Emergency Call System for Tourists

By Wayne Cook,2014-12-20 15:56
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Emergency Call System for Tourists --hongkong koon technology ltd


    Emergency Call System for Tourists

     Emergency call Terminal

    The Emergency Call System is applicable for a very big tourist attractions which are covering a big number of site, tourists are easily scattered and lost. It is difficult to manage such a big tourist attractions. The Emergency Call System can be integrated with any

     existing public security 110 alarm and wire or wireless optical fiber communication, et

    c. You can control the whole area by installing the emergency telephones to each corner. The people in duty room can observe the situation of each site if any acc

    ident happens like mountain torrents, fire disaster, debris flow and so on. .

    1 emergency help

    Tourists can make a help phone call at each terminal in the case of wandering off the group, lossing or accident. Tourists can make a

     two-way communication with the operation center immediately by pressing the e

    mergency call button. People in duty room can talk with tourists by audio & video

     system and take the right solution.

    2quick positioning

    Every terminal has given extension number, operation center can know the accident site if any terminal makes a call. Eg:001 st

    ands for rain watching kiosk,007 stands for Banshan Ting.

    3Looking for people by broadcast

Our emergency system can act as a broadcast in the place whe

    re there are many people and cars. Tourists can call the duty room and ask for an announcement by the broadcasting through

     the big power loud speaker. The broadcasting can be performed by all the extension at the same time.

    4 monitoring

    As soon as the rourists or monitor press the calling button to c

    all each other, the emergency phone will give a trigger signal to CC

    TV and the photo of the caller will showing on the CCTV at the same time. the

     control center can monitor the situation of each site by the Em

    ergency Call System any time if need.

    6 Reporting accident (fire disaster, earthquake, debris flow ect.)

    The emergency phone are installed to cliffs, valleies, forests and

     other corners. It can alarm and report when accident happens.

    7 public security patrols

    Securer should make a call to the control center when they get

     there to prevent themselves from dereliction of duty or being l


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