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A&P Council Minutes ...

    A&P Council Minutes

    February 10, 2009

1. The meeting was called to order at 2:04 p.m.

2. The notes from the January meeting were approved.

3. Guest Speaker Jeff Mack, Associate Vice President Campus Business Services

Mr. Mack is AVP over Parking & Transportation, Purchasing & Property, and Auxiliary

    Services. He came to the meeting to discuss “What‟s New in Campus Business Services.”

    In Auxiliary Services he stated that the USF Bookstore is now in a self-supporting

    building, and it‟s no longer attached to the Marshall Center. They are very excited about the prospects for completing construction. People have already begun to change their

    traffic-flow in the area. He talked about the price of textbooks. The publisher sets the

    price. He feels the bookstore is in a position to help the students shop competitively and

    obtain better prices on items. They can offer more used books, and students can now

    reserve books in advance to ensure that they obtain quality used books. The bookstore also is carrying apparel made by Under Armor a new company. USF has an exclusive

    agreement with them for particular garment articles.

There‟s a lot happening in Dining Services. The Beef O‟ Brady‟s is the first ever on a

    college campus, and they are very happy with them. On Thursday nights, the Sam Heath

    Basketball Show is shot from there. The biggest change is that there is more space and

    comfort. Sales are up 60% from last year. Again, because there is more available seating,

    students are able to access and patronize the facilities in greater numbers. There is a

    new venue Camille‟s Sidewalk Café – located in the Morsoni Building. It is a Panera-like establishment and seats approximately 160. It is easily accessible and the shuttle also

    goes by there. We are the second university in Florida to have a Camille‟s - and ours is

    the more profitable of the two.

He informed the Council that there will be a new 1000-bed residential area constructed

    near Magnolia Avenue. The housing will include a new dining facility. This space will also

    include retail outlet and another Starbucks. The hope is that individuals will eat and

    shop in the building. This will add a variety of food vendors in one central area. The

    targeted opening date is August 09. The Recreation Center will also bring in a nutritional dining hall. This is in the preliminary planning stages, and will likely occur in 2-

    3 years. Mr. Mack noted that the Starbucks in the Library is very busy and making

    money. While nationally the company may be closing retail outlets, we do not anticipate

    that ours will be impacted due to their volume.


    Mr. Mack manages the Aramark contract with USF. This is very detailed. With the new residential halls, freshmen will be required to live on campus. This will directly impact dining and expansion will occur due to this change.

    The University has an exclusive contract with Coca-Cola and Tampa Bay Vending. Several years ago, we decided to go exclusive as there were financial incentives. There are no

    exceptions to this policy. We receive sponsorship fees and a lot of money is directed to Athletics. Vending sales are down, and people are wondering why. People are bringing in their own food, and also eating at the on campus locations. It was noted that some of the food vendors are open late. Many of the soda machines do have credit/debit readers. People are still acclimating to that idea and the convenience of it.

    Licensing is done through Collegiate Licensing Corporation (CLC). Anything with the USF name is licensed. Many years ago, USF managed the licensing program, but over the last several years, with the football team, and national growth (in royalties and rankings), licensed products began to bring in significant revenues.

    Mr. Mack also noted that Auxiliary Services also offers graphic design services. Steve Long prepares many professional brochures and documents. They do not do the actual printing it is outsourced, however they can design numerous professional documents.

    Mr. Mack updated the Council on Parking and Transportation Services. A parking permit increase is coming. Manuel Lopez is the Director of this division. He understands that the employees are very resistant to a large increase. He mentioned how previously, they had proposed raising the rates 20% per year, over a 5-year period. This occurred for two years, then last year it was reduced to 3%, which they felt was reasonable. They are looking at an additional 3% this year as well. While they understand that no one is happy about this, they do have to cover their debt service needs. This ratio is established on the debt they can assume. The higher the ratio, the better the rate they receive on bonds on the market. So, this helps. They receive better interest rates on their bonds. The daily permits will also increase in price from $4.00 to $5.00 per day.

    Mr. Mack fielded several questions from Council members. He explained that revenues from collegiate licensing fees have increased over 100% from the previous year. Fees go towards athletic merchandising and other auxiliary needs. The company also receives a percentage of the fee. Last year, USF was in the top 15% for growth in merchandise. The goal is to generate 1M in revenues. If the athletic teams perform well, our merchandise will sell well. We‟re also in the video game market (lowest tier at this time).

    If our national rankings (in football) go up, we could move to a new tier based on the rankings. Basically, 20% of the revenue goes towards institutional use; 80% to athletics use.

    The budget cuts do affect them as well. Purchasing is heavily funded with E&G dollars. Auxiliary dollars can help offset losses in E&G funding, as long as sales/revenues are strong. Mr. Mack also touched briefly on President Obama‟s stimulus package, as he was


    asked whether or not his area had applied for any funding. While they did not submit for funds, IT has contributed to a list that is being formulated at the University level.

    The Council also asked about the new requirement that freshmen live on campus, and how this will impact parking. Mr. Mack noted that approximately 50% of the students currently living on campus do not have cars, so there should be sufficient parking in the residential areas.

    Mr. Mack concluded by speaking about electronic publishing and downloadable books (he believes this is a trend, and it has slowed in the past 6 months); printing and graphics

    they do graphic work and outsources the actual printing; online menus (most of their vendors have nutritional information available online and they are working on the information for the Top of the Palms restaurant); and the current contract expiration dates (Aramark 6/2012; Bookstore 2013; Coke 2012). He reiterated that when the

    contracts are renegotiated, they always involve the A&P Council and Staff Senate.

4. Committee Vacancy Applications

    Chris Akin discussed the various committees that have vacancies and those who had applied to serve on those committees. Several committees still need volunteers for the seats, so if you are interested, please let Chris Akin know. Chris, Carl, and Regina will be discussing the names put forward so the Council can make a recommendation. He noted that most of these committees meet monthly and do not require an inordinate amount of time. It is a terrific way to become involved in University matters.

    5. Budget Advisory Committee - Special Update

    Chris Akin updated the Council members about the Budget Advisory Committee. He stated that this is a “taskforce” and the meetings are not open to the public. He stated that the purpose of the committee is strategic planning, and they do have a specific charge. The committee will meet monthly, and the goal is to ensure that everyone is on the “same page” with respect to the university‟s goals and objectives. The group is starting at the ground level and doing preliminary work at this time. They will review individual areas and review how their budgets work. The Provost is the chair of the group, but the work will address system and regional organizational strategies. President Genshaft was also at the meeting. She noted that the independent consultants had recommended that the Provost oversee this process. There is one Administrative appointment to the committee and several members expressed a variety of concerns about the regional campuses, appropriate representation across pay plans, and the transparency of the group‟s work. While members expressed concerns, they also were grateful to be represented on the workgroup. Chris Akin reiterated that the group had only met once, and stated that his understanding was that the group would be making recommendations, not decisions. There is also a USF System Budget Planning Advisory Committee and also a council (at the VP level). It was also noted that the regional campuses have their own committees that are working on budget-related issues. It is


unclear at this time, how the work of the Regional Chancellors will mesh with this group

     if there will be competing interests and/or conflicts.

6. Committee Reports

Steve Ritch, Carl Musson, and Chris Akin will try to get an appointment on Dr. Hyatt‟s

    calendar to discuss previous committee recommendations.

The Golf Tournament is coming soon. The course has been reserved, and “The Claw” is in

    good shape and under new management.

The A&P Council Website needs some updating. Chris Akin will ask for help with the links,

    what needs to be reviewed, and information that should be updated. If you find

    information that is out of date or incorrect, please let Chris Akin know. Sherry

    Anderson (IT) can update. The bylaws should be accurate. It was noted that this year,

    the notes should have been sent out centrally verses each member sending to his/her

    constituency. This may not have happened consistently. The December notes have not

    been typed into a formal document. Chris Akin has some notes from that meeting.

    Regina Brown will email Jim Wilkerson her notes (in Word format) and he will ensure

    that they are added to the web page. The member bios should also be reviewed/updated.

7. Monthly Luncheon Status

The monthly lunches continue to be well-attended. The group continues to receive

    updated information from Mr. Hyatt. Perhaps the stimulus package will offer some hope.

    There is much uncertainty, and we all seem to be in a “wait and see” mode of operation.

    Much depends on how Florida fares in all this and how much money we receive from the

    Federal government. One question posed was whether or not the proposed incoming

    money is intended to stimulate economic growth or replace lost funds. Dr. Hyatt has

    been touring the regional campuses and discussing campus safety (vehicle vs. pedestrian).

Chris Akin stated he‟d seen a document on the Stimulus package, and had a draft of a

    “wish list” or “shovel-ready” projects, should funding be received. He was unsure who

    generated the original document. Some capital projects (possibly those previously

    approved by the BOG) were on the list. Components include cost, campus, partnerships,

    and number of jobs created.

It appears that additional budget cuts will happen in the 10 15% range. Dr. Hyatt is

    aware of this. It is possible that the state will look at using some reserves to offset the

    cuts as they did in the past, but this is uncertain. Dr. Hyatt should be at our April


It was noted that the March meeting will be at the Lakeland Campus. A special thanks to

    Josh Beck for setting this up. The meeting will be held at the same time. It‟s possible

    that we may set up some conference lines, for those who cannot attend. It is about a 35


minute drive from Tampa. Directions will be sent out vial email. If you are interested in

    car pooling, please let Chris Akin know. We also would like to hold a meeting at the St.

    Pete campus.

8. Budget Update

Carry Forward - $587.00; E&G - $654.00; Concession - $900.00; Aramark In-kind

    should be at zero ($450.00 showing). The golf revenues wee $1,321; Breakfast

    expenditures - $1,456 (encumbrances are at $1,300 there will be a balance of $165 in

    the account). Chris Akin will meet with Gina Lombardi to settle the accounts.

9. Issues from the Floor

    Tent Replacement one tent has fallen apart and needs to be replaced. A new tent should not cost more than $200.00. A motion was made (and subsequently passed) to

    replace the tent.

There was a question about the Classification Redesign process specifically what

    makes an individual exempt vs. non-exempt. One department is concerned that some

    individuals are not properly classified in accordance with the FLSA. They are working

    with HR Brian Allman to resolve this issue, so that their employees are classified appropriately. It was noted that Brian Allman still is the lone classification analyst,

    though efforts are ongoing to hire and train additional staff.

10. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


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