable list of prior installations showing prior and successful experience

    with the proposed systems.

    4. Any alternate products not adhering to all specification requirements within,

    will not be considered.

    1.05 Quality Assurance

    A. Manufacturer: Shall be ISO-9001:2008, RC14001:2008 certified and shall

    provide written confirmation that a formal Quality Management System and

    Quality Processes have been adopted in the areas of, (but not limited to)

    engineering, manufacturing, quality control and customer service for all

    processes, products and their components. Alternate manufacturers will be

    considered provided they submit written proof that they are ISO 9001:2008,

    RC14001:2008 certified prior to project bid date. Manufacturers in the process

    of obtaining certification will not be considered.

     B. Warranty: The Interior Fllor Series expansion control system’s performance shall

    be warranted when installed by manufacturer’s factory trained installer. Installation

    shall be in strict accordance with manufacturer’s technical specifications,

    details, installation instructions and general procedures in effect for normal

    intended usage and suitable applications under specified design movements and

    loading conditions.

    C. Manufacturer: Shall have a minimum ten (10) years experience specializing in

    the design and manufacture of Architectural Expansion Control Systems.

    D. Application: The specified expansion control systems shall be installed by a

     factory trained installer certified in the proper installation of the expansion

     control and fire barrier systems.


    2.01 General

    A. Provide seismic joint system that incorporates a flexible stainless steel leaf

    spring that is mechanically snap locked into the leaf mount extrusion using no

    fasteners. The system shall be capable of accommodating flexible finish floor

    materials up to 3/8 inch by utilizing an adjustable leaf spring support. The

    system shall show no visible aluminum surfaces except for that of a narrow trim

    05800-2 Allure

    strip extending across the finish floor or wall surface. Throughout the normal

    thermal movement cycle the system shall be capable of vertical displacement

    while providing a smooth transition particularly at walking surfaces between

    opposing floor slabs. (Leaf spring and trim strip profile features that do not

    provide a smooth transition across the joint opening will not be considered).

    B. Furnish Wabo?Allure Model “AFJ” Expansion Control System for interior floors

    as manufactured by Watson Bowman Acme Corp. and as indicated on


    2.02 Components and Materials

    A. Leaf Spring - Material shall conform to A.I.S.I. 301 Stainless Steel. Spring shall

    be tempered and secured to the retainer by a snap, lock fit. Mechanical

    attachments to secure the spring element or rotation of the same during

    movement will not be permitted.

    B. Exposed Trim Strip Extrusion - Material shall conform to properties of ASTM

    B221, Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6. The profile shall exhibit a visible exposed

    finish strip not exceeding 7/8 inch in width and provide a smooth angular

    sloping leg that guides the leaf spring during movement cycles. The profile

    shall be snapped into the base extrusion by appropriate locking features and a

    continuous threaded channel utilizing manufacturers recommended hardware.

    C. Floor Base Extrusion - Material shall conform to properties of ASTM B221,

    Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6. The profile shall exhibit a vertical pillar incorporating

    pre-engineered slot locations to receive the adjustable leaf spring support.

    D. Adjustable Leaf Spring Support - Material shall conform to properties of ASTM

    B221, Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6. The profile shall exhibit a sloped top surface

    with a minimum width of 1/2 inch to receive and support the leaf spring. The

    profile shall have the capability of accommodating flexible finish floor material

    thickness’ ranging from .080” to .375” by its attachment to the corresponding

    slot location on the floor base extrusion.

    E. Leaf Mount Extrusion - Material shall conform to properties of ASTM B221,

    Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6. The profile shall exhibit a semi-closed rectangular

    cavity designed to receive and lock the leaf spring into position without the use

    of fasteners. Profiles that utilize fasteners and promote rotation of the spring

    element will not be permitted.

    F. Moisture Barrier - Material shall be flame retardant, extruded PVC in

    accordance with ASTM D412. Durometer 60; 5. The profile shall be designed

    with side lugs that ensure a snap lock fit into a corresponding aluminum cavity.

G. Anchors - Provide 3/8” diameter by 2-1/4” LG Zinc plated hex head concrete

    expansion anchor with washer. At wall mounted aluminum profiles utilize 1/4”

    diameter anchors. Spacing shall be 18” o.c. maximum.

    05800-3 Allure

    H. Accessories - Provide necessary and related parts and fasteners required for

    complete installation.

     I. Blockout Repair - Utilize a single component rapid strength repair mortar.

    J. Blockout Infill - Utilize a non-catalyzed, non-shrink grout containing mineral


    K. Fire Barrier Assembly - Designed to provide the required fire endurance rating,

    minimize passage of smoke and accommodate dynamic movement without

    stress or degradation to its components. Test system in maximum joint width

    incorporating a field splice. Supply Wabo?FlameGuard or

    Wabo?ThermoShield Fire Barrier System as governed by joint opening, test

    requirements and fire rating.

    2.03 Fabrication

    A. Aluminum extrusions and stainless steel leaf springs to be shipped in standard 10

    ft. lengths and shall be cut to length on jobsite where required. Extrusions shall be

    miter cut in the field to conform to directional changes unless otherwise contracted

    with expansion joint manufacturer.

    B. Moisture Barrier seals shall be shipped in the longest practical continuous

    length in manufacturer’s standard shipping carton.

C. Fire Barriers - Ship manufacturer’s standard assembly including fire caulks,

    sealants (if applicable) and hardware for the required hourly rating with ends

    prepared for field splicing. Assemblies shall be miter cut in the field to

    accommodate changes in direction.

    2.04 Finishes

A. Aluminum extrusions shall be supplied in standard mill finish.


    3.01 Installation

    A. Install all Expansion Control Systems utilizing manufacturer’s blockout repair and

    infill material(s).

    B. Protect all expansion joint component parts from damage during installation,

    placement of concrete and thereafter until completion of structure.

    C. Expansion joint systems shall be installed in strict accordance with the

    manufacturer's typical details and instructions along with the advice of their

    qualified representative.

    05800-4 Allure

    D. Expansion joint systems shall be set to the proper width for the ambient

    temperature at the time of installation. This information is indicated in the

    contract plans.

    3.02 Clean and Inspect

    A. Upon completing installation the contractor shall clean all exposed metal

    surfaces with a suitable cleaner that will not harm or attack the finish. Inspect

    for any damage that may have resulted from other work or building trades.

    05800-5 Allure

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