School Emergency Response Plan - Letters to parents

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School Emergency Response Plan - Letters to parents ...

Appendix A Letter to Parents template

Insert Address Here


    You will all be aware of the recent incident that has affected our school. I am sure you will appreciate how upset we all are. On behalf of everyone involved in the life of our community I would like to express our sympathy to ….

    I am sure you will understand that it is not possible for me to comment on the incident at this stage other than to provide factual information, but I will do my best to keep you up to date as time proceeds.

    We are currently working closely with Hertfordshire County Council’s Children, Schools and Families Department to ensure that disruption to school life of the school is kept to the minimum possible. However, as you will appreciate, it will be sometime before we are back on an even keel.

    We will be monitoring the well being of all students closely in the coming weeks to ensure that any ongoing problems as a result of the incident are identified. There will be opportunities during the school day for students to talk about the incident and how they felt at the time.

    For the immediate future we have made the following arrangements, which will come into effect from ……......... ……...........…. ……...........…...….

    As from today we will be using ……......... ……...........…. ……...........…...…. as the school office. We hope to have temporary buildings available for all students to continue with their education from ……...... ……...........…. ……...........…......….

    Please note that our new contact numbers are listed below. However I would ask you to keep calls to the school to a minimum so that we are not overwhelmed.

(Tel and Fax Nos.)

    The process of recovery is moving very fast as more and more decisions are made about the best ways to proceed. We will provide updated information as frequently as possible both on the board at the entrance to the school and in a weekly update letter to be sent to all parents.

    Thank you for your support and understanding in what is a difficult time for all of us.

Yours sincerely,

    Appendix B Trespasser Letter Template Example of a warning letter to trespassers causing or permitting

    nuisance or disturbance on school premises

    Note: the text of the letter below is intended merely to indicate the possible content and tone of such a letter. Where the trespasser is a child the

    letter should be sent to the parent or guardian.

Dear Sir/Madam

Trespassing and nuisance or disturbance on school premises:

    Section 547 of the Education Act 1996

    It has been reported to me that [you] were seen on the premises of [school]

    on [date] at [time]. [Description of what the trespasser was doing].

    The school’s premises are private property and [you] had no permission to

    enter them. [Refer if necessary to aspects of behaviour which were

    particularly disruptive].

    I must warn you that trespass and causing or permitting nuisance or

    disturbance on a school’s premises is an offence under section 547 of the

    Education Act 1996. The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of up

    to ?500.

    The purpose of this letter is to warn you that you must not trespass again

    on the school’s premises. If you do, and cause a nuisance or disturbance,

    you may be removed from the premises and [the governors/the local

    education authority] will not hesitate to bring proceedings under section

    547 of the Education Act 1996.

    Yours faithfully

Appendix C - Emergency Pack

Checklist 1: Immediate Actions

    Below is a checklist of the key initial actions that the school should complete

    immediately following an incident.

     Role and Time/Date Action Person Completed Responsible 1. Evacuation

     Evacuation of the premises

     Roll call

     Everyone safe

     Call emergency services (as appropriate)

     Contact Hertfordshire County Council CSF department

    (as appropriate)

     Obtain a copy of family and staff contact lists

     Liaise with emergency services personnel at the scene 2. Details of casualties obtain information on the


     Names and injuries

     Current location of casualties

     Current location of relevant others

    Whether next of kin have been informed

    3. Injury

     Who is accompanying injured person(s) to hospital?

     Provide accommodation which is restricted to next of

    kin, pupils and staff (as appropriate)

     Provision of immediate transport, assistance, and

    counselling (as appropriate)

     Contact Hertfordshire County Council CSF department

    (as appropriate)

    4. Incident in school hours

     Decide whether to keep other pupils in school

     Decide whether to send pupils home (all or some)

     Arrange transport in liaison with HCC (as appropriate)

     Ensure staff, parents and governors receive your

    version of the facts and actions underway as soon as


    5. Incident outside school hours

     Decide how to contact parents; for bad news avoid

    phone chains

     Consider announcements via the local radio stations

    and other media

     Ensure staff, parents and governors receive your

    version of the facts

    and actions underway as soon as possible

Checklist 2: Actions in the first 24 hours

In addition, the table below summarises some further procedures that should be

    followed by the school in the 24 hours immediately after the incident.

    Role and Time/Date Action Person Completed Responsible

    Gather incident information 1. Incident Manger

    What happened? Where? When? Who notified you?

    Who has been contacted? Also, their names and

    numbers. E.g. HCC , Emergency services

    People: Who was involved? How were they affected?

    Where are they now? What is their current condition?

    Premises: Is there any damage to the premises? Who

    has been contacted?

    2. Evaluate situation and estimate extent of disruption Incident Manger 3. Consider activating the school Emergency Response Incident Manger

    Team. If so identify a suitable location and time.

    If school premises are not available determine to base

    the recovery operation from (Form 7).

    4. Liaise with HCC Health and Safety Education Team and Incident

    Herts Property. Manger/Comms

    Officer 5. Keep a log of all decisions made, noting time, action Administrator

    and when completed.