You are hereby invited to attend the monthly meeting of Oxenhope

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You are hereby invited to attend the monthly meeting of Oxenhope



Present: Cllr Neal Cameron

    Cllr Tony Maw

    Cllr David Ashcroft

     Cllr Paula Berry

     Cllr Reg Hindley

     Cllr Jeremy Mackrell

In attendance: No members of the public

     Miran Rahman, Keighley News Reporter

159/10. Apologies consented to

Cllr Pauline Bedford (snow and icy conditions)

    Cllr Harrop (family commitments)

160/10. Disclosures of Interest

Cllr Cameron, an allotment holder, declared a personal interest in any discussions relating to


161/10. Minutes of meetings

     thThe minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on 10 December were proposed as a

    correct record by Cllr Mackrell and signed by the Chairman. No matters arising

     thThe minutes of the Worth Valley Joint Transport Committee meeting held on 6 January were

    duly noted.

    The January Outstanding Issues Report was duly noted. Matters arising:

    Cllr Cameron confirmed that he would attend to the outstanding planning issues recorded on

    the report as soon as possible but instead of writing to Cllr Kris Hopkins he would write to

    Martyn Burke in Bradford Council’s Planning Department.

162/10. No Guest Speakers

163/10. Public question time

No matters raised.

164/10. Planning Applications

09/05996/LBC - Remove existing wooden stained windows and replace with white painted

    wood sash windows at 10 Farra Street. The Parish Council raised no objections.

The following decisions were duly noted:

    Grant of planning permission 09/03871/FUL Construction of three storey extension to existing residential institution at Cragg Royd, Lower Town Grant of planning permission 09/03549/HOU Conversion of garage to form utility and TV room at 57 Mallard View

    Grant of planning permission 09/04388/FUL Demolition of redundant outbuilding and complete rebuild and construction of extension to form dining, living and kitchen including

    porch, utility and WC at Saddlers Barn, New House Farm, Upper Marsh Lane

    th1265 SIGNED …………………………………………………… 11 February 2010

    PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………

Grant of planning permission 09/04340/HOU Construction of balcony at 40 Mallard


    Grant of planning permission 09/05237/FUL Change of use and conversion of upper

    floor of existing barn to an apartment at Marshend, Marsh Lane

    Refusal of planning permission 09/04282/FUL Retention of detached timber general

    purpose agricultural building at Ives Bottom Farm, Keighley Road Notice of appeal 09/02063/FUL Construction of detached house and double garage at land south west of Hamilton View, Hebden Bridge Road

    Notice of appeal 08/03110/FUL Construction of extention to hotel to form time share accommodation (14 suites and 3 double bedrooms) and single storey extensions to existing restaurant and main bar at Leeming Wells Hotel, Long Causeway

165/10. Consultations


    a) That Cllr Mackrell draft and circularise a response relating to The Local

    Development Framework for Bradford District Waste Management

    Development Plan Document (DPD): Issues and Options Consultation

    (Regulation 25).

    b) That the Clerk respond to the Chairman of the School Governors confirming

    that the Parish Council support the Oxenhope Church of England Primary

    School Admissions Policy 2011/2012 Academic Year draft for consultation th December 2009, subject to a minor typographical error. process issued 11

    c) That the Clerk respond to the Rights of Way Department confirming that the

    Parish Council raised no objections to the proposed diversion order for

    Keighley restricted byway 277 at Middle Isle

    d) That the Clerk respond to Highways Department confirming that the Parish

    Council welcomed and supported the proposal to extend the existing 20 mph

    speed limit in Oxenhope village

166/10. Oxenhope Farmers’ Market

    Resolved: That the matter be deferred until Cllr Cameron had spoken to Matt Stroh, Secretary of Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

167/10. Correspondence

     tha) E-mail dated 8 December received from Bradford Environmental Action Trust (BEAT)

    re the Saving Money and Saving Energy in your Community Centre event.

    Resolved: That the Clerk forward the e-mail to Howard Holmes, one of the

    Trustees of Oxenhope Community Centre to enquire whether he and/or other

    Trustees would like to attend the event. thb) Letter dated 7 December received from the Chairman of the Worth Valley Joint

    Transport Committee re the 812 bus service was noted. thc) E-mail dated 9 December received from Building Control re excavation works on

    land adjacent to Brooks Meeting Bridge, Shaw Lane. Resolved: That the Clerk

    forward the e-mail to Martyn Burke in Planning Department for his comments on

    the matter. thd) E-mail dated 14 December received from Affordable Housing re use of s106 monies

    in Oxenhope. Resolved: That the Clerk again research the market and forward

    details of any Oxenhope properties currently for sale under ?100k. ste) E-mail dated 31 December received from Peter Clarke re the land at the site of

    Perseverance Mills. Resolved: That the Clerk respond along the lines that a

    developer has made contact with the Parish Council and that the details of the

    developer had been forwarded onto the owner of the site. thf) E-mail dated 5 January received from Tony Richardson re dog fouling in Oxenhope.

    Resolved: That the Clerk forward the e-mail onto Terry Singh at the Dog Warden

    Service. thg) E-mail dated 7 January received from Anthony Bennett re Sawood Lane and Mr ndBennett’s letter dated 2 January addressed to Highways Department was noted.

    th1266 SIGNED …………………………………………………… 11 February 2010

    PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………

    168/10. Training

Resolved: That Cllrs Cameron and Maw will attend Bradford Council’s training session th January at Keighley Town Hall on planning on 27

    169/10. Policy on retention and destruction of information and records

    Resolved: That the draft Policy be adopted following a minor amendment confirming that the ‘owner’ referred to in the Policy related to Oxenhope Parish Council.

    170/10. Reports from Parish Councillors

a) Board of School Governors. Cllr Ashcroft confirmed that the next meeting of the thBoard of the School Governors would take place on 20 January and that a full

    report of the meeting would be given at the next Parish Council meeting in

    February. One of the issues the Board would be considering at their January

    meeting would be Education Bradford’s proposed re-organisation of Schools. As

    it had already been proposed that Haworth School had a one and half form entry,

    Oxenhope School had already objected to this proposal.

    b) Allotments. Cllr Cameron confirmed that the Allotment Holders AGM would take thplace on 18 January at 7.30 p.m. at Oxenhope Methodist Church.

    c) Adult Exercise Classes. Cllr Berry reported that to the best of her knowledge Sam

    Keighley had now completed her training. Cllr Berry to make contact with

    Bradford Council to try and arrange a trial of adult exercise classes at Oxenhope

    Community Centre with Sam Keighley leading the classes.

    d) Worth Valley Joint Transport Committee. Cllr Cameron confirmed that the 812

    service would be increased by 50% in 2010 and would run on all Sundays & Bank ndththHoliday Mondays from Sunday 2 May to Monday 30 August. As from 25

    January, Transdev Keighley & District intend to operate an extra evening journey

    on Mondays to Saturdays on service 500. The extra journey would depart

    Keighley at 18:05 and depart Hebden Bridge Railway Station at 19:10. e) Rights of Way. Cllr Hindley confirmed that there was nothing significant to report. f) Children’s Play Area. Cllr Maw confirmed that the new play equipment had been

    ordered and that the works would be complete by March. The boulders to be

    used in the new Play Area would be sourced from the banking when works

    commence on the lower football pitch. The location of a new lamp post adjacent

    to the MACA would be discussed by Cllr Maw with Bradford Council as would the

    future publicity of the new Children’s Play Area.

    g) Grit Bins. The Clerk’s previously circulated report was noted. Prior to any further

    work on the pilot scheme, the Clerk was requested to enquire of Keighley Co-

    ordinator’s office whether it would be possible for community groups to (i) acquire

    a free grit bin complete with rock salt and then (ii) be responsible for the

    acquisition of further supplies of rock salt.

    171/10. Financial Matters


    a) That the following accounts for payment be authorised:

    Payee Cheque no. Amount Description

    CJH Electrical Services 100852 ?1,190.25 Christmas lights

    Oxenhope Community 100853 ?198.00 Room hire


    Yorkshire Water 100854 ?19.27 Water usage

    Oxenhope PCC 100855 ?100.00 Outreach

    Elaine Pearson Standing order ?795.48 Clerk’s monthly fee

    Gratuity Account Standing order ?25.32 Monthly transfer

    b) That the following trial balance be noted:

    Base Rate Gratuity Community Remaining

    th1267 SIGNED …………………………………………………… 11 February 2010

    PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………

    Tracker budgeted/ear

    marked funds Bal b/f 15,350.22 1,095.29 1,626.95 Precept 15,765.00 Revealing the Worth 3,000.00 3,000.00 Recreation Ground’s 6,333.00 7,323.85 Children’s Play Area

    Kidz R Worth It -76.00 -76.00 NHGS bus -500.00 0.00 Football Pitch 0.00 2,000.00 Delivery of the Parish Plan 0.00 500.00 actions

    Help this Winter booklets -200.00 0.00 Oxenhope Sports Association -477.30 0.00 Transfers 13,000.00 -13,000.00 Gratuity account 253.20 -253.20 Allotments -55.67 Marsh Common -12.45 Section 137 expenditure -20.00 Christmas lights -435.00 Clerk’s fees -6,917.20 2,162.80 Photocopying & stationery -448.60 201.40 Subscriptions -708.70 131.30 Postage & telephone -17.77 232.23 Travel & subsistence -52.83 97.17 Outreach -300.00 0.00 Insurance -502.59 97.41 Training -590.00 0.00 Room hire -284.00 216.00 Website -450.00 0.00 Audit -185.00 0.00 Contingency -162.50 337.50 VAT -617.28

    ?28,350.22 ?1,348.49 ?458.86 Balances c/f

    c) That the following Parish Council’s budget for 2010/11 be approved:

    2009/10 2010/11 Administration 1 9450 9080 Clerk's salary (Annual review included)

    650 Stationery and photocopying 650

    Postages and

    250 phone 50

    0 Office and computer costs 335

    150 Travel and subsistence 150

    185 Internal and external audits 185

     Total 10820

    840 Subscriptions 840

    500 Room Hire 500

    600 Insurance 600

    590 Training 590

    300 Outreach 300

     Total 2830

     Projects (To be agreed by resolution)

    900 Christmas Lights 250

    0 Purchase of dual purpose bins 600

    370 Maintenance of Marsh Common 350

    450 Website 500

     Total 1700

    th1268 SIGNED …………………………………………………… 11 February 2010

    PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………

    2 500 500 Contingency Fund/Reserves

    500 Grants 200

     Total 700

    Total Predicted Spending 16050

    Predicted Income:

    0 Interest 0

     Total 0

    Total Predicted Income 0

    15865 Precept (Spending - Income) 16050

    With a Tax Base of 1005 then the Parish Council Tax for a Band D Property would be

     ?15.97 (2009/10 Band D tax ?15.98)

    Notes: 1. Salary scale 27, hours per week 14.

     2. Fund to pay for election expenses from 2009 onwards

     and unforeseen expenditure

     3. Existing unspent earmarked funds:

    Revealing the

     Worth 3,000

    Children's Play

     Area 7,323

     Football pitch 2,000

    Delivery of Oxenhope Parish Plan

     actions 500

     Purchase of Christmas lights 600

    Purchase of land for

     allotments 3,034

     Marketing survey for the potential return

     of a community KWVR rail service 1,000

     Replacement gate at the allotments 360

    17,817 TOTAL

    172/10. Minor items and items for the next agenda

Items for the next agenda:

    Resolved: That a full review of the Oxenhope Parish Plan be an agenda item for the Parish

    Council’s March meeting.

173/10. Councillors Surgeries

     thResolved that Cllr Cameron would attend the surgery on 11 February from 7.00 7.30 p.m.

174/10. Allotments

    Resolved that:

    The renting of a parishioner’s third of an acre (approx) of land to provide four additional

    allotment plots be deferred until the February monthly meeting.

175/10. To note the date, time and venue of the next meeting

     th; Monthly meeting on Thursday 11 February at 7.30 p.m. at Oxenhope Community


    The Chairman closed the meeting at 9:00 p.m.

    th1269 SIGNED …………………………………………………… 11 February 2010

    PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………

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