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Key to Lesson 19

    Section One

    Dialogue 1

    1. 1) C 2) B 3) A 2. 1) expecting 2) This way

Dialogue 2

    1. 1) C

     2) B

    2. 1) do for a living

     2) give legal advice

     3) I see, a solicitor, you mean

     4) was looking for, vocabulary, I’m afraid

    5) Never mind

Dialogue 3

    1) T 2) F 3) T 4) F

Dialogue 4

    1) C 2) C 3) B 4) B 5) A

Dialogue 5

    The first speaker: 4[3+7+10]82

    The second speaker: 9[1+6]5

Dialogue 6

    1. T 2. T 3. F 4. T

Dialogue 7

    Excuse me, the James Bond film

Do you happen to

    how to find out, local paper

    which page it is on

    Here it is, which performance

Dialogue 8

    1. B 2. A 3. C 4. B

Dialogue 9

    1. The way to the swimming pool.

    2. No, she cannot because she is a stranger here.

    3. The man over there.

    4. On the other side of the road.

Section Two

    A. News

    1) B 2) C 3) C 4) A 5) C 6) B 7) B 8) B

B. At the Airport

    1) F 2) T 3) F 4) F 5) F 6) T 7) F 8) T

C. Past Experiences

    1. C B B

    2. F F F

    3. running, sheepdog, started barking at, kick it out of the way, jumped up, bit him,

    the leg, go to the doctor, it wasn't infected

D. Monologue 1

    2. (1) 98

     (2) Manchester

     (3) an engineer

     (4) the army, Germany

     (5) Henry, Australia

     (6) Sarah

     (7) two, two years old, six months

     (8) in China

     (9) visit Aunt Alice

    3. (1) Simon, Diana, Sally

     (2) Simon

     (3) Sally

     (4) Charles

     (5) Richard, Fiona

E. Monologue 2

    1. Complete the following resume

    July 4, 1947

     Glasgow, Scotland

     5, 18, Paisley

     St. Andrews, English and Modern History, 4

     Teacher Training, Newcastle, History and English

    Applied Linguistics, Bangor

    (1) 1977

    (2) History, a comprehensive school

    (3) English, teachers of English, Sudan

    (4) English, Lancaster University

    (5) Chemistry Department, UNESCO, Yugoslavia, 5

    (6) medical English, 2

    (7) English, Yiwai

    2. Identification

    (1) d

    (2) f

    (3) b

    (4) g

    (5) a

    (6) e

    (7) c

Section Three


    Doctor Sowanso is the Secretary General of the United Nations. He's one of the busiest men in the world. He's just arrived at New Delhi Airport now. The Indian Prime Minister is meeting him. Later they'll talk about Asian problems.

     Yesterday he was in Moscow. He visited the Kremlin and had lunch with Soviet leaders. During lunch they discussed international politics.

     Tomorrow he'll fly to Nairobi. He'll meet the President of Kenya and other African leaders. He'll be there for twelve hours.

     The day after tomorrow he'll be in London. He'll meet the British Prime Minister and they'll talk about European economic problems.

     Next week he'll be back at the United Nations in New York. Next Monday he'll speak to the General Assembly about his world tour. Then he'll need a short holiday.

Key to Lesson 20

    Section One

    Dialogue 1


Dialogue 2


Dialogue 3

    1. War and Peace.

    2. The Empire Cinema. 3. In the Entertainment’s Guide.

Dialogue 4


    wenthave been


    canwill be able to whether there is any news today—what the weather’s like



Dialogue 5


Dialogue 6


Dialogue 7


Dialogue 8

    The first speaker: 7+4---8---2+10---6 The second speaker: 1+5+9---11---3

Dialogue 9


    B. 1. a little longer

    2. miss, hurry

    3. Good gracious

    4. again soon

    5. most kind of

Section Two

    A. Preferences

    a. on empty long roads

    b. in traffic jam

     for lights to change

    c. in a good driver’s car

    d. to being a passenger

B. Telephone Call

    1. C C B B

    2. happened, sitting, into a conversation, a date, the same evening, a lot in common,

    same interests, the same things 3. (1) No.

     (2) No.

     (3) Because his boss has come into the office.

C. Old Arthur


    2. T F T F F T

    3. (1) as Old Arthur

     (2) in a little hut, a small wood

     (3) get up, the birds

     (4) the winter, break the ice

D. The man who missed the plane

    1.B C C B


    (1) An immigrant family from Pakistan to England and their problems in settling

    down in England.

    (2) The play was surprisingly successful. (3) An American TV company.

    (4) Dulwich.

    (5) An hour’s drive.

    (6) He forgot to wind it.

    (7) He had to work very late the previous night. (8) Awful.

    (9) From the radio.

    (10) He swore quietly and switched on the electric kettle.

    (11) A crash near Heathrow Airport.

    (12) New York.

    (13) Shortly after taking off.

    (14) 2234.


    when James set his alarm clock for

    when the mini-cab was supposed to come and pick him up when he should be at the airport

    when his plane was due to leave

    when he woke up

    when the news started

    when his clock stopped

E. Dangerous Illusions

    1. (1) an intelligent and beautiful, the right social background, a liar

     (2) the loved very deeply, didn't share his religious

2. (1) She should agree with him on some basic things.

     (2) He prefers to live alone rather than to marry someone who isn't really what he is looking for and what he really wants.

Section Three


    Every color has a meaning. And as you choose a color, you might like to remember that it's saying something. We've said that red is lovable. Green, on the other hand, stands for hope; it is tranquil. Pink is romantic, while brown is serious. White is an easy onewhite is pure. Orange is generous. Violet is mysterious, turquoise is strong and blue is definitely feminine.

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