unit 2 Where's the post office

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unit 2 Where's the post office



     Eglish 课题 Where's the post office? 主备滕得凤


    课时安排 6 课型 听说课,读写课,复习课 复备

     1General aims:

    AAsk for directions on the street

    BGive directions on the street

    2Particular aims:

    ALanguage Focus

    1Ask the way on the avenue

    2Show the directions on the street

    BLanguage goals 教学目标 1Is there a bank near here?

     Yes, there's a bank on Center Street

    2Where's the supermarket?

     It's next to the library

    3Is there a pay phone in the neighborhood?

     Yes, it's on Bridge Street on the right

    4Go down off the Fifth Avenue

Words: hotel, bank, park, supermarket, street, avenue, new, clean, quiet, big,

    small, dirty, old, busy, left, right, near, pay 教学重点 Phrases: post office, video arcade, next to, pay phone, across from, between…and, turn left / right, go straight, take a walk, excuse me, 1Special question with where

    2There be …;,pay attention to be singular or plural 教学难点 3Preposition with position

    4Sentence with yes

    1Using what you know 教学方法 2Inferring content




    Period One p7

Step 1 Warming up


    First wish the class have a happy, healthy new year

    2Warming up

    What do you do during the Spring Festival?

Step 2 Presentation


    For example: say to myself

    Draw a picture and write down some places on the blackboard as I am talking 2Teaching the new words

    Post office, video arcade, pay phone, bank, supermarket, hotel, library, street, straight, turn,

    left, right

     Step 3: Practice

    1Ask students to act out about turn left / right;,each team every time, at last only one who

    wins gets a award;!

    2Section A 1a reading

    Ask Ss to read the places and match the words with the pictures

    3Guess the place where I am

    For example:

    I am standing here;,point to the pictureGo down Bridge Street and turn left at the first

    crossingGo along Fifth AvenueIt's on my rightIt's next to libraryWhere am I going? Show them in the screen

    4Ask Ss to follow the conversation above and complete the conversation 5Have the line in the classroom as the street and desks as the buildings and practice the

    conversation above

    1Teacher tells four students each time to act out, others judge if they walk in the street


    2Ask Ss to judge”wrong” or”right”

    6Section A 1b listening

    Play the recorder, ask Ss to circle the place they hear on the picture in 1a 7Pairwork: Have Ss ask and answer the question following 1c about other places in picture

     Step 4: Homework

    1Copy the words in 1a

    2Make a conversation like 1c


Step 5 Classwork: Translation