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Marketing Plan Example ...

    Wombatta Public Library Service

    Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

    Section .1

1.0 Executive Summary

The value of public libraries is immeasurable. Wombatta Public Library Service

    (WPLS) offers highly valued, heavily utilised and successful collections, services,

    programs and activities. Our success is both dependent upon and based on our

    understanding of our community/customer needs and demands with one eye on

    the present and the other on the future.

Our success is and will continue to be built on the ongoing development and

    monitoring of our collections, programs, services and importantly staff based

    upon always listening to and researching the needs and demands of our

    community and customers. The WPLS Marketing Plan encapsulates our sector and

    community knowledge with particular focus on:

    ? Building and maintaining up-to-date collections;

    ? Providing access to information from around the world;

    ? Providing access to technology and the Internet;

    ? By delivering education programs for all target groups

    ? Establishing stronger relationships with key stakeholders, including local

    schools and community groups;

    ? Understanding and planning our resource needs (financial and human)

    ? Obtaining and utilising user and non-user feedback, evaluation and survey

    information/research to improve our responsiveness and inform forward


Our strategies will be based on the concept that quality performance generates

    repeat usage.

? Roger L. Henshaw

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    Wombatta Public Library Service

    Marketing Plan

Situation Analysis

    Section .2

2.0 Situation Analysis

The Wombatta Public Library Service (WPLS) has just featured in the press as a

    reputable, quality public Library service. There has been an increased interest in

    the community in our collections, education programs, online resources, and

    information services. Currently, traditional library services are widely available to

    the public, but there has been a call for more education programs and online

    resources. We want to take advantage of this current popularity to grow in

    funding and in community usage.

    2.1 Market Summary

We are experiencing growth in interest in public library services from the

    community and the current trend in education programs, online database and

    Internet use. Also our demographics are widening and are encompassing more

    and more people from different walks of life and backgrounds. There is definitely

    an opportunity here to be seized.

    Target Markets

    Market Analysis (Example)

    Potential Growth 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 CAGR * Customers

    General 30% 130,000 169,000 219,700 285,610 371,293 30.00% Community

    Students 50% 25,000 37,500 56,250 84,375 126,563 50.00%

    CALD 20% 50,000 60,000 72,000 86,400 103,680 20.00%

    Total 30.88% 205,000 266,500 347,950 456,385 601,536 30.88%

     * Compound Annual Growth Rate

? Roger L. Henshaw

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    Wombatta Public Library Service

    Marketing Plan

    Market Geographics As a library service we don't have the flexibility to offer all our services outside

    our local government area. However by developing, Improving and marketing our

    services we have the ability to both grow our community usage and to attract

    customers from outside our area.

    Market Demographics

    Most people go to the public library to use or borrow from our collections for

    study or recreational purposes. Since other options are available for accessing

    collection materials i.e. other libraries, bookshops, online, an existing library user

    is not a hard sell. They want to be there. They have made a conscious choice

    about how they wish to access books etc. These people can be anyone - our core

    services are free and our demographic data indicates that we attract a wide cross

    section of customers with sizeable numbers of students, parents, children, young

    adults and seniors.

    Our last survey confirmed that 85% plus of our current customers:

    ? Placed a high value on free public library access;

    ? Viewed the library as a place where they could improve their educations

    and minds;

    ? Considered our collections to be the most important factor and;

    ? Considered technology and online access of growing importance.

    Market Behaviors Library customers are loyal and they will visit on average once a month. Students,

    however, want more and more access for study and education programming to

    enhance their school; TAFE and University studies and their visitation rates are on

    average twice per week during semester times. Growth in demand for 'Culturally

    and Linguistically Diverse' (CALD) programming has also seen an increase in

    frequency and type of use e.g. Adult CALD customers have moved from being

    largely a 'borrower' group to also attending CALD education and recreation


    ? Roger L. Henshaw

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    Wombatta Public Library Service

    Marketing Plan

    Other market behaviour changes to note and monitor are:

    ? Growth in 55+ user group;

    ? Growing demand for more services to be accessed remotely via

    home/business computers;

    ? Growth in usage and demand for curriculum based education programs,

    self-help programs and health programs; and

    ? Growing demand for an increase in branch opening hours.

    2.1.2 Market Needs and Demands The value of public library services is immeasurable. The WPLS offers a wide

    variety of cross-target group services and programs to members and non-

    members including physical collections, online resources, study and reading

    spaces, children's and youth activities and self-growth and education programs,

    for example:

    ? Programs for students are largely secondary school based with particular

    focus on achieving better results in the Higher School Certificate.

    ? Programs for adults (including CALD) are largely self-help with particular

    emphasis on technology, parenting, health and literacy.

    The market also has the following needs and demands (as determined from

    demographic analysis, annual survey results, program evaluations and customer


    Needs Demands Development of new CALD collection - Increase in branch weekend opening hours Sudanese i.e. all day Saturday

    Expand education program and collections Remote access to online databases

    to reflect issues affecting the community


    ? Caring for the Environment

    ? Personal safety

    ? Internet safety

    ? Small Business

    ? Retirement planning

     More publicly available PC’s for internet and

    word processing

    ? Roger L. Henshaw

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