Unit1 Hello!

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Unit1 Hello!

    Unit 1 Hello!

    Part A

    st1 Period

    I. Teaching Contents: Let’s talk. Lets play.

II. Teaching aims:

    1.To be able to greeting with teachers and friends. 2.To be able to introduce oneself: Im

    3.To be able to say goodbye.

    4.To be able to know the person and their name: John, Mike, Sarah, Miss White, Bai Ling and Wu Yifan.

    III. Teaching key points and difficult points:

    To be able to use the main pattern: Im

IV. Teaching aids:

    English name cards , pictures , multimedia CD

V. Teaching procedure:

    Step 1 Warm-up

    Teacher says hello to the students.

    Step 2. Presentation.

    1. The teacher shows some pictures of the person in this book to the students.

    2. Tell the students their names and shows the name card.. 3. Ask the students to read these names card. 4. Teacher gives each student an English name card. Then tell them how to say their English names.( If

    the time doesnt enough, teacher can just give them the name cards. Then tell them they can introduce

    their Chinese name in the first period.)

    5. Teacher plays the English cartoon of this part. Step 3. Practice.

    1. Students introduce themselves one by one: Hello! Im

    2. Play a guessing game.

    S1: Hello! (Hiding behind the teachers desk)

    S2: Mike?

    S1: No. Im Wu Yifan.

    3. Teacher asks Students to read the dialogue in Lets Talk.

    4. Students act the dialogue in pairs. ( Teacher choose several pairs give the introdutions.)


    1. Listen to the tape and read the dialogue in Lets talk.

    2. Tell your parents your English name.


    Unit One Hello!

    John Mike Sarah Wu Yifan Bai Ling

    Miss White Mr Black

     Hello! Hi!

     Im Wu Yifan. Im Sarah.

     Goodbye. Bye.

    nd2 Period

I. Teaching Contents: A Lets learn. Lets do.

    II. Teaching aims:

     1. To be able to read the new words: pencil, pen, crayon, eraser, ruler;

    2. To be able to do the action in Lets do.

    III. Teaching key points and difficult points: To be able to read the new words in Lets learn and spell the words smoothly.

    IV. Teaching aids:

    1. Letters cards, Words cards, stationery 2. Multimedia CD.

V. Teaching procedure:

    Step 1. Warm-up

    1.Ask Ss to read the letters from Aa to Ff. 2.Ss play the guessing game. Who is he/she?

    3. Ss introduce themselves: Im

    Step 2. Presentation.

    1.Teacher teaches the new words by showing the real things: pencil, pen, crayon, eraser and ruler.

    2. Ss listen to the new words two times. Step 3.Practice

    1. Ask Students to read the word cards. 2. Play guessing game: Whats in teachers hand?

    3. Students play guessing game in pairs. 4. Teacher says and Students do.

     Teacher: Show me your pencil.

     Students do the action.

    5. Teacher plays the recorder: Lets do.

    Step 4. Consolidation.

    1. Ask students try to spell the new words. 2. Students read Lets do.

3. Students do the actions in groups of four.


    1. Listen to the tape, read aloud A. Lets learn

    2. Ask students read the letters. 3. Spell the new words.


     Unit One Hello!



    Show me your crayon




    3 Period

I. Teaching Contents: A Lets make. Lets sing.

    II. Teaching aims:

    1. To be able to copy the letters: Aa Bb Cc Dd

    2. To be able to make a name card.

    3. To be able to sing the song: Hello!

    III. Teaching key points and difficult points:

    To be able to copy the letters in the right ways on exercise books.

    IV. Teaching aids: Tape recorder, Letters cards

    V. Teaching procedure:

    Step 1 Warm-up

    1.Teacher plays the music and ask students to chant Lets do.

    2. Teacher shows the letter cards to the Ss. Then ask some of them to read . Play a letter game. Ask Students pick the letter in disorder, then ask them to stand in line according to the alphabet.

     3. Students do the actions according teachers orders.

    Step 2 Presentation.

    1. Teacher shows students how to make the name card.

    2. Students make the name card by themselves.

    3.Teacher plays the song to, then ask students do the actions accompany by the tape recorder. 4. Ss listen and sing for twice.

    5. In order to arouse students study interest its an important step to give each student a performance


    6. Teacher shows these four letters handwriting on the board: Aa Bb Cc Dd.

    7. Students copy on their exercise book.

    Step 3 Practice

    1.Ask Ss to practice Lets do in pairs. One student say the orders the other do the actions. 2.A guessing game: Model: SA:I am doing an action now. Please guess what am I doing? The other Ss try to guess.

    3. Ask Ss try to do their best to remember what pictures shown by the teacher quickly. Then describe the picture in English.

    4.Teacher ask some Ss come to the front of class, and ask them type some letters on the computer.


    1. Sing the song for parents.

    2. Listen to the tape Lets do and do the actions in the same time. 3. Copy the letters


     Lets make. Draw Write Make Thread Wear Say

    Lets sing.

    Hello! Sarah John Mike

    Part B&C


    1 Period

?.Contents: Lets talk; let’s play.

    ?.Teaching Aims: 1.Go over the sentence Whats your name?

    2. Introduce two words: see you and welcome.

    ?.Teaching key points and difficult points: What’s your name?

    ?.Equipments: name cards (both the students and mine); ball. ?.Teaching procedure:

    Step 1. Warm up

    1. Greeting.

    Teacher: Hello! Students: Hi!

    2. Listen and do.

     Teacher plays the tape recorder: Unit 1 B Lets do.

     Students listen and do the actions.

    3. Play a game.

    Ss say Hello/Hi, Im. one by one. Two groups compete at the same time. The winner group

    gets one point.

    Step 2. Presentation

    1. Teach the new pattern: Whats your name? My names

    Names, names, are not the same. My names Katie Dong, and whats your name? (Together)

    My names Helen. (The one who receive the ball. Show his/her name card at the same time. And

    then pass the ball to another one.)

    1. (Showing my name card.) Hello! Im Katie Dong. My names Katie. My names Katie. (Ask one student slowly.)Whats your name? My names

    2. Read after me. Whats your name?

    3. Let one student come to the front of the class and present the dialogue (Lets talk) to the class. Step 3. Practice

    1. Pair work: Talk with your partner and present the dialogue in front of the class.

    2. Lets play

    Ask two to three Ss to stand beside the door and ask: “Hello! Whats your name? A group of Ss

    stand outside the door and come in only by answer the question with the pattern: My names…” The rest of the students say, Welcome! Add one point to the group if they all enter.

    3. Divide the class into eight group and ask each group leader get all his group members name card

    and ask: Whats your name? If he/she can answer the question with the pattern My names…”,

    give the name card back to him/her. ?. Homework

    Listen to the tape and recite the dialogues. ?. WRITING ON BLACKBOARD

    Whats your name? Bye!

    My names _____. See you!


    2nd period

    ?.Contents: Lets learn; let’s do.

    ?.Teaching Aims:

    1. Learn school, bag, book, pencil-case, sharpener and follow the orders mentioned in Lets do.

    2. Copy the letters: Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk

    ?.Teaching key points and difficult points: sharpener

    ?.Equipments: word cards on the above five words for the teacher; real objects of the above five

    words; timer; pencil-case; pencil-box; sharpener; tape recorder; tape. ?.Teaching procedure:

    Step 1 Greeting

    1. Good morning

    2. How are you?

    Step 2. Warm-up

    1. Ask students to recite the alphabet.

    2. Let students practice Bye! See you. My names Whats your name? one by one. Use

    the timer to check out which group is faster and add one point to it.

    3.Go over pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, crayon by matching game. The T or S speaks out a word and Ss hold up their related word cards and objects.

    Step 3. Presentation

    1. Whats this?

    Use object to question about pencil-case, bag, book and sharpener. Use picture to question about school.

    2. T: Show me your..

    3. T: Open the book.(Do the action and say it twice.). Open the pencil-case. Close the pencil-case.

    (Do the action and say it twice.). Let them guess the meaning of open and close.

    4. Do the action and let the Ss guess the meaning of carry and go to school.

    5. Teacher shows the writing of letters on the board. Step 4. Practice

    1. Let the Ss take out all their stationery and put them on their desk. The Ss should hold up and speak

    out the related object while the teacher says, Show me your . Add one point to the best group.

    2. Draw step by step and guess (All the learned stationery).

    4. Simon says (Lets do).

    5. Ask students try to spell the words.


    Tell your parents how to say the learned stationery in English.


    book bag school sharpener pencil-case

     open close show carry go

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