22-Sample Work Order Traveler

By Carol Lewis,2014-08-04 01:46
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22-Sample Work Order Traveler


    The ABC Print Shop (A Six Sigma Project)

    Section 1: “Work Order Placed by Customer” (To be completed at the time of customer placing order)

    JOB#_________________ Is this job a rework of a previous order? Yes No

     If yes, please specify original job number: __________

     Source: Customer error Print Shop Error


    1) Date and time order received from customer: ____/____/2000 ____:____am/pm

     dd mm

    2) Negotiated date and time for completion: ____/____/2000 ____:____am/pm

     dd mm

    3) Did customer complete order form correctly prior to placing it at the order desk? Yes No 4) If you answered “No” to #3, how much time did it take to assist with completion? ______ Minutes

     And, what information was missing? ______________________________________________________

     ______________________________________________________ 5) How would you categorize this print job? Very simple Routine Complex

Section 2: “Billing Customer for Charges”

     (To be completed when creating billing)

    5) Were page counts supplied by customer? Yes No If yes, were they accurate? Yes No 6) Did customer supply a “charge to department” or work order number? Yes No 7) Did the Print Shop advise the customer of the total job cost? Yes No

Section 3: “Production Scheduling”

     (To be completed when scheduling)

    8) Date and time scheduling decision was made: ____/____/2000 ____:____am/pm

     dd mm

    9) Was decision made to produce in-house or by outside supplier? In-house Outside Supplier

     If outside supplier, why? capacity lead-time Other (specify):___________________

    10) Does schedule still support original delivery estimate given to customer? Yes No

11) Date and time work order sent to ____/____/2000 ____:____am/pm

     dd mm

SECTION 4: “Production”

    12) Start job: ____/____/1997 ____:____am/pm Complete Job: ____/____/2000 ___:____am/pm

     dd mm dd mm


    13) Were instruction/details on work order sufficient to run order? Yes No If “Yes”, go to #15…

    14) What information was missing?_____________________________________________________________

DOWN-TIME (materials or equipment source)

    15) Did down-time occur during job run? Yes No If answer is “NO”, go directly to next section….

16) If down-time was a result of lack of materials, please check appropriate box;

     Paper Toner/cartridge Staples Binding Other (specify)_________________

     Downtime Start: ____:____am/pm Downtime End: ____:____am/pm

17) If down-time was a result of machine failure, please check appropriate box;

     Engine Paper-Jam Handler Paper Jam

     Power Outage Power Surges Other (specify)_________________________________

     Downtime Start: ____:____am/pm Downtime End: ____:____am/pm

    18) If down-time was a result of errors in source documents, please check appropriate box;

     Missing pages Out of sequence pages Other (specify)_____________________________


    18) Was a final inspection of product performed? Yes No If answer is “NO”, form is complete.

    19) COPY QUALITY RATING: Call In Poor Acceptable Outstanding

    20) COPY INTEGRITY RATING: Pass Fail (Specify)_________________________________


    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

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