Three-Year Local District Technology Plan Checklist for Schools

By Margaret Hudson,2014-06-17 18:16
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Three-Year Local District Technology Plan Checklist for Schools ...

    Three-Year Local School District

    Technology Plan

    Elsinboro Township


    July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2010


County: Salem County Code: 33

    District/Charter School or Affiliation: Elsinboro Township School

    District Code: 1350

    Grade Levels: K-8

    Web Site:

    Date Technology Plan approved by school board or governing body

    April 2, 2007

    Is the district compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)? (Y/N) Y

Please indicate below the person to contact for questions regarding this

    technology plan:

    Name: (print) John K. Davis

    Title: Science Teacher/Technology Coordinator E-mail:

    Phone: (856) 935-3817 x107

    Signature: Date: March 27, 2007


Superintendent/Lead Person Approval:

    District Superintendent/Lead Person:(print) Frank Vogel E-mail:

    Phone: (856) 935-3817

    Signature: Date: March 27, 2007 County Coordinating Council Approval:

    Lead Agent: (print) Gary Goldberg

    Title: Chairperson, Salem County Technology Committee



    Directions: Indicate in the PAGE # column of the template, the page number

    where the corresponding information can be found.

Page # I. Stakeholders

    Provide the title, name and signature of each member of the technology planning

    committee. It is expected that there will be representation from at least nine of 9

    the positions indicated on the stakeholder sample table. Please provide an

    explanation if there is not a minimum of nine members on the technology

    planning committee.


    10 Describe the school district's or charter school's vision or mission statement

     III. TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW Page # A. Technology

     12 1. Provide an inventory of current technology networking and

    telecommunications equipment


    2. Describe the technology inventory needed to improve student academic 12

    achievement through 2010 including, but not limited to:

    ? Technology equipment and networking capacity

    ? Software used for curricular support and filtering

    ? Technology maintenance policy and plans

    ? Telecommunications services

    ? Technical support

    ? Facilities infrastructure

    ? Other services

    14 3. Describe how the district integrates assistive technology devices into the

    network to accommodate student needs


     14 4. Describe how the district’s web site is accessible to all stakeholders (for

    example using Federal Accessibility Standards)

     14 5. Describe the plan for replacing obsolete computers/technology and include

    the criteria for obsolescence.

Page # B. Cyber Safety

     15 1. List the filtering method(s) used.

    (NOTE: Be specific as this is a federal mandate.)

    2. Identify the Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) used for students and staff and 15 include a copy of the AUPs with the submission of this technology plan.

    3. Explain how students are educated about online safety awareness. 17

     4. Provide information on how parental resources regarding online safety are