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    Present: Mrs Jacqui Hare (Chair), Prof Allan Birchenough, Mr David Campy,

     Mr Tom Cockburn, Mr Phil Coleman, Ms Carol Cooper, Ms Gerry Eland,

     Mr Chris George, Ms Kay Howells, Mr Mike James, Mr Gabriel Jezierski,

     Ms Alison O’Reilly, Mr Mike Rathkey, Ms Susan Tangney, Mr Richard Tong,

     Dr Robert Williams, Mr Steve Young.

    1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Dr Geoff Bond, Mr Steve Burnett, Ms Anne Cleverly,

     Mrs Bea Cockroft, Ms Joan Crabtree, Dr Neville Gaunt, Ms Annie Grove-White,

     Ms Sheilagh Gunston, Dr Barry Hare, Dr Tahseen Rafik, Mr Paul Thomas,

     Ms Ellie Watkin.

     The Board sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery to the three colleagues who

     were away sick at present Ms Joan Crabtree, Dr Neville Gaunt and

     Dr Tahseen Rafkik.

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 December 2000

     The Minutes of the meeting held on 6 December 2000 were approved as a correct record subject to the

     following amendments:

     3.6 Blackboard (Level 2) at top of page 2 should read “ that he and the Dean of Information

    Strategy ...”.

     6.2 on page 4 - 20 November 200 should read 20 November 2000.

     Also under the Action point for 6.2, and at the request of the Director of Academic Affairs “Mr

    Keith Hackwood” should read “Academic Office”.

     The last paragraph, page 7, should read Tuesday 13 February and not Wednesday 13 February.

3. Matters Arising:

     3.1 An Institute Wide Modern Foreign Language Policy (IWMFLP)

     Elective Modules had been advertised for Semester 2.

    3.2 QAA Subject Reviews

     The Chair reported that four dates for QAA Workshops had now been planned:

     Friday 2 March 9.15 am 12.45 pm at Cyncoed Campus

     Tuesday 6 March 2.00 5.00 pm at Fairwater Conference Centre

     Tuesday 13 March 2.00 5.00 pm at Fairwater Conference Centre

     Thursday 22 March 9.15 am 12.45 pm at Fairwater Conference Centre

     Staff Development Unit had circulated details to Schools and Units and to other target

    audiences. Any staff wanting more information should contact Ms Alison O’Reilly. These

    initial workshops would be followed by more detailed preparations.


    3.3 Examination Boards

     Regarding the centralisation of booking arrangements for External Examiners,

    Ms Lesley Douglas, Academic Registry, had received responses from six Directors of

    Learning & Teaching. Five Schools would opt for central administrative support, one School

    wished to continue to make their arrangments via their own office. Mr Steve Young reported

    that he had received a positive feedback from the School of Art & Design but thought that the

    system should be monitored regularly. Comments were that centralised administration

    should be provided from existing resources and that careful consideration should be given to

    the management of such an arrangement. An additional suggestion had been made for an e-

    mail conferencing facility for external examiners to share comments and ideas. Academic

    Registry stated that they would be happy to co-operate with Schools’ requirements.

     Action: The Board agreed that the Academic Registry should proceed with a central


    3.4 Blackboard (Level 2)/IT Infrastructure

     Mr Jezierski reported that meetings were underway with Schools and would be reported to

    the next meeting of the Board.

    3.5 Student Evaluation

     Progress had been made and some software was available that would deliver a form of

    student evaluation on-line. Modules should be evaluated in whatever form schools thought

    appropriate, there was no UWIC policy as such except that evaluation must take place.

     Action: Learning & Teaching Support Unit to report at the Workshop to take place on

    2 March 2001.

    3.6 Update on Developments Mr Gabriel Jezierski

     With regard to Blackboard, Mr Jezierski reported that the Working Group had been

    convened and had had its first meeting. On Flexible and Distributed Learning, Prof Colin

    Harrison from the Open Learning Foundation had spoken at the L&T Board Workshop on 15


    3.7 Research Ethics Committee

     Schools reiterated the need for such a committee and suggested that a common UWIC

    committee would be appropriate.

     Action: Chair to write to Director of Academic Affairs on behalf of the Board

    reiterating concerns and the requirement for sharing good practice and agreement that

    a common UWIC wide system be established.

    3.8 Library Resourcing

     The Chair reiterated the procedure for addressing resource issues ie they should be addressed

    via School Management and Planning Teams to Link Directors.

4. Update on Developments Mr Gabriel Jezierski

     4.1 Blackboard (Level 2)


     Mr Jezierski reported that Blackboard was now running and it was hoped that

    Ms Colleen Connor’s module would be the first UWIC course using it. The Portal Working

    Group had also met. Meetings with Schools were taking place to discuss the identification of

    modules to be put on line.

     There would be a phased staff development programme. Arrangements were being made

    with Blackboard representatives to come to UWIC on 6, 7 and 8 March. Each session could

    accommodate 15 members of staff and Mr Jezierski would like three names from each School

    of staff who would be prepared to attend. Learning & Teaching Support Unit and Staff

    Development Unit staff would be also visiting Schools to give training.

     Regarding student development it was felt that staff should be capable of orientating their

    own students. However, brief guides could be provided by L&T Support Unit. A

    combination of different forms of training would be appropriate. Directorate had requested a

    development plan for Blackboard to include all aspects of costings. It was important to bring

    the development plan to the Board before it goes to Directorate.

     Action: A development plan to be brought to next Learning & Teaching Board.

     4.2 Learning & Teaching Development Fund

     The Learning Development Sub Group had met to review submissions for Call 3. The

    following projects were being funded, subject to some amendments to proposals:

     Peer Assessment Production of a school-based video and workbook on peer assessment in

    the School of Sport, PE and Recreation undertaken within the School;

     Peer Assessment Production of a video and workbook on peer assessment with example

    teaching practice from a range of schools co-ordinated by the School of Lifelong Learning;

     Student search skills online Production of a package to develop student search skills

    online undertaken by the Library Division;

     Work Placement Creation of an information resource (portal) within Blackboard on work


     Professor Allan Birchenough would also be using funding to develop a UWIC-wide MRes

    which would be of benefit to all Schools.

     A UWIC Innovations in Learning & Teaching event would take place on 6 July.

    4.3 Flexible and Distributed Learning

     Regarding withdrawal from the Open Learning Foundation (OLF), Prof Colin Harrison had

    attended an L&T Workshop to explain the benefits of being a member. Notice of withdrawal

    had been given and the Chair asked if this could be an Agenda item for L&T Committees in

    Schools. If we did not receive any feedback UWIC would be withdrawing membership from

    July this year. Mr David Campy, as our OLF contact, would be happy to speak on this

    subject to Schools.

     Action: School L&T Committes to discuss membership of OLF and withdrawal of

    membership from July.

    4.4 Video Conferencing

     The Chair referred to the refurbished facility in the Library Block at the Llandaff Campus. It

    was felt that locations on the other three sites should be discussed with the Space

    Management Committee.


     Action: Chair, Mr Mike James and Mr Gabriel Jezierski to discuss video conferencing

    facilities with Space Management Committee.

5. Update on Developments Mr Steve Burnett

     Mr Burnett had been seconded to the European Office to monitor and manage the work in that

    particular unit in a short term context until a new appointment could be made.

6. Academic Standards Committee

     6.1 Monday 20 November 2000

     Mrs Jacqui Hare advised the Board that she had taken Chair’s action regarding the External

    Examiner nomination for Mrs N Royles, PGCE Secondary Welsh.

     6.2 Wednesday 17 January 2001

     The Director of Academic Affairs informed the Board that he had taken Chair’s action

    regarding the External Examiner nominations. There was nothing non-standard in the

    majority of them but in the case of Ms Payne the Board was asked to note that whilst she does

    not have any prior experience of external examining the Chair of Academic Standards

    Committee had approved the nomination on the basis that she would be working alongside

    an experienced external examiner, Dr S MacDonald, and would receive appropriate


     The Board approved the recommendation to appoint the following individuals as

    external examiners:

     Dr D Willey (Retired) HND/C Sports Development/Coaching franchise to Bridgend &

    Neath Port Talbot

     The Board noted that Dr Willey was also the current external examiner for UWIC’s BSc

    Sports Development.

     Mr Irfon Clarke South Wales Diploma in Social Work

     Dr A Sweeney Diploma in Tourism franchise to Limerick Senior College

     Ms C A Payne PGCE Art and Design (Secondary)

     6.3 Exemption from UWIC Regulations

     With regard to the BSc(Hons) Podiatry, the Director of Academic Affairs stated that

    following the validation of the new course, the team submitted a request for exemption from

    the regulations governing the classification methodology of linear degrees and for approval

    of the following weighting:

     Part 2.1 40%

     Part 2.2 60%

     The Board was asked to consider and approve exceptionally the recommendation for

    exemption and the proposed methodology for classification. Thorough discussions had taken

    place regarding this.

     Action: The Board approved the recommendation for exemption, and the proposed

    methodology for classification.

7. Papers from the Director of Academic Affairs


     7.1 Draft QAA Framework Policy Document

     A QAA Working Group, under the direction of the Director of Academic Affairs, was in the

    process of auditing UWIC’s position in relation to the QAA Codes of Practice and actions

    which need to be taken in order to align UWIC processes more closely with those

    recommended by QAA. Consideration was also being given to staff development

    implications. There would be a meeting with Prof Arthur Brown of the QAA on Wednesday

    21 February.

     Action: The QAA Framework Policy Document was approved by the Board.

    7.2 Disability Committee

     This paper was presented for the Board’s information. As part of the 1999/2000 Academic

    Infrastructure funding, it had been an objective to establish such a Committee during the

    current academic year. Staff from several areas would be represented and the Board was

    asked to note the report.

     7.3 CAMS Initiative

     The purpose of the paper was to inform members of the intention to install all UWIC (and

    Collaborative Provision) courses on to the CAMS system as a matter of policy. The Director

    of Academic Affairs underlined the rationale for this intention.

     This document would next be taken to Academic Board and Prof Birchenough asked for the

    Learning & Teaching Board’s support.

     Action: The Board supported the paper.

     7.4 Hardship Funds Committee Review

     The purpose of the report was to inform members regarding changes to the approach to

    administering and awarding Hardship Funds.

     Action: The Board noted this Report.

8. Proforma for the QAA Programme Specifications

     To help implant QAA principles UWIC had produced a QAA Programme Specification. The form

    would then be trialled and re-evaluated as to its effectiveness and would ultimately be on the web and

    relevant to franchised provision. It was felt that a disability issues input would be helpful, to be

    provided by Ms Carol Doyle, Accessible Curriculum Officer, and that an employability section should

    be added.

9. Overseas Partnership Audit Review University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and Fundacion

    SanValero (QAA)

     The Director of Academic Affairs stated that UWIC had recently been audited by the QAA in relation

    to Business & Management franchises in Zaragoza, specifically BSc(Hons) Technology Management

    and BA(Hons) European Administration with Modern Languages. The findings were

    ; There was confusion about the title of the European Administration course. This had, however,

    been put forward originally by the University of Wales.


    ; Certificates were being issued to students with the incorrect title by University of Wales; that the

    language of instruction and assessment were English which is not the case. The University

    Registry has stated that they would issue replacement certificates.

    ; Regarding translation, that this is insufficient.

     UWIC will be required to produce a report to the QAA to advise them what action we have taken with

    regard to these issues.


10. Widening Access Strategy

     The Chair stated that a small Working Group had been meeting to prepare the draft Strategy which

    had to be submitted to the Funding Council by 26 February. Unfortunately, due to a change of date,

    Academic Board would not be meeting until after that date. The Working Group had tried to

    incorporate any feedback and comments it had received and the Chair asked for any further comments

    to be given to her as soon as possible and also to allow certain editing allowance for the document to

    be prepared in a format suitable for the Funding Council.

     Action: Members present supported the draft Widening Access Strategy. There was agreement

    that the Working Group continue with their deliberations and complete the task.

11. Information Strategy

     The Assistant Principal (Information Strategy) said that this Strategy had been a long time in

    gestation and was an expanded form of the original framework document. It had taken on board

    information from other Strategies. Basically, its purpose was about changing some of the culture

    within UWIC, supporting individual units, and providing systems that answer UWIC’s information

    needs. UWIC needed an information audit to show what the needs were and which would provide

    reports to the Information Strategy Forum. It was felt that this Forum should be composed of senior

    managers who had responsibility for all aspects of UWIC’s activities, and it would therefore be

    comprised of the new Directorate who could take priority decisions across UWIC, and would be

    chaired by himself.

     Process Management Groups would be also formed that would ensure that process needs provide the

    drive to the selection of suitable systems and for the support of users. It would be necessary to look at

    our processes holistically. Information custodians were also needed to deal with replication and

    duplication. It was hoped to get a mechanism into place which would lead to a more detailed Strategy.

    There had been consultation regarding the document but it would take time to implement a change of

    culture and processes within UWIC. He would like any comments or changes before the document

    went to Academic Board. He asked for the Board’s support for the Information Strategy.

     Action: The Board agreed that the Information Strategy be channelled to Academic Board and

    that any other views or comments should be send direct to the Assistant Principal (Information


12. Audit of Work Experience 1999-2000

     Ms Susan Tangney, Employability Officer, reported on the findings of the Audit. The L&T Strategy

    had stated that it was important that work placement be offered to all students and it was a big priority

    to the Government and QAA. An over-arching policy or procedure and philosopy was needed. There

    was a diverse experience across UWIC in particular programmes and issues should be discussed on a

    UWIC-wide basis.

     Ms Tangney asked for comments from members of the Board.

     Action: The Audit of Work Experience to be discussed at School L&T Committees to raise


13. Minutes of Learning & Teaching Committees

     13.1 School of Art & Design 1 December 1999, 12 April and 11 October 2000

     There were no starred items for the Board’s attention.


     13.2 School of Education 22 November 2000

     There were no starred items for the Board’s attention.

     13.3 School of Health & Social Science 7 and 19 December 2000

     The Chair said that starred items, Library, 9-9 culture etc, took us back to the discussion

    earlier in the meeting and the need to utilise correct channels for addressing resource issues,

    ie School Management & Planning Team to Link Directorate.

     Action: L&T Board recommended that this was the correct channel, via MPT to Link

    Directorate, as no-one from the Board sat on the Resource Management Forum. The

    School Director of Learning & Teaching to progress this.

     13.4 School of Sport, PE & Recreation 29 November 2000

     54 28.3 UWIC Policy for assessing students with dylexia This issue concerned the lack

    of an overall UWIC policy for assessing students with dyslexia and the lack of information

    from the central unit on certification of dyslexia, and delay in sending schools information on

    students with disabilities.

     Action: Ms Susan Tangney to ask the Disability Services Manager to contact the L&T

    Director, School of Sport, PE & Recreation, to clarify this issue and he will then report

    back to the L&T Board to inform discussion and future protocols.

     24 January 2001

     Action point under agendum item 67 should read “...School of Hospitality, Tourism &


14. Any Other Business

     No items were reported to the Board.

     The following items on the agenda were for information only and were received by the Board.

15. Collaborative Provision Committee meeting 15 November 2000

16. University of Surrey UniS Skills Project Final Report September 2000

    The next Learning & Teaching Board will take place at 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday 11 April 2001 in the Boardroom, Central Admin, Llandaff Campus.



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