Module3 U3 Welcome to the unit

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Module3 U3 Welcome to the unit

Advance with English Advance with English

    Module 3 Module 3

    Unit 3 Back to the past Unit 3 Back to the past

    Period 1 Welcome to the unit Period 1 Welcome to the unit

    Brief Teaching Plan

; Teaching Objectives:

    1. Enable students to get a general idea of some amazing ancient


    2. Develop students listening, speaking, reading, writing and

    thinking ability.

    3. Promote to form correct values. ; Teaching Important and Difficult Point: Improve students speaking and thinking ability. ; Teaching Approaches:

    Task-based approaches

    ; Form of Activities:

    Individual, pair or group work and topic discussions.

    ; Teaching Aids:

    The multimedia and the blackboard ; Teaching Procedures:

    Step 1. Lead-in

    1. Listen to the song Rivers of Babylon to arouse students interest. 2. Ask and answer the two questions;


What do you know about the song?

    What do you know about ancient Babylon

Step 2. Picture Talking

    1. Talk about the four pictures in pairs or groups focusing on the

    shapes, colors and designs.

    2. Ask and answer the question:

    Do these pictures have something in common? If so, please describe

    it with some adjectives, as many as you can.

Step 3. Reading Task

    Ask students to go through the descriptions given for detailed information, and then fill in the form below.

    When Where Who Why

    The Statue of Zeus

    The Hanging Gardens

    The Taj Mahal

    The Potala Palace

Step 4. Pair Work

    1. What other ancient civilizations do you know about?

     (Link to some pictures on this topic.)


    2. Have you ever gone on a cultural expedition? If so, please tell your stories.

Step 5. Group Discussion

    1. Do you think it important to protect cultural heritage? Give your reasons.

    2. If you were the mayor of Nanjing, what would you do to protect the cultural heritages in the modern city?

Step 6. Further Questions

    1. Do you like traveling? What can traveling bring to us? 2. If youre going on holiday, where would you like to travel? And why

Step 7. Homework

    1. Search for more information on ancient civilizations on the Internet.

    2. Write down your suggestions on how to protect the cultural heritages.


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