Appendix 2 Tender Response Questionnaire

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    NWDA00287a Expenses Management System

    Appendix 2 Tender Response Questionnaire

Instructions on Completion of Questionnaire;

    Within this questionnaire, against each question is an instruction on the expected format of responses.

    Failure to respond in the required format may lead to disqualification of your tender response. It is therefore important that you follow the specific instructions.

    If you have any queries about how to respond to any of the requirements within the questionnaire, Tenderers are requested to send a message via the NWDA Tender board at outlining the details of your enquiry.

    The last date for receipt of queries/ tender clarification is 5 days before the tender

    closing date.

    Tenderers must note:

    For each question you must confirm you are able to meet each of the minimum

    requirements as set out in the Invitation to Tender documents.

    In addition to that we require evidence of systems and processes that demonstrate your ability to provide each of the services required and to the level required. We may also ask you to provide proof that you are currently providing such services to other similar organisations, as part of that evidence, in support of your response.

    Tenderers must note, a mere statement that the requirement can be met will not be sufficient. You must describe how you will meet the specific requirement. Failure to

    provide such information may lead to disqualification of the tender.

    Should you be unable to meet any of the specified requirements then you should clearly state “unable to meet” followed by the reasons why and where possible, offer any other suitable alternative proposals.

    Answers must be as short and concise as possible and address each point as indicated. Additional supporting documentary evidence must only be attached if considered essential to illustrate the points made. Large amounts of lengthy documents may not be considered.


Any attachments you propose to include as part of/ in support of your response must

    contain the appropriate question reference number as indicated, and enclosed within

    square brackets at the beginning of the attached document’s file name e.g. [23].

    Failure to do so may mean the attachment may not be read and therefore may not be taken into consideration as part of your tender response.

Unnecessary attachments / brochures will NOT be considered.

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    NWDA00287a Expenses Management System

    Appendix 2 Tender Response Questionnaire


    Please ensure this Form of Tender is completed carefully and signed before returning as part of your submission.


    1. I/We agree and/or certify that this offer and any Framework Yes/No*

    Agreement or Contract arising from it shall be bound by the

    Invitation to Tender Documentation

    2. I/We agree and/or certify to supply goods/services of the Yes/No*

    exact quality, sort and price specified in the Pricing

    Schedule(s) in such quantities and to such extent and at

    such times and locations as the Northwest Development

    Agency (the “Agency”) may direct;

    3. I/We agree and/or certify that this offer is made in good faith Yes/No*

    and that we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the

    offer by or under or in accordance with any agreement or

    arrangement with any other person;

    4. I/We agree and/or certify that we will not communicate to Yes/No*

    any person other than the person inviting these offers the

    (or approximate amount of) offer, except where the

    disclosure, in confidence of the approximate amount of the

    offer was necessary to obtain quotations required for the

    preparation of the offer, for insurance purposes or for a

    contract guarantee bond;

    5. I/We agree and/or certify that we will not enter in to any Yes/No*

    arrangement or agreement with any other person that s/he

    shall refrain from making an offer or as to the amount of any

    offer to be submitted;

    6. I/We agree and/or certify that we will not pay give or offer or Yes/No*

    agree to pay or to give any sum of money or other valuable

    considerable directly or indirectly to any person for doing or

    having done or causing or having caused to be done in

    relation to any offer or proposed offer for the goods/services

    any act or thing of the sort described in 3, 4, or 5 above.

    7. I/We acknowledge that if I/we have acted or shall act in Yes/No*

    contravention of this Form of Tender, the Agency will be

    entitled to cancel the contract and to recover from ourselves

    the amount of any loss and expense resulting from such a


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    NWDA00287a Expenses Management System

    Appendix 2 Tender Response Questionnaire

8. I/We agree that this tender and any contract which may Yes/No*

    result from it shall be based on this Form of Tender, Terms

    and Conditions, Specification / Brief attached, Pricing

    Schedule attached, and our response to this invitation to

    tender (to the extent to which the Agency may determine in

    accepting the tender).

    9. I/We agree that any other terms and conditions of contract Yes/No*

    or any general reservations, which may be printed on any

    correspondence, issued by us shall not be applicable to any

    contract resulting from this tender.

    I/We agree to carry out all contracts and/or other awards of 10. Yes/No*

    business in accordance with the Agency’s standard Terms

    and Conditions of Contract

    I/We agree that the rates provided shall be held firm for the 11. Yes/No*

    first 12 months of the contract period. Following that any

    requests for price amendments will be submitted to the

    NWDA in writing accompanied by written evidence to

    support that request

    Are you aware of any conflicts of interest between your 12. Yes/No*

    company and the Agency?

    *Where there is any indication that a conflict of interest

    exists or may arise, then it shall be the responsibility of the

    Tenderer to inform the Agency, detailing the conflict in

    writing as an attachment to this tender.

    The Agency will be the final arbiter in cases of potential

    conflicts of interest. Failure to notify the Agency of any

    potential conflict of interest will invalidate any verbal or

    written agreement.

    A conflict of interest is where a person who is involved in the

    procurement has or may be perceived to have a personal

    interest in ensuring that a particular supplier is successful.

    Actual and potential conflicts of interest must be declared by

    a person involved in a tender process.

    * Please delete one


    In this Form of Tender, the word 'person' includes any person and any body or association, corporate or unincorporated; 'any agreement or arrangement' includes

    any transaction, formal or informal and whether legally binding or not.

    Signed _______________________________________________________ Full Name (print)________________________________________________

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    NWDA00287a Expenses Management System

    Appendix 2 Tender Response Questionnaire

    On Behalf of___________________________________________________

    Position in Company____________________________________________


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    NWDA00287a Expenses Management System Appendix 2 Tender Response Questionnaire


    [Q1] Tenderers must confirm that they have read through the ITT documentation, including Statement of Requirements, Pricing Schedules, and all other ITT documentation including tender

    instructions and have satisfied themselves as to the content and meaning of each point. Tenderers must respond in the table row below.

    [A1] Insert your response here