By Marion Allen,2014-01-24 22:57
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    Smoking is bad for our health

    As we know, the sign of quit smoking has covered

    everywhere .It imply that smoking is bad for our health ,so it isnt allowed on many situation .

    Smoking can result in kinds of problem and disaster that are harmful to our health .If having been smoken for a long time , our teeth will turn yellow which has bad influence on our appearance .Secondly ,when people smoke ,someone who is nearby would be influenced more seriously than the smoking ,it is reported that the effect is hard to image.Whats

    more ,according to the research of professor ,someone who smoke from 15 to 20 times a day is certainly easy as fourteen times as the no-smoking to cause lung cancer ;the percentage of catching carcinoma of urinary bladderis nuch as two times ,as well as the heart disease.

     I believe that many people have realized the

    harmfulnessof smoking ,but why they cannt stop .After doing

    investigation ,the number of smoking people,there is several reason .The main is that because their life pressde by the fast economic development ,then they had no active method to avoid the tension from the deepest hwart .The only way to free is to smoke .It is ture that natural base in cigarette is helpful to

    release the tension .However ,people will be addicted to the natural base .

    After failing to stop smoking ,many people think it impossible to stop.As a matter of fact ,as long as you have the faith and make it step by step .There is one day you can succedd .The following are my some methods .Before stopping making certain aim during different period in a plan is important .At the beginning ,throw all the cigarette ,firer, ashtray away from the distance what you can reach can reduce your disiration to smoke.Since to stop smoking is a long and hard period ,if you cannt hold your action really ,you

    can eat others like sweet or chewing gum instead .

    As smoking is so harmful ,no matter how hard it is to stop ,in order to our health ,we should never give up .I will always encourage the people to stop smoking .

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