Volunteer Management Plan

By Theresa Harrison,2014-06-17 18:19
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Volunteer Management Plan ...

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    Get Adobe Document Reader

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    Get Adobe Flash Player The Strategic National Stockpile is a national repository of

    antibiotics, chemical antidotes, antitoxins, life-support medications,

    IV administration, airway maintenance supplies and medical/surgical

    items. The SNS is designed to rapidly supplement and re-supply local

    and state public health agencies in the event of a national emergency

    Twelve-hour Push Packs containing pharmaceuticals, antidotes and

    medical equipment, are the first deployment of supplies. These Push

    Packs are positioned in strategically located, secure warehouses

    ready for immediate release to a designated within 12 hours of the

    federal decision to deploy SNS assets.

    New Mexico’s SNS program is administered by the Bureau of Health Emergency Management. For more information, contact the State SNS

    Coordinator at (505) 476-8231 or send an e-mail.

To provide a coordinated system of community-based public health

    services focusing on disease prevention and health promotion in order

    to improve health status, reduce disparities and ensure timely access

     to quality, culturally competent, health services.

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