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U7 Animal TalkON

    Animal Communication

    Introduction and Framing

    Each specis of animal has its own way of communicating

    fish use electrical currents

    insects use vibrations

    bats use ultrasonic signals

    many animals: odor a common method of communicating

    Animals communicate in many different ways Whether animals can use language? 3 questions:

    1 sounds

    2. intend to communicate

    3. speak in sentences?

    1. Sounds. Two different types of communication:

    1.1 affective and

    1.2 symbolic com

    1.1 AC : com of emotions

    Human AC --laugh, cry and much of NVC Animal AChigh order dogs and cats use AC: expressive in many ways

    = happy, pained and sad

    =mirror human emotion.

    1.2 SC: encode(sender) and decode (receiver) a spefic referent

     e.g. Brazil (encode) a country in South America (decode) 1.2.1 Animal can SC: encode and decode .

    Alarm calls: Velvet monkey makes alarm calls

    (1) watch out, stay alert. Other calls symbolize leopard(climb tree) , eagle (sky scanning), snakes(ground scanning), Food calls: chicken use food calls deceptively

    2. Intention of communication. Yes.

    wild birds do this in company.

    Chimps also communicate in company

    3. sentence speaking ?

    Human can but no evidence for animals. Grammer is an innovation

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