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Maps and Directions

    State In-Service Training Program Course Catalog

    Spring 2010

    Agency Registration Deadline: 02/03/10

Staff Development Courses offered by

    The State of Connecticut Community College System

    in partnership with

    Department of Administrative Services


    Dear Colleagues,

    The Department of Administrative Services and Connecticut‘s Community College System are partners in providing a wide variety of cost-effective training opportunities to Connecticut State employees. This catalog includes courses that will help your staff enhance their skills to meet and support agency goals efficiently and with a high level of customer service. All agencies and employees at all levels are encouraged to participate! Whether you are familiar with the In-Service Training Program or looking at a catalog for the first time, we welcome your participation and feedback.

What’s NEW this term?

    State In-Service Training for spring 2010 is offering courses that address possible career mobility opportunities and include Advancing your Career in the State System, Interviewing Skills for Career Advancement and Positioning Yourself for a Promotion. We are also offering a Middle Management Skills Certificate. For our

    social service agencies with staff working in the field, we are offering R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense. New

    computer technology courses include Adobe Acrobat Intermediate, Oracle Database 10g and PHP Web

    Programming, Web Usability and Design II-Intermediate and Word/Excel Combination in Spanish and Writing for the Web. New instructors this spring include Kenneth Larson, George Hernandez, Michael Jordan-Reilly, Ted Crommett, Cathy Poehler, Fierida Mimo, Victor Mitchell, Dawn Leger, and Mara Braverman.

How do I register?

    All registrations are coordinated and submitted by agency Training Approval Officers (TAOs) using the online registration system. See your agency‘s TAO for details about deadlines and the approval process within your agency. If you don‘t know who your TAO is, please check our website or call 860-244-7614.

How do I pay for courses?

    Please ask your Training Approval Officer regarding payment options for courses. You may be eligible to apply for union workshop funds for reimbursement as defined by your collective bargaining agreements. Some individuals self-pay directly to our CT Community College System Office. Please be sure to gain prior approval to take the course from your supervisor.

Visit our web site: Or, to visit the Community College System page or any college‘s individual page, check out:

Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

    Jane Williams

    Workforce Development Coordinator

    Connecticut Community Colleges

    Phone: (860) 244-7614 Fax: (860) 244-7883


    Table of Contents Page No.

     8 Registration Information

    10 For Training Approval Officers: How to Submit Agency Registrations

    11 Registration Information for Students

    12 Individual Application for State In-Service Training Programs

    13 Agency Registration Form

     Essential Business Skills

    14 "He Said-She Said"; Building an Inter Gender Communication Bridge in the Workplace

    14 Accounting II

    15 Advanced Grant Writing

    15 Advancing Your Career in the State System

    16 Assertiveness Training: Getting Your Point Across (Nicely)

    16 Becoming Proactive and Avoiding Job Burnout in Turbulent Economic Times