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Updated March 18

    Updated 23/05/2002

    Date and


    6 p.m. Welcome reception Château Laurier Friday August 2nd

    7 p.m. Welcome from Canadian Government Senator Landon


     Saturday, August rd3

    ; Keynote speech - Laura L. Carstensen 9h00:

    “Taking Time Seriously in Life-Span Development

    ; Keynote - Angela Friederici 10h00:

    “Neural Basis of Language Processing and Language


    ; Keynote - Arnold Sameroff 11h30:

    “Not Beating the Odds: Environmental Constraints on

    Developmental Success”

    ; Symposium 4-1 Trajectories in the Development of 13h00:

    Romantic Relationships: Childhood and Adolescent

    Precursors of Interpersonal Transitions (Conveners:


    Discussant: Willard W. Hartup)

    Relational histories and trajectories of later romantic

    experiences W. Andrew Collins & Stephanie D. Madsen

    Variations in trajectories of romantic development in

    early adolescence Jennifer Connolly, Debra Pepler, &

    Wendy Craig

    Predicting longevity of adolescence and young adult

    romantic relationships Shmuel Shulman, Elisheva

    Levran & Offer Kipnis

    Different developmental pathways to committed and

    ambivalent love in young adulthood Inge Seiffge-


    ; Symposium 6-1 Causal Beliefs in Technologically

    Advanced Societies: Rationality and Magical

    Thinking (Conveners: EUGENE V. SUBBOTSKY,

    CAROL J. NEMEROFF; Discussant: Michael


    The experimental and the rational: Would a ―God’s eye‖

    view debunk religion, myth, and magic? Carol J.

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    Cognitive and contextual factors in the emergence of beliefs about origins: God versus Darwin E. Margaret


    Ordinary and extraordinary varieties of magic Melanie

    Jacobs & Carl Johnson

    Curiosity and exploratory behaviour toward possible and impossible events in children and adults Eugene


; Symposium 8-13 Observational Studies of Children's

    Interactions With Parents and Peers: Examining

    Connections Between Children’s Social Worlds

    (Conveners: MARLEEN H. GERRITS & ERIC W.

    LINDSEY; Discussant: Jacquelyn Mize)

    Parent-child book reading, child-peer interactions, and

    children’s emotional competence: Are they related?

    Malinda J. Colwell

    The role of emotions in connections between father-child

    and child-peer interaction Eric W. Lindsey & Yvonne

    M. Caldera

    Similarities and differences between parent-child and

    child-peer interactions of seven-year-old children

    Marleen H. Gerrits, Paul P. Goudena & Marcel A. G. van Aken

    How mothers and fathers play with children: Similarities, differences, and relations to children’s peer play

    Amanda W. Harrist, Jeffrey T. Cookson & Sonia Carrillo

; Symposium 10-10 The Longitudinal Study of Child

    Development in Quebec (LSCDQ/ELDEQ): Parents’

    Characteristics and Behaviors (Conveners: ANNE I.

    H. BORGE; Discussant: Ann Sanson)

    Children’s economic and family circumstances: a world in motion Héléne Desrosiers, Ghystaine Neill & Lucie Gingras

    Maternal and paternal conduct disorder, prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke, and other risk factors for the

    development of conduct disorder Mark Zoccolillo

    Parenting perceptions and behaviors in the first three years: evidence from the LSCDQ (ÉLDEQ) cohort

    Michel Boivin, Isabelle Morin-Ouellet, Nancy Leblanc,

    Ginette Dionne, Éric Frenette, Mark Zoccolillo, Richard

    E. Tremblay & Daniel Pérusse

    Diet in childhood: a social and behavioral perspective

    Lise Dubois & Manon Girard

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    ; Symposium 11-1 Cultural Themes in American and

    Chinese Children’s Narratives (Conveners: QI

    WANG & JIN LI; Discussant: Robert LeVine)

    Listening is active: Lessons from the narrative practices

    of Taiwanese families Heidi Fung, Peggy J. Miller &

    Lu-Chun Lin

    ―I want to be like Carol‖: US and Chinese preschoolers

    talk about learning and achievement Ji Lin & Qi Wang

    Personal narratives in American and Chinese 4-, 6-, and

    8-year olds Qi Wang

    ; Symposium 8-15 Mothers’ and Children’s

    Attachment and Family Representations: Linkages

    with Emotion Understanding and Emotion Regulation


    STEELE; Discussant: Joan Stevenson-Hinde, Inge


    Maternal attachment representations and unresolved

    trauma: Related to the perception of infant emotions

    Carey Anne DeOliveira, Heidi Baily, David R. Pederson,

    Greg Moran & Vicki Wolfe

    Emotion judgements, attributions and understanding at

    age 11 are linked to the early mother-child attachment

    relationship Howard Steele & Miriam Steele

    Children’s mental representations of family and peer

    relations: Associations with family system and

    behavioural emotion regulation Iris Reiner & Peter


    Narrative construction, emotion regulation and

    behavioural adaptation Raphaele Miljkovitch, Blaise

    Pierrehumbert & Olivier Halfon

Poster session 1: Bullying And Victimization 13:30 to 15:15

    13:30 - Sat., Aug. 3

; P-35 A comparison of methods to sample bullying Anthony


    ; P-588 How victims can cope with bullying attacks: A cross-national

    comparison Virginia Sanchez, Ersilia Menesini, Rosario Ortega &

    Ada Fonzi

    ; P