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Academic Senate ...

1 Academic Senate

    2 Meeting of January 17, 2007

    3 4 MINUTES

    5 6 Present: E. Accampo, M. Apostolos, M. Bolas, J. Brecher, S. Carnicke, R. Coffey, P. Conti,

    7 A. Crigler, D. Endres, J. Gates, L. Golubchik, H. Greenwald, N. Hanel, J. Holtzman, K. Howell,

    8 M. Jorgensen, A. Kezar, B. Kosko (alternate for E. Chew), V. Longo, C. Malone, M. Matarić,

    9 S. Montgomery, J. Moore, S. Murphy, A. Neville-Jan, M. Nichol, J. Nyquist, D. Shook, A. Showrai,

    10 D. Stram, R. Walker, W. Wolf (alternate for S. Louie), D. Yett


    12 Absent: M. Aranda, D. Ghirardo, N. Hollyn, G. Keating, D. Larsen, P. Lightfoot, P. Norindr,

    13 S. Oglesby, M. Omar


    15 Guests: R. Labaree, M. Levine, C.L. Max Nikias, M Philadelphia



    18 The meeting was called to order by President Maja Matarić at 2:50 p.m. 19

    20 1. Approval of December, 2006 Senate minutes Yes 15; No 0; Abstain 0 M. Jorgensen


    22 2. Announcements/Reminders M. Matarić


    24 Professor Apostolos reported that the last Senate Newsletter (Fall 2006) had a Meet the

    25 Executive Board section; the next issue (Spring 2007) will have Meet the Senate section be

    26 advised that photos will be taken at the February Senate meeting.


    28 Discussion is continuing on the matter of medical benefits for retired faculty.


    30 A Department of Contracts and Grants memo from Todd Dickey has been distributed please

    31 review and provide input to the Research Administration Task Force.


    33 The new Center for Excellence in Research (CER) fellow program has been announced details

    34 were distributed; additional information has been emailed to all faculty. Applications are

    35 encouraged.


    37 The Salon Series is a part of CER, consisting of lunches every other week for groups of up to 15

    38 faculty. Discussion leaders need to be identified; please send names to Professors Matarić or

    39 Narayanan or to Connie Roque. These gatherings are intended to be informal intellectual

    40 discussions, and will be publicized in next issue of the Chronicle.


    42 Highlights of the most recent Provost’s Council Meeting were presented:


    44 ? New Deans for the schools of Architecture and Gerontology were introduced.

    45 ? A Dean search for the Keck School of Medicine was announced.

    46 ? A significant increase in the PhD fellowship pool will be forthcoming.

    47 ? A task force has been established to evaluate plans to include an Acute Care clinic

    48 for faculty and staff in the new UPC Student Health Center. This task force is in

49 addition to and separate from the group evaluating plans for the new Student

    50 Health Center.

    51 ? Additional hiring continues at the Washington, D.C. Center for Research

    52 Development.

    53 ? The University’s goal is to conduct six UCAR’s per year (currently three are

    54 underway).

    55 ? Agendas of the Provost’s Council meetings are on file in the Senate office.


    57 Update from the Senate Nominating Committee A. Crigler

    58 The Committee has been meeting and is proceeding to establish an excellent slate of

    59 candidates for the Spring election of Executive Board Officers and Members at Large.


    61 Vice Provost Levine explained that there are concerns that some part-time faculty are also

    62 teaching at other institutions in the L.A. area. This may detract from USC’s reputation, and it is

    63 also not fair to faculty who need a full time salary and benefits. Ideally, all faculty would be full

    64 time and tenured. Selected cases of individuals with unique expertise teaching part time may be

    65 appropriate.



    68 3. Dialogue with the Provost C. L. Max Nikias

    69 st70 The newly appointed CIO, Ilee Rhimes, will be starting February 1. 71 The PhD Fellowship Program was established 3 years ago; money is allocated to schools to

    72 recruit the very best PhD students (currently $4M/yr); this has had a very positive effect on PhD

    73 programs, and is consistent with the fact that Undergraduate success has also been enhanced with

    74 financial aid. The PhD Fellowship Fund will be increased this summer to $11M/yr; this increase

    75 may allow for approximately an additional 100 PhD candidates.


    77 Question Considering historical information on tuition remission for TA’s and RA’s, is the

    78 new Keck policy requiring PI’s to subsidize grad students tuition wise? Response – Grants are

    79 for research, faculty and students working together, thereby training future researchers and

    80 PhD’s in academia and industry.


    82 Question - At Keck, 25% of tuition is charged to the grant, as it has been at Viterbi for the past

    83 several years. Is it likely that this rate will increase? Response There are no current plans to 84 increase the rate the intent is not to increase the rate if an increase ever is necessary, notice 85 will be given far in advance.


    87 Question Currently proposed Faculty Handbook revisions have frequent references to the

    88 Provost do you have any strong feelings on tenure, sick leave, etc? Response I have not

    89 studied the proposed revisions; I will review them for discussion at a later date.


    91 Discussion took place regarding the Graduate School PhD pool and the hiring of one staff vs two

    92 grad student RA’s to accomplish the same amount of work. 93

    94 Question Regarding USC Stevens (an expansion on the Office of Technology and Licensing)

    95 a recent survey generated some concerns applied research is more difficult in the arts and 96 humanities does USC Stevens represent a shift in emphasis toward applied research? Response

97 Not at all; there is no increased emphasis on applied research; in fact USC Stevens represents

    98 an expansion with more inclusion of arts and humanities.


    100 Comment Regarding the conflict of ‘rush to patent’ vs ‘benefit to humanity’ – suggest USC 101 does not overemphasize commercialization of research. Response The driving force is students st102 priority is not patenting and making money. and learning; the 1


    104 Provost Nikias was asked what his major concerns are. Response conducting 6 national Dean 105 searches simultaneously so far all searches are going well, with excellent candidate pools; it is

    106 hoped that the searches will be finalized by this summer.


    108 Thoughts on the Keck School of Medicine Dean search Brian Henderson is interim Dean for 3 109 years. Qualities mentioned in the Provost’s memo announcing the search were reviewed. The

    110 firm working on the search recently completed a search at Michigan (Ann Arbor) and has

    111 promised an excellent candidate pool in 60 days. The goal is to move Keck to the top 20 in 5-7

    112 years.