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    Clinton: Liberalism, Neoliberalism, and Backlash

    I. Bill Clinton, Combine Social Liberalism & Neoliberalism 1993-2001

     Appointments (Ruth Baden Ginsberg and Stephen Breyer)

    st 1 pro-choice president ? lowest abortion rate since legalized

     “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

     Tax the rich cf. Earned Income Tax Credit

     Universal Health Care: Hillary Rodham Clinton (40 million

     uninsured by 2000)

     North American Free Trade Agreement

II. Backlash

     Mid-election “Freedom Revolution” 1994

     Newt Gingrich of GA new Speaker of House

     “Contract with America”

     Clinton era Economic Expansion & Balanced Budgets

     Impeachment 1998

     History of Presidential Sexual Affairs

     BUT other scandals

     Whitewater, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey,

    Monica Lewinsky ? Spec. Pros. Kenneth Starr

III. Neoliberal Welfare Reform 1996

     A. Clinton’s “Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity

    Reconciliation Act”

     1. 25 Year History of Declining Benefits (in 1994 dollars for


     1970 Aid to Families with Dependent Children = $792 for a

    family of 4

     1994 = $435 for a family of 4

     & ? tied to work requirements (? childcare issues)

     2. 1996 Reform Goals

     a. end dependence of needy parents on government benefits by

    promoting job

     preparation, work, and marriage

     b. aid children cared for in home or with relatives

     c. prevent/? out-of-wedlock pregnancies,

     d. encourage maintenance of two-parent families

     3. State Control & Federally Mandated 5-Year Limit

     State controlexclusions, terms of limits on aid, work

    requirements, redirect money to services to prevent teen

    pregnancy and promote marriage, behavioral requirements

    fixed Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

    Block Grant to states instead of matching AFDC

    12 months educational credit

     4. Results 1996-2003

    a. 54% ? # on welfare. 2 million fewer on welfare

     Migrating poor families

    IV. Pressures to Marry & to Prevent Gay Marriage

     A. Breadwinners & Batterers

     1970 12% children in single-parent home; 2002 27%

     Initially thought ? in marriage & ? female-headed households

     Later research claimed fewer new marriages & new divorces

     83% CA ? on welfare had experienced DV

     2004 Bush marriage-education proposal $1.5 billion over 5yrs

     B. Current Conditions for Welfare Recipients

     ? family earning, but still under poverty line

     2002 4-year study followed 700 single mothers (CA, CT, FL)

    found ? family incomes but average under $13,000 = under

    poverty level

     not ? living conditions or children’s daily lives

     1/5 of mothers had to cut size of meals b/c as ? work, ? aid ?

    lack cash to buy more food

     1/3 of kids = in child-care & those did show better literacy

     difficulties with childcare b/c many of the jobs irregular hours,

    evenings, weekend

     2002 Bush proposed cut educational credit from 12 months to 3

    and increase work hours to 40 (House passed Feb. 2003)

     C. “Preserving Marriage” (From Gay Inclusion)

     1996 Defense of Marriage Act >75% House, 85% Senate,

    Clinton signed

     ? 38 states by 2004 defined marriage as between man &


     Neoliberal policies, welfare marriage, and gay marriage

     $15 million from direct services to marriage education

     2004 11 state ballots v. gay marriage

     Marriages declining to ca. 50% of households

     1970 40% households = married with kids; 2000 23.5%

     1970 30% households = married without kids; 2000 28%


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