Ohio Community Service Council

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Ohio Community Service Council

    Ohio Community Service Council

    Meeting Minutes

    June 16, 2005

Members Present Members Absent

Alan Penn Chair Jeff King

    Susan Rogers Rev. Willie Peterson

    Richard Kinsley Randell McShepard

    Billie Brandon Pakkiri Rajagopal (Raj)

    David Kolbe Sheryl Lynn Thomas

    Charlotte Jones-Ward Terrie TerMeer

    Margaret Wildi Penny Purviance

    Amy Korenstein Paul Schrader

    John Stacy

    Grant Earich (Representing Senator Joy Padgett)

Staff Present

    Kitty Burcsu, William Hall, Frank Underwood, Mark Holtzapple, John Poole, and Shirley Genton. Walter McNamara, Assistant Attorney General.

I. Call to Order

    Committees met from 10:00 a.m. till 11:00 a.m. Alan Penn called the meeting to order at 11:05 a.m. He thanked everyone for attending. Alan said that Sheryl Thomas could not attend because of a knee injury and impending surgery.

II. Approval of Minutes

    Motion: Billie Brandon moved to approve the minutes of April 21, 2005. Richard Kinsley seconded. Motion Approved.

III. Financial Report/Revised 2005 Budget Reported by Mark Holtzapple

    Mark referred Council members to the detailed changes in income from the summary of changes sheet. The additional funding from the Corporation reflects an increase in PDAT. Project HEART received a grant extension and funds from Dept. of Health and Ohio EMA enabling continuation through December. The original budget ends in September. There is a net decrease in Payroll costs ($19,369.00) because this budget reflects only those employees with benefits. The prior budget calculated benefits for everyone.


    A snapshot of The Year-to-Date Budget reflects 58.5 percent remaining for 2005.

    No questions or comments on the report sent prior to the meeting.

    Motion: Margaret Wildi moved to approve both reports subject to audit. Susan Rogers seconded. Motion Approved.

IV. Executive Director’s Report Kitty Burcsu

    Kitty Burcsu asked John Poole to report on the Volunteer License Plate project. John introduced Kaity Scherbel, an English major from Ohio State University, who will be working on the project. The biggest hurdle is obtaining 1500 signatures by the deadline of September 30, 2005, in order for a bill to be introduced in the State Legislature.

    Kaity explained that the packet passed out to Council members includes a multiple signature petition, single signature page, fact sheet, and a frequently asked questions sheet. Each Council member was asked to sign the signature page to support the project and to complete the constituent promotion plans sheet indicating to whom they would circulate petitions and promote the project.

Signatures will be verified through the BMV.

    John noted the same information in the packets could be obtained through the OCSC Web site at He said that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

    mails 300,000 registration forms to resident drivers every 3 months for renewal. In with this mailing, the BMV places a color brochure of the license plates available.

Agreement with Dept of Aging

    Kitty stated the Letter of Agreement between the Department of Aging and the Ohio Community Service Council was sent to DOA to be signed by Director Joan W. Lawrence.

Update of the Funding Level Status from the Corporation

    Appropriations - The Corporation requested $921 million to support service opportunities in the President’s 2006 budget; $914 million was recommended by the Senate Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Subcommittee. $2 million was reduced from the AmeriCorps programming line items and another $5 million from Teach for America.

    Kitty said the program team prepared excellent materials for Congressman Regula’s office that showed AmeriCorps programs in his district, AmeriCorps in Ohio, the role of State Commissions, and the role of State Commissions related to the oversight and administration of AmeriCorps.


On Record…

    Alan thanked Randy McShepard for meeting with staff from Ralph Regula’s office. Also he thanked Kitty and staff for all the information that can be used to inform Congress.

AmeriCorps Program Presentation : Bill Hall and Jodi Tully introduced Kay

    Ostrum, Genise McKenzie, and Anquenette Sloan, from the American Red Cross of Central Ohio, who presented information on:

    ; Teaching and developing Community Disaster Education programs

    ; Teaching CPR and First Aid, focusing on underserved areas and

    those of high risk

    ; Working with Disaster Services on Homeland Security and disaster

    readiness activities

Committee Reports

Administrative Reported by Mark Holtzapple

    Mark commented that two areas were talked about in the Administrative committee:

Office Relocation

    The lease has been signed for the 2006-07 biennium maintaining existing space at a reduced rate of $13.50 per square foot (current rate is $15.42). The lease contains a cancellation clause allowing us to terminate at any point with a 30-day notice (landlord has no such option).

    As Council directed at the April meeting, staff contacted DAS regarding the possibility of additional cost savings and/or free staff parking, if the office were to be relocated. Mark provided Council with a chart of savings and a list of possible locations that the staff committee will visit in the coming weeks. Paul Schrader should be invited to participate in the visits as well, since any move would be undertaken with the intent to maintain the blended office.

SCORE Program Development

    Mark explained that SCORE stands for Systematic Council Operations Review & Enhancement. The (SCORE) Program is modeled on the Internal Accounting Control Program (IACP) used by cabinet-level agencies. The Committee recognizes Amy Korenstein, who coordinates IACP for the Dept. of Youth Services, for her presentation to Senior Staff to help in the development of the SCORE concept.


    The SCORE Program represents the implementation of a long-standing Council policy calling for an annual review of all management and programmatic operations. Modeled on the Internal Accounting Control Program required of cabinet-level agencies and reflecting the State Administrative Standards of the Corporation for National & Community Service, it will combine those two into one program that would review 12 focus areas. For each focus area there would be a specific set of review criteria that would apply. The end result of the SCORE Program will be 12 focus area reports presented by staff to the Administrative Committee for review. This would become part of the Annual Workplan to ensure follow-up and reporting. The SCORE Program is designed to ensure the existence of management systems.

Special Initiatives Reported by Richard Kinsley

    Richard said the committee had talked about MDDO sponsorship. Frank Underwood stated that one of MDDO sponsors, Grange Insurance, enlisted American Electric Power and Mills James, to help secure new sponsors for MDDO.

    The committee talked about the New Initiative Assessment Form to share with Council members. The committee had talked about utilizing the assessment form with some potential projects to see how it works.

    Regarding Special Initiatives…As a Council we should be proactive in seeking new partnerships. Part of the retreat discussion could focus on potential individuals, organizations, or projects.

Communications Reported by John Poole

    John said there are several big projects the Communications team is working on including the Ohio Volunteer License Plate project.

    Make A Difference Day Ohio's PR-Promotions committee will once again involve the Dispatch Media Group as one of its Platinum Media Sponsors. John recently met with Chuck White, promotions director at WBNS 10-TV and they have agreed to edit "free of charge" our :30 PSA. This partnership will explore further outreach opportunities. Kitty and Frank will be meeting with the Columbus Dispatch to discuss how the Dispatch might increase its "overall" support of MDDO.

    Ohio Citizen Corps is orchestrating a statewide recruitment campaign, planning for focus groups, and developing other electronic outreach pieces that will culminate with a new 30 second TV media spot. There will be a statewide media blitz for th. recruitment from September 11 through September 30

    September is National Preparedness Month. Efforts are underway to secure a partnership with McDonald’s and the Ohio Department of Public Safety.


    Figures provided by the State of Ohio web services division show is not only a well-used media tool, but an effective communication device. As an example:

     In April and May serveohio logged 36,337 visits to the site

     More than 18,000 visits per month equating to nearly 600 visits per day

     Users spend an average of 15 minutes on our site

     About 26 % of the users come back for a second visit

     More than 800 visits have been logged on our license plate project

AmeriCorps Reported by Amy Korenstein

    Amy said the committee met and discussed the AmeriCorps Planning Grants. Staff completed the review process for new Planning Grants to be funded through formula funds. Out of 14 applicants, 6 were recommended for funding:

     Habitat for Humanity Mid America Region

     Licking County Coalition for Housing Licking County

     Ohio State University Research Foundation - Columbus

     Rebecca Williams Community Center Warren

    Sojourner’s Care Network – Vinton, Athens, Meigs, Jackson, Hocking,

    Gallia and Ross Counties

    YWCA Columbus Central Ohio

    Note: Case Western has transitioned from a full time program to a summer only program per Bill Hall. The Committee is not recommending funding for this program.

Grievance Policy Reported by Bill Hall

    As part of our audit resolution process we were asked by the Corporation to have 2 levels of grievance procedures, one at the program level and one at the state level. A grievance should come to the state level only on two occasions: 1) the program is no longer operating, or, 2) the program did not follow their own grievance procedure at the local level. A few changes were made to the policy e.g. instead

    of the decision going to the Council for approval, the decision will be approved by the program committee.

New Business

    Motion: John Stacy moved to approve in principle the Grievance Policy pending modification from CNCS. Dick Kinsley seconded. Motion Approved

    Motion: Amy Korenstein moved to approve the agreement with Ohio Department of Aging. Margaret Wildi seconded. Motion Approved


    Motion: Amy Korenstein moved to approve the 6 New Planning Grants for AmeriCorps. Dick Kinsley abstained from voting on the Ohio State University Research Foundation. Margaret Wildi seconded. Motion Approved

    Motion: Amy Korenstein moved not to renew the funding for the Case Western Program. Billie Brandon seconded. Richard Kinsley abstained from voting. Motion Approved

Determination of Council Retreat Location/Format/Content Reported by

    Kitty Burcsu

    Kitty said that Randell McShepard had offered RPM Meeting Lodge for the retreat. He said the cost of the site and meals would be donated by RPM. The Council would pay the cost of lodging. The lodge is about 15 minutes away from the nearest hotels.

    Council expressed appreciation for Randy’s offer but prefers a more central meeting location that includes lodging on site.

Report from ASC Board Reported by Alan Penn

    Alan said that 900 people have registered for the Conference in Washington. Of that 114 are from State commissions. ASC anticipates a well-attended annual dinner.

Reports from Service Linkages

Ohio Campus Compact Reported by Richard Kinsley

    Richard said they are completing the VISTA program at the end of June and anticipate the start-up of a new VISTA year.

Ohio Volunteer Center Association Reported by Susan Rogers

    Susan stated that some of the Volunteer Centers work within the structure of United Way and the United Ways are changing perspective on the benefits of a Volunteer Center.

    She said that as of now 84 Volunteer Centers have registered for the Points of Light Conference in Washington, DC.

    Motion: Margaret moved to go into Executive Session. Amy Korenstein seconded. Motion Approve


Roll Call:

Billie Brandon yes

    Richard Kinsley yes

    John Stacy yes

    Margaret Wildi yes

    Susan Rogers yes

    Amy Korenstein yes

    David Kolbe yes

    Alan Penn - yes

    Note: Legal Council, Walter McNamara stayed in Executive Session.

    Motion: Billie Brandon moved to return to open session. Amy Korenstein seconded. Motion Approved.

    Motion: Richard Kinsley moved to increase the Executive Director’s salary by 4 percent consistent with the increases given to other state employees, effective July

    1, 2005. Amy Korenstein seconded. Motion Approved.

Motion: Susan Rogers moved to adjourn. Amy Korenstein seconded. Motion


    Next Council meeting is August 18, 2005 from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m.


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