#1 Cash Flow Surge Letter

By Mike Young,2014-06-17 22:54
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#1 Cash Flow Surge Letter ...

    #38 Sample E-mail Letter



    Subject: Amazing Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit Success


Dear <Name>,

    WOW! When I decided to reveal my online and offline direct marketing

    success strategies, I knew they would make a lot of people a lot of

    money. But, I never expected to receive comments like these:

    “ As a successful online marketer, I‟m always highly suspicious about

    anything that claims to show people how to make money on the Internet.

    There‟s a lot of garbage out there. To be very blunt with you, I was skeptical when I received your offer. But, I‟ve been pleasantly

    surprised to say the least. Your “Instant Online Business-Building

    Toolkit” is chock full of easy to understand, easy to implement

    strategies and ideas- that REALLY work. There‟s one BIG thing you need to be successful online and that‟s getting the basics down,

    something almost every aspiring Internet marketer misses. And, if you

    miss that part - you‟re going to end up a broke- „dot-bomb‟. The

    Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit program delivers the

    critical information you need to get started making money online

    immediately, and then it even provides you with tools that make money

    for you. It‟s terrific value that‟s significantly under-priced”

    Yanik Silver

    These manuals, both the “ Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit

    “ and the “77 Little-Known Offline Marketing Techniques & Secrets”

    are excellent and very well written and easy to read and understand.

    They also, of course, give extremely valuable information for anyone

    who is starting out in business and just doesn‟t know where to begin.

    I have shown the manuals to a few friends of mine who happen to be

    professional entrepreneurs- and they were amazed at the wealth of

    information contained in your manuals... they could not believe how

    much you revealed for $97! In fact, they inquired about purchasing

    the Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit from me so they could

    use it to make money in their own businesses. Michael Kimble did very

    well with these products. And you can quote me on that!

    Robin Lee, CA

    Hey Michael!

    I‟ve licensed products from you before in the past, and have been

    quite pleased (just made another $2262.00 in six days re-selling your

    Direct Mail Bootcamp Course!), but your Instant Online Business-

    Building Toolkit is the best yet. I followed Strategy #1 in the

    manual, and I sold 34 courses in 29 days... while working a total of

    3 hours. The website you provided did all the work for me! That‟s

    $3864.00 for 3 hours...$1,288.00 per hour! You can‟t make that kind

of money working 9 to 5. When are you coming out with more products

    for me to License? You‟ve got me hooked on making money with the

    “Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit.”

    Frank Kern,

    K4Global Publishing, SC

    Michael- For more than two years I‟ve been trying to read and learn

    about the internet, to figure out what I could be doing to make money

    with it. For two years, I‟ve been confused. Maybe even a little

    intimidated. This manual is the first thing I‟ve gotten my hands on

    that was easy to follow, and that I was able to pick things out and

    see results from doing them.

    Thank you!

    Robert Olic

    Marketing Minds

    Being the nations leading expert in Publicity/Promotion, everyday

    someone sends me a product to review. In 99% of cases, the product

    I‟m send forreview is of substandard quality, and not worthy of

    publicity or promotion. When Michael Kimble and John Alanis sent me

    the “ Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit “ product, I was

    impressed. This is a “solid” product, with information for both

    beginners, as well as the most adroit Internet marketers. I‟m a

    strong proponent of the ONE idea philosophy. Meaning, if i just get

    ONE great idea from a product, it‟s worth the investment. In the case

    of this product, I garnered a “multlple” of ideas that have put thousands of dollars into my bank account in the past 4 months. So,

    in my opinion, the cost for this product is a “pittance” when you

    consider the profit potential long term. Also, having RESALE rights

    to this product is reason enough for making the “tiny” up-front

    investment. Kudo‟s to Mike and John for developing a great product!

    Mike Van Norden (

    Publicity Expert, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Consultant

    Will you be the next success story... will your name go in my

    testimonial file? It can, if you use and apply what I reveal in the

    “Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit.” If you haven‟t yet read it, I urge you to go back and read and study the manual


    Michael Kimble,

    President Group M Marketing, Inc.

    Kimble & Kennedy Publishing

    P.S. Want even more great money-making advice... and a FREE

    moneymaking audio tape? Check out and !

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