Traffic accident causes of crime and Countermeasures _12781

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Traffic accident causes of crime and Countermeasures _12781

Traffic accident causes of crime and Countermeasures

     Summary In this paper, in 2008's Procuratorate of Shandong Province Linyi city handled more than 150 pieces of traffic accident in criminal cases as a starting point, look at the traffic accident the causes of

    crime include: road traffic accident the danger of acts of lack of knowledge; by the Chief intervention, intercession of the wind and the interference of local protectionism; traffic laws and regulations are incomplete; supervisory and regulatory mechanisms are weak; road safety knowledge and information are not in place and so on. Contrast to the traffic accident should be taken to amend the relevant provisions of the crime of conviction and sentencing; to strengthen social supervision and

    powers of supervision measures to solve them.

     Key Words traffic accident? Criminal causes? Countermeasures?

     At present, with the continuous improvement of living standards of our people, a large number of private cars into people's homes, public

    transport and buses are also constantly increase, urbanization and accelerated into, while the road construction can not keep up the pace of cars increased, vehicles more people, the road and more obvious contradictions and anomalies, road traffic condition cause for concern,

    Traffic Accident with an impact on multiple pieces of social stability, affecting people's lives and property safety of the major problems. Linyi city, Shandong Province in 2008 occurred in some typical pieces of shocking Traffic Accident:

     - May 2008, the criminal suspect Zhang, driving a large tractor, a result of illegal loading and restricted travel, and a car collided on the line, causing the three cars were all dead.

     - November 2008, the suspects were driving medium-sized van of

    Yang due to observe the lookout, failed to keep squatting on the road to being a road accident victims to check Lanshan a hospital emergency doctor half-collision down, caused by the doctor and the victim died.

     - December 2008, the suspects Kongmou driving large trucks, due to speeding, and the right to reverse a car caught fire after the collision, resulting in passenger cars, killing all four people.

     - December 2008, the suspects Ryu driving a large passenger

    traffic due to cross the yellow line, and a farm truck on the line of collision caused by an agricultural vehicle people were killed and 14 were injured.

     Traffic Accident cases in the area, according to statistics, the 2008 annual total of more than 150 pieces of Traffic Accident cases, accounting for the incident 10.4% of the total number of criminal cases. Among them, the suspects under the Department of middle school culture, 116, accounting for 75.8% of the total number of Traffic Accident cases;

    in urban fringe of the 70 traffic accidents, accounting for 45.8% of the total number of Traffic Accident cases; victims aged over 50 or 18, the Department of persons under the age of 66, accounting for 43.1% of the total number of Traffic Accident cases; evening, night, early morning hours of traffic accidents such as bad line of sight of 62, accounting for 40.5% of the total number of Traffic Accident cases.

     Traffic Accident cases by analyzing the multiple causes of such cases summarized the main features with the following aspects: First, all kinds of violation is a traffic accident caused by natural causes. Speeding, overloading, retrograde, undocumented unlicensed driving, restricted driving, drink driving. Second, traffic violations generally

    low educational level of criminal suspects. Education level below junior high school accounted for three quarters of the total number of suspects. Low educational level resulted in the driver receiving ability, learning ability, the ability to deal with emergency incidents in a lack of, of which the driver weak legal awareness, safety and mechanical knowledge, a lack of awareness of difference is one of the causes for the accident. Third, urban-rural road traffic accidents more. The lot of road broad mix

    of personnel, as well as the driver to drive traffic from rural roads to urban roads or from urban road to rural roads and can not adapt to changes in the road and staff also contributed to the cause of the accident. Fourth, the Department of the victims are more elderly and minors. Such officers reacted slowly, and self-control is poor, poor awareness of

    security is the objective cause of the accident. 5 is the night, early morning, evening and other times prone to traffic accidents. The time line

    of sight is not good, the driver fatigue and so is the other objective causes of the accident.

     Analysis of multiple causes for the accident, it should be to start from the following aspects to solve the traffic accidents with multiple problems:

     First, the traffic management department, public security departments and other relevant organs should intensify law enforcement efforts against illegal drivers should be severely dealt with severely, and never be tolerated. We are on the road, some vehicles can often hear

    the loud roar, as from the wind roaring around us, Yi Liuyan disappeared without a trace; often in front of the vehicle is not able to see after the license or on CD-ROM, playing cards, etc. block the plate material,

    they must attack first like driving, has absolutely no morality to speak of, these illegal acts is perhaps the precursor of traffic accidents is not our timid, illegal could at any time be behind the passing away of life and public and private property losses. Therefore, we call for an

    unlicensed, undocumented, and deliberately obscured license plate traveling, motorists abandoned vehicles, speeding, overloading, do not follow illegal traffic signs and signals, drink driving and driving illegally, and so staff, management must pay attention to, what

    consequences can not relax without penalty, in accordance with relevant traffic laws and regulations must be severely dealt with strictly, the correct remedy, the punishment, punishment, which entered into the classes

    of classes, the detention as soon as detention, must not be laissez-faire

    attitude, hate the cut is actually Aizhi Shen, until all too late when a traffic accident. Want management to take effective measures to implement the relevant provisions of the traffic laws, strictly enforce the law,

    severe punishment, really illegal is not the road, Sheung is not illegal to stamp out illegal behavior driven on the road, signs will eliminate the hidden danger of traffic accidents in its infancy, for reducing the

    incidence of traffic accidents would be of great help. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Second is to strengthen the standardization of road construction, and earnestly strengthen the road safety facilities, increase accident-

    prone section of the rectification, the effective exclusion of major road junctions security risks, ensure that personnel, vehicular traffic safety. First of all, to strengthen road traffic signs set up, the improvement of urban and rural road sections in the intersection safety protection

    facilities. For the high turnover rate, hybrid vehicles and road junctions, traffic signs according to requirements set lines, lights, slow down with the implementation of road traffic segregation and people and

    vehicles. Second, we should increase accident-prone section of the

    investigation and remediation efforts to gradually improve the road conditions for safe passage. Public security departments should strengthen the cause of the accident investigation and analysis, in a timely manner

    related to the accident-prone sections of the summary, so that timely

    rectification, eliminate hidden dangers. Thirdly, in terms of filling Xu circumstances, can take appropriate increase in urban-rural road

    junctions, traffic accident-prone section of the police force, painting

    suggestive slogans, such as warnings, alerts and reminders for the driver change for the section as soon as possible as soon as possible to adaptation, to avoid the situation encountered unexpected psychological

    confusion and improper operation, reduce and eliminate unsafe road traffic

accidents at road junctions.

     The third is to strengthen the supervision and management of Driving and standardize the training of Driving behavior, strictly off the

    driver's out to eliminate "road killers" appear. With the acceleration of vehicle into the home, learn to drive heat into the community focal point, the face of this opportunity, Driving is also springing up like blossom everywhere, the driver as a Driving produced "product", qualified or not,

    is directly related to the road safety, people's lives and property of the Driving The level of training is directly related to the level of the driver's actual operation. In reality, however, the driving school was the

    existence of such kinds of problems, such as the establishment of non-

    qualification; the lack of training grounds, the lack of qualified coaches; false propaganda; training time has shrunk; to help students cope with exam cheating; bribe examiners to improve the rate of off-line, etc.

    Driving the chaos intensified, and even "coach" a group after group of "road killer." For this reason, Driving specification management becomes urgent to resolve the central issue, which is Driving the supervision and management departments to require careful research, the practical needs attention. In addition, we suggest that the driver for traffic accidents, you can pour the accident investigation to establish a mechanism to build up the driver's coach, Driving the implementation of certain penalties.

    For example, in driving school fee and the coach's income be forced to pay a certain percentage of deposit, as a traffic accident victims relief fund. This, once after the accident, the settlement of compensation for victims of traffic accidents, on the other hand the responsibility of the responsible personnel and units of punishment. In short, Driving norms, improving the overall quality of the drivers is essential. Proposed that departments concerned to shoulder the responsibility to increase the

    supervision and management of Driving, Driving increase guidance and technical training, improve the assessment of the Driving standards, the establishment of high-quality driving school to train more high-quality


     The fourth is to strengthen knowledge of road safety publicity and education. Such education is twofold, on the one hand to enhance road traffic safety education for employees, but we also need to enhance pedestrian safety education. To increase the publicity of traffic

    regulations, improve the majority of drivers to prevent road traffic safety awareness of all driver safety and civilized driving consciousness. At the same time, strengthen the warning education, so that the driver realized that, once the incident occurs, the accident great damage to both sides, always remind myself that I do not do smart, stupid moment of folly. In addition, pedestrian safety education is equally important, with the development of society, to accelerate the process of urbanization,

    road segment does not increase the safety awareness of pedestrians should also continue to strengthen, pedestrians should pay to keep up with the pace of advance of the times, we must strive to meet the vehicle multi-

    channel multi-change, car ideas people should be a gradual change in the first three to clear the two sides comity is the best way to avoid

accidents in case of traffic accidents, is a lose-lose outcome.

     In addition, statistics show that the traffic accident department of criminal suspects below junior middle school culture, the total number of criminal suspects accounted for 75.8%, a high proportion of low levels of literacy shocking. Drivers generally low educational level of the problem is caused by the driver loose the industry access conditions, and

    we all know, getting a driver's license is a prerequisite for correct answers to a very simple and can pass the written examination papers, for applicants who had no qualification requirements, it is the relevant departments need to focus on issues. At the same time, the driver of the increase in literacy, but also subject to higher level of education for all, this is not the problem can be solved within a short time, we are not going to discuss. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download


     Finally, to remind the masses of people and road transport personnel, traffic accident put the idea, for our working and living environment in a harmonious and stable, happy life for their own hard-won

    situation, more favorable situation of social harmony and stability, we

    work and life safety should always be tight strings, pay attention to traffic safety, to comply with traffic order, do law-abiding model. We

    must cherish life and live a harmonious and stable working environment, pay attention to road safety, to prevent accidents from happening. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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