ppep5 unit5 a learn Lesson Plan

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ppep5 unit5 a learn Lesson Plan

    Lesson Plan

    Book 5 Unit 5 P.A. Lets learn

    Teaching objectives

    1. Language objectives:

    1) To enable the Ss to master the following words in listening,

    speaking, reading and writing: curtain, mirror, closet, end table,

    trash bin.

    2) To enable the Ss to understand and speak the sentence: In my

    room I have a…” and also the word: air-conditioner. 2. Ability objectives:

    1) To develop Ss’ abilities of listening and speaking.

    2) To train the Ss’ ability of working in groups.

    3. Emotion objectives:

    1) To foster Ss’ consciousness of good co-operation. 2) To lead Ss to show their loveliness to their family. Teaching main points: the four-skill words

    Teaching difficult point: air-conditioner

    Teaching aids: the multimedia equipments, word cards, small models of furniture

    Teaching procedure:

    1. Warm up

    1)Lets sing: In my bedroom (Book 3 Unit 4)

    2)Watch and do: Go to the living room. Watch TV.

     Go to the kitchen. Have a snack.

    Unit 5 My new room ;

    Go to the study. Read a book.

    Go to the bathroom. Take a shower.

    Go to the bedroom. Have a sleep. (Book 3 Unit 4) 2. Presentation

    Today, I’m going to introduce a new friend to you. Her name is Mary. Lets go and have a look.---play the flash movie Lazy Mary.

    Q: Where is Mary?---She is in her bedroom.

    1) closet

    What can you see in the bedroom? I can see a box on the bed. Guess: What’s in the box? ……clothes

    I should put away the clothes, I need a closet. Drill the word.

    Who can help me to put away the clothes. (say and do) Closet, closet, I have a closet.

    2) trash bin

    Youve done a good job. Lets take a rest and have some chocolate. (Ask a S to eat the chocolate and leave the trash)

    Can I put it on the desk/ bed/ floor? No.

    Drill the word: Trash bin, trash bin, empty the trash bin. 3) air-conditioner

    It’s hot now. Lets turn on the air-conditioner. OK?

    Drill the word: Air-conditioner, air-conditioner, turn on the air-conditioner.

    4) curtain

    Unit 5 My new room

    It’s cool now. Im sleepy now. I want to go bed. So I should let down the curtain.

    Drill the word: Show four curtains and ask Ss to choose the one they like. Using the sentence: I like the red/ green curtain.

    5) Mirror

    After sleep, I should wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair, so I need a mirror.

    Drill the word: A: Hi, Im magic mirror.

    B: Mirror, mirror, am I pretty/ young/ strong?

    A: Yes./No.

    6) end table

    Where is the mirror, its on the end table.

    Drill the word: End table, end table, a mirror on the end table.

3. Practice

    1) Read the words on the Bb.

    2) Guessing game: Youve done a good job, I have some gifts for you.

    Try to find what’s in each gift and make chant to each gift.

    T---trash bin--- Trash bin, trash bin , I have a trash bin.

    C---closet---Closet, closet, I have a closet.

    M---mirror---Mirror, mirror, I have a mirror.

    C---curtain---Curtain, curtain, I have curtains.

    A---air-conditioner---Air-conditioner, air-conditioner, I have an


    Unit 5 My new room

    E---end table---End table, end table, I have an end table.

     3)Lets chant: Trash bin, trash bin, I have a trash bin. Closet, closet, I have a closet.

    Mirror, mirror, I have a mirror.

    Curtain, curtain, I have a curtain.

    Air-conditioner, air-conditioner, I have an air-conditioner. End table, end table, I have an end table.

4. Extension

    1) Group work: Design your new room.

    2) Make a report:

    This is my bedroom. I have a . I have a . I have

    a .I love my room.

    Unit 5 My new room

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