Maps and Directions

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Maps and Directions

    State In-Service Training Program Course Catalog

    Spring 2010

    Agency Registration Deadline: 02/03/10

Staff Development Courses offered by

    The State of Connecticut Community College System

    in partnership with

    Department of Administrative Services


    Dear Colleagues,

    The Department of Administrative Services and Connecticut‘s Community College System are partners in providing a wide variety of cost-effective training opportunities to Connecticut State employees. This catalog includes courses that will help your staff enhance their skills to meet and support agency goals efficiently and with a high level of customer service. All agencies and employees at all levels are encouraged to participate! Whether you are familiar with the In-Service Training Program or looking at a catalog for the first time, we welcome your participation and feedback.

What’s NEW this term?

    State In-Service Training for spring 2010 is offering courses that address possible career mobility opportunities and include Advancing your Career in the State System, Interviewing Skills for Career Advancement and Positioning Yourself for a Promotion. We are also offering a Middle Management Skills Certificate. For our

    social service agencies with staff working in the field, we are offering R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense. New

    computer technology courses include Adobe Acrobat Intermediate, Oracle Database 10g and PHP Web

    Programming, Web Usability and Design II-Intermediate and Word/Excel Combination in Spanish and Writing for the Web. New instructors this spring include Kenneth Larson, George Hernandez, Michael Jordan-Reilly, Ted Crommett, Cathy Poehler, Fierida Mimo, Victor Mitchell, Dawn Leger, and Mara Braverman.

How do I register?

    All registrations are coordinated and submitted by agency Training Approval Officers (TAOs) using the online registration system. See your agency‘s TAO for details about deadlines and the approval process within your agency. If you don‘t know who your TAO is, please check our website or call 860-244-7614.

How do I pay for courses?

    Please ask your Training Approval Officer regarding payment options for courses. You may be eligible to apply for union workshop funds for reimbursement as defined by your collective bargaining agreements. Some individuals self-pay directly to our CT Community College System Office. Please be sure to gain prior approval to take the course from your supervisor.

Visit our web site: Or, to visit the Community College System page or any college‘s individual page, check out:

Thank you for your time and interest. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

    Jane Williams

    Workforce Development Coordinator

    Connecticut Community Colleges

    Phone: (860) 244-7614 Fax: (860) 244-7883


    Table of Contents Page No.

     8 Registration Information

    10 For Training Approval Officers: How to Submit Agency Registrations

    11 Registration Information for Students

    12 Individual Application for State In-Service Training Programs

    13 Agency Registration Form

     Essential Business Skills

    14 "He Said-She Said"; Building an Inter Gender Communication Bridge in the Workplace

    14 Accounting II

    15 Advanced Grant Writing

    15 Advancing Your Career in the State System

    16 Assertiveness Training: Getting Your Point Across (Nicely)

    16 Becoming Proactive and Avoiding Job Burnout in Turbulent Economic Times

    17 Bringing Out the Best in Others When Tempers Are Short and Resources are Tight

    18 Building Blocks of Writing Certificate

    18 Building Writing Basics

    19 Bullying in the Workplace

    19 Business Writing with Style and Impact - NEW!

    20 Call Center Customer Service NEW

    20 Climbing the Public Speaking Mountain: Overcoming Fears and Phobias

    21 Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

    21 Conversational Spanish for the Real World Use in the Workplace

    22 Covey: Stephen Covey

    22 CPR/AED Certification

    23 Dealing Constructively with Negativity in the Workplace - Making a Positive Impact

    23 Dealing with Difficult Customers

    24 Defensive Driving

    24 Editing 101

    25 E-mail Etiquette NEW

    25 Ergonomic Issues: Relieving Stiff Joints, Neck and Back Pain Level 1

    26 Franklin Coveys 4 Disciplines

    26 Getting Good Press in a Bad News Economy NEW

    27 Grammar & Punctuation with Less Stress

    27 Grammar Review

    28 Handling on the Job Conflict


28 How to Get Along with Everyone: Advanced Communication Skills

    29 Interpersonal Communication

    29 Interpersonal Intelligence and Leadership: The Key to Understanding Others

    30 Interviewing Skills for Career Advancement - NEW!

    30 Lean Government - It’s not an Oxymoron

    31 Maintaining Separation Between Your Work Life and Your Personal Life

    31 Managing Disagreement, Conflict & Confrontation

    32 Managing Frustration and Stress: Your Own and Everyone Else’s

    32 Managing Multiple Priorities When Resources are Scarce and Teams are Lean

    33 Maximizing Your Memory

    33 Medical Terminology for Lay People

    34 More Productive Work Through Written Communications

    34 Motivating Change Resistant Employees: Change Strategies That Work

    35 Never Let Them See You Sweat

    36 Office Professional Certificate - I

    37 Office Professional Communication Certificate NEW

    38 Perfect Pronunciation 1

    38 Perfect Pronunciation II

    39 Performance Under Pressure: Managing Stress in the Workplace

    39 Positioning Yourself for Promotion - NEW

    40 Power Communication

    40 Power Negotiations - I (Introduction)

    41 Project Planning & Management

    41 Proposal and Report Writing

    42 Proven Problem Solving Skills: Maximizing Productivity

    42 Pump Up Your Proofreading Proficiency

    43 R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense- NEW

    43 Rejuvenating the Mind, Body & Spirit

    44 Sign Language I Beginners

    44 Sign Language II Intermediate

    45 Six Hours to Taking Great Minutes

    45 Spanish - On the Job I

    46 Spanish for the Workplace - I & II

    46 Spontaneous Speaking

    47 Stephen Covey's 4 Roles of Leadership

    47 Stress Management - NEW

    48 Take Charge of Your Health and Increase your Productivity - NEW

    48 The People Side of Project Management NEW


49 The Super Service Toolkit

    Thinking on Your Feet: Developing the Power to Persuade Others to Get What You Need in Lean

    49 Times

    50 Understanding and Using Your Budget Effectively- NEW

    50 Using Social Media to Get Your Agency Noticed

    51 When Communication Gets Tough

    51 Winning Grant Writing Skills

    Developing Leadership Skills

    52 Achieving the Right Management Balance

    52 Bridging the Generation Gap NEW

    53 Building Effective Work Groups

    53 Communication & Performance Management

    54 Communication Strategies - For Leaders

    54 Covey: Rethinking Stress

    55 Creating Buy-In

    55 Developing the Leader Within

    56 Discover What Every Supervisor Must Know to Be More Effective

    56 Doing More with Less - Management Strategies that Work NEW

    57 Essentials of Project Management

    57 Leadership and Motivation

    58 Making the Transition to Management

    58 Middle Management Skills Certificate - NEW!

    60 Shortcuts for Supervisors

    61 So, You’re a New Supervisor

    61 Supervisory Skills Certificate - I

    62 Supervisory Skills Certificate - II

    64 The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness to Greatness

    65 The Hats We Wear

    Technology Advancement

    65 Access 2003 Certificate

    66 Access 2007 - Beginner

    66 Access 2007 - I (Introduction)

    66 Access 2007 - I (Introduction)

    67 Access 2007 - II (Intermediate)

    67 Access 2007 - II (Intermediate)

    68 Access 2007: Database Skills for Non-Programmers

    68 Adobe Acrobat: Basics


68 Adobe Acrobat: Forms

    69 Adobe Acrobat: Intermediate - NEW!

    70 Adobe Dreamweaver - I (Introduction)

    70 Adobe Dreamweaver - II (Intermediate)

    71 Adobe Flash - Introduction

    71 Adobe InDesign - Introduction

    72 Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Beginners The Help You Need to Get You Started

    72 Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Intermediate Users Going Beyond the Basics

    73 ASP.NET - Introduction

    73 Be Your Own PC Tech - I

    74 Database - Introduction - NEW!

    74 Excel 2003 Certificate

    75 Excel 2007 - I (Introduction)

    75 Excel 2007 - I (Introduction)

    75 Excel 2007 - II (Intermediate)

    76 Excel 2007 - More!

    76 Excel 2007 Intermediate NEW

    77 Excel 2007: Data and Functions

    77 Fine-tuning Windows + File & Folder Management

    78 Identity Theft: What you need to know to Safeguard Non Public Information

    78 Microsoft Project 2007: Essentials

    79 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Introduction - NEW!

    79 MS Office 2007 New Features NEW

    80 Oracle Database 10g and PHP Web Programming - NEW!

    80 Oracle Database 10g: Introduction to SQL

    81 PHP & MySQL Introduction: How to Create Web Forms and Capture Information

    81 PowerPoint 2007 - Introduction

    82 PowerPoint 2007: Get Up to Speed

    82 Programming Basics: Foundation for C#, VB.NET, JAVA and XML

    83 Publisher 2007 - Introduction

    83 Using the MS Office Suite Together as a Whole

    84 VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - Introduction

    84 Web Page Creation: Using Cascading Style Sheets Effectively - NEW!

    85 Web Page Design with HTML

    85 Web Usability and Design - I (Introduction)

    86 Web Usability and Design - II (Intermediate) - NEW!

    86 Word 2007 II - (Intermediate)

    87 Word 2007: Form Design and Creation


    87 Word 2007: In-Depth - NEW!

    88 Word/Exce1 2007 Combination

    88 Word/Excel 2007 Combination in SPANISH

    89 Writing for the Web - New

     90 Instructor Biographies

    98 College Locations

    99 Maps & Directions


    Registration Information

    Registration Timeline

    Agency Registration Deadline ................................................................................................ 02/03/10

    Late Registration ..................................................................................................................... 02/10/10-02/19/10

    Course confirmations / seat reservations available online throughout registration ............... 02/19/10 Training Approval Officers notify staff of seat reservations

    and provide maps & directions to each college ............................................. beginning 02/19/10 Courses begin……………………………………………………………………………………………….03/12/10

    General Registration & Program Information


    ; In-Service courses are open to all employees regardless of classification or job title. Individual agencies may

    elect to limit registrations in a way that best suits their organization.

    ; Where agency requirements allow, employees should be encouraged to attend classes other than those directly

    related to their present position, in order to foster mobility and skill enhancement. Registration

    ; Agency seat reservations are submitted by each agency’s Training Approval Officer (TAO) using the automated

    online system. Upon receipt of confirmed seat reservations, TAOs will notify staff and supply maps & driving

    directions as appropriate.

    ; Staff should direct all questions regarding timelines and procedures to their agency TAO, as each agency has

    unique policies concerning the program. Don’t know who your TAO is? Visit the In-Service website or call

    (860) 244-7614, or inquire in your Human Resources Department.

    ; In most cases student names are not submitted with seat requests. Each agency must keep track of which

    seats are associated with which staff members or departments, and staff should direct questions concerning

    seat reservation status to their TAO.

    Attendance & Refund Policies

    ; Once seats have been reserved for all courses at the end of the registration period, withdrawals and course

    substitutions are not allowed.

    ; Agencies “own” reserved seats and are required to pay for reserved seats even if a staff member does not


    ; Before registering, students must be sure to check their schedules carefully and obtain supervisor’s permission

    to attend a course.

    ; If for any reason the original registrant cannot attend, a substitute from the agency may be sent.

    It is the responsibility of the original registrant and the agency Training Approval Officer (TAO) to identify

    and select the substitute.

    ; Participants must be careful to attend the correct course section and location as assigned. Additional

    charges will be invoiced to agencies when non-registered staff attend courses.


    General Registration Information

    Course Cancellations and Postponements

    ; We reserve the right to cancel any course with insufficient enrollment, during the initial registration period. Course status will be communicated to Training Approval Officers at the conclusion of the initial registration period.

    ; Inclement weather postponements: Students should check the college website and listen to radio and TV stations for individual college closings. When in doubt students should call the college in question. Telephone numbers and detailed cancellation information is available in the catalog under the map section. When classes are held, students are expected to attend. No refunds or credits will be given for non-attendance. ; When courses must be postponed due to inclement weather or unexpected instructor illness, Training Approval Officers will be notified by the college offering the course as soon as the college is aware of the situation. If

    registrants cannot attend the new class date(s), the agency must notify the college right away. If no notice is given at least 48 hours prior to the new course date, credit for a future course may not be issued. NOTE:

    Colleges do not have student names or contact information prior to class and cannot contact students individually. TAOs are responsible for notifying their employees.

    Billing Procedures

    ; The Community College System Office is responsible for a centralizied system of registrations and billing. ; Invoices to state agencies will be prepared upon completion of the registration process. We ask that all Invoices be processed and returned within thirty days. Billing will be based upon the number of seats confirmed for each agency.


    ; Prerequisites (if any) are included in course descriptions. For computer courses especially, prerequisites are very important! The learning of all participants is adversely affected by those who are unable to keep pace at the required skill level. We strongly urge you to screen your employees for prerequisite skills!


    ; In most cases textbooks are not required. When textbooks are required, a note is included in the course decription and books will be available at an extra cost at the college bookstore.

    Certificate Requirements

    ; To earn a certificate of completion, 100% participation is required for classes that meet for one day. 80% participation is required for more lengthy courses. Each college may set more stringent (100%) attendance requirements for multi-session programs when necessary.

    ; Certificates will be issued at the end of each course. Employees who leave at any point before the instructor ends the program will not be given a certificate.

    ; CEUs are granted for most In-Service courses and are included on the certificate of completion. One CEU measures 10 contact hours in class, so a course that includes 30 contact hours will be worth 3.0 CEUs. Contact hours are measured in clock hours, and do not include lunch or coffee breaks.

    ; In order to grant CEUs, each college must collect sufficient student data to enable them to track the student on our registration system. The student data can include birthdate and/or social security



    ; Instructor names and biographies are published in the catalog and online. In the event of an illness, we may need to make instructor substitutions when necessary without notification. Currently it is our policy not to provide refunds or allow course substitutions if instructor substitutions are made.

    Reasonable Accommodations

    ; For information regarding disability related accommodations or to request a disability related accommodation, contact: Jane Williams (Workforce Development Coordinator, Board of Trustees, CT Community College System, 61 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105, Tel. (860)244-7614,

    Fax: (860)244-7883, at least four weeks in advance of the course.


    For Training Approval Officers: How to Submit Agency Registrations

; Sign in online at with the password assigned to you by the in-service coordinator.

    Search the courses that you would like to request seats in and enter the total number of seats for each course. Seat totals can be modified by using the “My Requested Seats” link, entering the modified totals and the new

    totals will appear on the TAO Reservation Report link. All seats reserved by an agency at the end of the reservation period will be “owned” by that agency.

    ; Each agency has the option to request more seats than are available in any course. When the agency does so, they will have what is called “wait seats”. The colleges will respond to the demand for these seats by opening up new course sections if possible. If your agency is interested in moving the “wait seats” into a new section, please contact or and we will do this.

    ; Your agency is required to track Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels courses with seats that must be assigned together.

    ; An “Individual Application for In-Service Training Programs” is included in the appendices section. If your agency has an internal application form, disregard the one provided.

    ; Double check your TAO Reservation Report prior to the end of the registration period. No adjustments will be made because of seat request errors after this date.

    ; It is not necessary to submit individual applications or summary pages to the in-service coordinator. The only form required is the Agency Registration Form.


    Training Approval Officers should feel free to call or write with questions concerning any aspect of the program. Questions should be directed to Jane Williams, or (860) 244-7614. We thank you for

    your time, energy, and commitment to helping your agency’s staff become more knowledgeable and efficient!

Looking for a customized solution?

    Do you have a large number of staff to be trained? We can arrange a course just for your staff to

    be delivered at your location or on campus. Regular per-seat fees apply. Our colleges can also

    customize courses to suit your specific needs. Contact Jane Williams at

    or (860) 244-7614 for additional information.


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