unit 2 Where's the post office

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unit 2 Where's the post office



     Eglish 课题 Where's the post office? 主备滕得凤


    课时安排 6 课型 听说课,读写课,复习课 复备

     1General aims:

    AAsk for directions on the street

    BGive directions on the street

    2Particular aims:

    ALanguage Focus

    1Ask the way on the avenue

    2Show the directions on the street

    BLanguage goals 教学目标 1Is there a bank near here?

     Yes, there's a bank on Center Street

    2Where's the supermarket?

     It's next to the library

    3Is there a pay phone in the neighborhood?

     Yes, it's on Bridge Street on the right

    4Go down off the Fifth Avenue

Words: hotel, bank, park, supermarket, street, avenue, new, clean, quiet, big,

    small, dirty, old, busy, left, right, near, pay 教学重点 Phrases: post office, video arcade, next to, pay phone, across from, between…and, turn left / right, go straight, take a walk, excuse me, 1Special question with where

    2There be …;,pay attention to be singular or plural 教学难点 3Preposition with position

    4Sentence with yes

    1Using what you know 教学方法 2Inferring content




    Period One p7

Step 1 Warming up


    First wish the class have a happy, healthy new year

    2Warming up

    What do you do during the Spring Festival?

Step 2 Presentation


    For example: say to myself

    Draw a picture and write down some places on the blackboard as I am talking 2Teaching the new words

    Post office, video arcade, pay phone, bank, supermarket, hotel, library, street, straight, turn,

    left, right

     Step 3: Practice

    1Ask students to act out about turn left / right;,each team every time, at last only one who

    wins gets a award;!

    2Section A 1a reading

    Ask Ss to read the places and match the words with the pictures

    3Guess the place where I am

    For example:

    I am standing here;,point to the pictureGo down Bridge Street and turn left at the first

    crossingGo along Fifth AvenueIt's on my rightIt's next to libraryWhere am I going? Show them in the screen

    4Ask Ss to follow the conversation above and complete the conversation 5Have the line in the classroom as the street and desks as the buildings and practice the

    conversation above

    1Teacher tells four students each time to act out, others judge if they walk in the street


    2Ask Ss to judge”wrong” or”right”

    6Section A 1b listening

    Play the recorder, ask Ss to circle the place they hear on the picture in 1a 7Pairwork: Have Ss ask and answer the question following 1c about other places in picture

     Step 4: Homework

    1Copy the words in 1a

    2Make a conversation like 1c


Step 5 Classwork: Translation





Design Blackboard:

    Unit 1 Where's the post office?

    1Is there a …near here? between … and… 2Where's the …? next to

     It's on / across from … on the left / right

    Period Two P8

Step 1 Revision

    Revise the words of 1a using the following pictures

Step 2 Presentation

    1Teach these words using the pictures:

     across fromnext tobetween…andon 2Help them make sentences with these words

     The hotel is across from the bank

     The cinema is between the hotel and the library

     Video arcade is next to the supermarket


Step 3 Practice

    1Section 2a reading

    Get the students to read the sentences in the box firstThen match each sentence with one of

    the pictures

    2Section A 2b listening and understanding

    First read the words in the box together

    Play the recording twice for the students to write down the words they hear

    Play again, let the class know these conversations: (Where is …?

    (It is …

    (Is there a …?

    (Yes, …

    3Section A 2c oral practice

    Let the students look at the picture of Page 1 Ask and answer in pairs or in a T-S way

    Then ask several students to repeat some of their conversations for the class

Step 4 Homework

    1Copy and master the sentences in 2b

    2Finish sentences in 2b

Step 5 Classwork

    1Choose the best answer:

    1My best friend sits next _____ me

    Ato Bon Cin Dbeside

    2Is _____ a bank near the library?

    Ahave BThere Chas Dthere

    3!(Is there a bike in the supermarket? (_______ AYes, it is BNo, it isn't CYes, there isn't DYes, there is 2Translation:

    1!附近有一个公园吗:是的,在旅馆和邮局之间有一个。 2!公用电话在哪里:在学校的对边。

Teaching note after class:

    Period Three p9

Step 1 Revision

    1Using a map of our school to revise the words of 2b 2Revise the conversation:

    (Where is the …?


    (It is …

    Step 2 Presentation

    1Say: The post office, bank, supermarket are in my school's neighborhood

    I am at schoolI want to go to the bankHow can I get there?

    Teach the students to describe directions using the following: go / walk straight, turn left / right, on the left / right, go / walk down the street

    Fore example: Go straight and turn rightIt's on the Jiefang streetIt's on the leftThe bank is next to the supermarket


    Ask the students to practice more description of directionsMake sure they learn it well

    Step 3 Practice

    1Section A 3a reading

    Have the students read the conversation together

    Ask one of the students to put the conversation into Chinese

    Remind the students of the expressions in the table

    Draw the route pointed by Nancy and find out the position where Nancy and Paul are


    2Section A 3b writing

    Tell the class these three pairs are in the picture above and find them in itThe first pair is on

    the corner of the New StreetThe second pair is across from the firstThe third pair is on the

    corner of the Bride Street

    Ask the students to have a discussion first and then make sentences after the model of 3a

    Step 4 Game

    Practice using the target language:

    (Is it + position + place?

    (Yes, it is / No, it isn't

     Let students look at the picture of P1 Ask and give directions in groups of four


Step 5 Homework

    1stabilities of the words

    2make the sentences according the picture in 1a

Step 6 Classwork

    1Complete the conversation

    A: Excuse me, Is there a bank ____1the neighborhood? B: YesJust _____2straight and ______3leftIt's down the Second Avenue _____

    4the rightIt's next _____ 5a post office A: ____6there a supermarket near it?

    B: YesIt's _____7from the bank

    A: Thank you very much

    B: You're ______8

    2Make a sentence

    1the, neighborhood, is, a, post, office, in, there __________________________________________________? 2next, the, to, it, is, library

    ____________________________________________? 3bank, is, a, pay, there, the, park, between, phone, and, the ________________________________________________________?

Teaching note after class:

    Period Four pp10-11

Step 1 Revision

    1Revise the conversation of Section A 3a

    2Make sure they can use these phrase correctly go / walk straight, turn left / right, on the right / left

Step 2 Presentation

    1Teach the following description words by the picture of Section B 1a

    big / small, clean / dirty, busy / quiet / noisy, new / old 2Section B 1a

    Read the words aloud

    Say each word's meaning

    Then ask students to match each word or phrase on the list with one of the pictures

Step 3 Practice

    Section B 1b

    First, read the dialogue together


Second, work in pairs according to the model

    Ask some students to present their dialogues for the class

Step 4 Listening

    1Play the recording the first time, ask students to circle the places they hear in 1a Check answer;,shorten

    2Play it againThis time draw a map of Micheal's neighborhood in the box

Step 5 Pairwork

    1Let students show the maps of their family houses

    Then tell their partners where they live

    2Ask one or two students to talk about their family locations in class, the other students

    draw maps of their families

    3Check if the maps are correct

Step 6 Reading

    1Reading the passage by themselves and find out the new words or the points they can't


    The new words: garden district take a walk through pass beginning tour 2Read the passage togetherAsk them to circle the description words 3Read after the tape and then read it together

Step 7 Homework

    1Use the old words to describe your own house

    2complete the passage in 3b

Step 8 Classwork

    1Write the following forms

    1dirtyopposite 2beginning v 3tourjob 4pass past form 5oldopposite 6visit gernous 2Change into English

    1;玩得高兴 2;在长椅上 3;一家古老的旅馆 4;在你住的附近 5;一条繁忙的街道 6;散步


    Describe your neighborhood and draw a map of it

Teaching note after class:

    Period Five pp11-12

Step 1 Check

    Check the students' dialogues and maps


Step 2 Reading and writing

    1Students look at the picture of 3bAsk them to describe the picture

    2Let students read the passage of 3b and fill in the blanks Show the correct answers shorten

    3If necessary, explain some difficult points: have fun =have a good time busy be busy v-ing sth or with sth enjoy sth, enjoy v-ing sth,

    enjoy oneself if

Step 3 Revision

    Shelf check 1

    1Read aloud together

    Then talk about their meaning one by one

    Find out their opposite of the words in 1

    2Reading and drawing

    Have the students read the e-mail by themselvesFind out the new words in the passage

    Words: airport, pass, arrive, yours taxi

    Phrase: take a taxi, turn left, on your right, go through Try to understand the meaning of the e-mail

    Get the students to draw the route from the airport to Mike's house Check answers

    Ask the students to read e-mail together

Step 4 Just for fun

    Read the dialogue in two halves

    Question: who breaks the mobile phone?

Step 5 Homework

    Do the study guide in Chongqing

Teaching note after class:

    Period Six Testing Weekly paper



    本单元利用教学图片、幻灯片来展开课堂,以Pairwork问答式的口语交谈,学会用where问路,以及用go straight, turn left, turn right, etc 短语来指路


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