SMP02 - Operation Analysis and Control

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SMP02 - Operation Analysis and Control

    SMP02 Operation Analysis and Control


    This procedure details the actions necessary for the ongoing identification of hazards and the implementation of necessary control measures.


This procedure applies to all company employees




    Hazard - is something with the potential to cause harm. This may include substances, machinery, work methods or any other aspect of the business activity.

    Risk Assessment is a process of identifying hazards in an operation and determining the controls needed, appropriate the nature and scope of the activity. The output from the risk assessment process is a safe working procedure, method statements or an operation safety control sheet.

Operation Safety Controls Sheets - are ‘point of use’ documents that identify

    sources of harm and appropriate control measures for specified work activities.

    Competent - A person may be regarded as competent if having sufficient training, experience, knowledge they consistently and skilfully apply their skills and knowledge to any specified work operation (at whatever level that may be within the company. Competence extends to be sufficiently resourced and having authority to make decisions within sphere of control and contribute to decisions within sphere of influence.

    OHS Assistance May be from within the company or from an external source.

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    SMP02 Operation Analysis and Control


Identifying Hazards

    ; A designated business manager will be identified to oversee the development

    of company OHS manual.

    ; The designated business manager will get competent OHS assistance as


    ; Hazards are to be identified for each business activity and each business


    ; Hazards identification is to include hazards imported into the business. (This

    may include contractor and/ or visitor activities as well as the use of products

    or services supplied to the company)

    ; Appropriate workers within each business activity are to be represented in the

    hazard identification process.

Determining Control Measures

    ; The identification of suitable and sufficient controls is to be carried out by

    competent personnel, using specialists or experts, if necessary ; The risk assessment process is to follow the Operation Analysis and Control

    model detailed in SMP01.

    ; Operation safety control sheets may be produced to augment the information

    detailed in safe working procedures.

    ; In determining appropriate control measures ensure that adequate emergency

    arrangements are included so that worker’s health and safety is not

    compromised in the event of any control failure.

    ; Control measures are to take account of the particular needs of new or

    expectant mothers and young persons (i.e. under 18 years old). ; Control measures are to be in place ahead of any work being carried out

    within each business activity.

    ; Interim control measures, put in place ahead of the permanent solution, are

    to safely control the operation.

Communication Arrangements

    ; Operational Safety Controls, in a standard format all business activities are to

    be communicated to all persons affected.

    ; Monitoring arrangements, are to be in place to ensure compliance with all the

    control measures.

Review and Revision

; Operation safety reviews are to be carried out as follows;

    a. Before any significant changes to the work methods or business activity,

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    SMP02 Operation Analysis and Control

    b. When responsibilities have been reapportioned,

    c. As a result of a safety audit,

    d. At pre-determined intervals set by the Managing Director,

    e. As an integral part of an accident investigation.

    ; The outcomes of any reviews are to be documented in a standard format and

    communicated to all persons affected.


    1. The Managing Director (other titles may be used) is to ensure compliance with

    this procedure.

    2. The designated business manager is to devise the standard format for

    documenting risk assessment outputs and to arrange for the provision of OHS

    assistance, as necessary.

    3. The designated business manager is to advise the Managing Director on the

    timing of any reviews.

    4. All business activities managers are to comply with the requirements of this


    5. All business activities managers are to appoint competent personnel to assist

    in the OAC process.

    6. Employees are to conform to the control measures detailed for their specific

    business activity.


Operational Safety Control Sheets

    Compliance monitoring form

Variations and Revisions

    Variations and/ or revisions to this procedure are to be made by the designated business manager and approved by the Managing Director.

Date Revision No Description Issued By Checked By Approved By

    Jan 06 0 Original Designated Managing

    procedure Business Director


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