Annual Report on the Workforce Investment Act

By Tommy Black,2014-08-11 19:39
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Annual Report on the Workforce Investment Act

    Annual Report on the Workforce Investment Act


    The United States Department of Labor

    Program Year 2008

    July 1, 2008 June 30, 2009

    Russell L. Fry, Acting Executive Director

    Submitted October 1, 2009

     112 California Avenue, Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0112

Message from the Governor:

    It is my pleasure to present West Virginia’s annual report on the Workforce Investment Act for program year 2009. The past year is particularly noteworthy for the success of the West Virginia Career Readiness Certificates I have awarded as part of the ACT’s WorkKeys? assessments. The statewide WorkKeys? program is an important step in documenting to employers that West Virginia has a workforce with the skills to get the job done. It also represents a partnership with WorkForce West Virginia, the West Virginia Department of Education, and Community and Technical Colleges.

    Our strong partnerships have allowed West Virginia to take full advantage of WIA funding to build a strong workforce, particularly funding provided by the Recovery Act. We look forward to continuing to provide new initiatives in workforce development in West Virginia. We appreciate the assistance provided by the United States. Department of Labor in implementing these programs.

    This has also been a year of planning for the future as we have seen an increase in our unemployment rate along with the rest of our country. Our agency has developed a reemployment services program for many of our customers filing unemployment claims. Our goal is to shorten the amount of time claimants are receiving benefits. This will be combined with the availability of training programs funded through the Workforce Investment Act, Trade and Global Adjustment Assistance Act of 2009, and other resources available through our partnerships.

    We are also working to build a strong Workforce Investment Council where all our partners work closely to respond to business needs as we constantly work to improve our efficiency in providing services to employers and jobseekers.

    I look forward to our continuing improvement and innovation in West Virginia’s

    workforce development system.

With Warmest Regards,

Joe Manchin III



A Word from the Acting Executive Director:

    On behalf of WorkForce West Virginia, I am happy to provide you with our annual report on the Workforce Investment Act for program year 2009. After my appointment in May 2009, I am excited to have the opportunity to build upon the many successes of the past year.

Those successes include the launch of the Governor’s WorkKeys? Career Readiness

    Certificate program in October 2008. Since its initiation, 87 percent of the job seekers assessed through the program have received certificates.

    WorkKeys? benefits West Virginia job seekers by providing prospective employers with concrete proof of their skills with a portable, nationally-recognized certificate issued by the Governor. West Virginia employers benefit by selecting job seekers who are a good match for the company, reducing employee turnover and increasing worker retention and return on investment. West Virginia benefits by compiling a database of job seekers who are career-ready.

    In the upcoming year, two new elements will expand the benefit of WorkKeys? . First, WorkForce West Virginia and the West Virginia Department of Education have partnered to provide statewide access to the remediation program called KeyTrain. Now,

    job seekers throughout the State can get help to improve their skill levels.

    Secondly, WorkForce West Virginia business consultants have been certified as Job Profilers by ACT. Our staff can now provide job profiles as a service for employers, helping employers can make reliable, EEOC compliant decisions about hiring, training, and program development.

    We are also reinvigorating the West Virginia Workforce Investment Council to give businesses and employers a stronger voice in workforce development.

    We at WorkForce West Virginia are excited about the new partnerships we are building to deliver a highly skilled and employable workforce.


Russell L. Fry

    Acting Executive Director


WorkForce West VirginiaPromoting Standardization and Integration of Services

Marketing Template and Unified Web Site

    WorkForce West Virginia has developed a marketing template for all services to provide a consistent, professional brand for the agency. This template includes easily-identified visual elements that brand WorkForce West Virginia. The template uses consistent design themes for brochures, folders, banner stands and other materials. All marketing materials produced by WorkForce West Virginia are available free of charge to the Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs).

Unified Web Portal

    In November 2008, WorkForce West Virginia launched a unified Web portal combining five separate agency Web sites into a single launching site at The site

    includes links to all local WIBs and public notices. The site averages 44,000 unique visitors each month.

Statewide Career Readiness Certificate Program

    West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin launched the WorkKeys Governor's Career Readiness Certificate statewide program in October 2008. This interagency collaboration verifies to employers that an individual has essential core employable skills in Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information.

    Using ACT's nationally-recognized WorkKeys assessments, the certificate program offers individuals, employers, and educators a credential issued by the Governor that certifies the attainment of these workplace skills.

    The statewide WorkKeys program is an important step in documenting to employers that the state of West Virginia possesses a workforce with the skills to get the job done. It also represents a partnership with WorkForce West Virginia, the West Virginia Department of Education and Community and Technical Colleges.

    As of August 17, 2009, 87 percent of the