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Exercise Control Plan - EXERCISE DEVELOPMENT PLAN ...

    Exercise Control Plan

Purpose and Scope

This plan provides exercise controllers and simulators with guidance concerning procedures

    and responsibilities for exercise control, simulation, and support. It explains the exercise

    concept as it relates to controllers and simulators, establishes the basis for control and

    simulation of the exercise, and establishes and defines the communications, logistics, and

    administrative structure needed to support control and simulation during the exercise.

Play Concept

This section provides an overview of the exercise and related exercise activities, a general

    description of the scenario, an overview of primary players and their exercise locations,

    guidelines for emergency call-off of the exercise, and exercise assumptions, artificialities, and simulations.


[Describe type of exercise, scope of exercise, actual dates of exercise, primary exercise

    locations; hours of operations; participating organizations; and description of briefing/narrative

    summary that will start the exercise.]

    Exercise play will officially begin on [insert time, day of week, date] and end at approximately [insert time, day of week, date] as determined by the exercise director. The exercise will be

    played [insert number of hours] per day at all primary exercise locations; however, some

    locations [insert if some are out of sequence or limited extents of play]. Provide player hours of operation as determined by each participating organization. On [insert date] the exercise will be initiated by a (describe whether briefing, incident, or video and provide a general description of

    the information. Example: The briefing will begin with a description of the situation as it

    currently exists. The briefing will describe background actions that have been taken by emergency response organizations as well as a review of the weather situation.). This background briefing will be based on the information in the Scenario Narrative. There will be a

    post-exercise meeting at each player location on [insert date]. (May use calendar to illustrate scheduled activities.)

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Overview (Continued)

    Figure 1. Exercise Activity Calendar

    [Month] 2002

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


    [Time] [Time] [Time] [Time] Player Controller Debriefing Exercise

    Orientation Meetings Meetings Critique

Exercise Scenario

[Provide an overview of the scenario, including dates of exercise, type of incident, and

    actions/incidents designed to activate portions of the plans and emergency response

    organizations to test agreed upon objectives. Provide a visual of the incident scenario (e.g.,

    storm track, radioactive plume, dispersion of agent, hazmat spill, building layout when violent

    incident occurs, etc.).]

    Figure 2. Incident Scenario

Exercise Players and Locations

[Describe participation of Federal, State, and local government, private organizations, and

    volunteer agencies. Describe principal locations for exercise activity.]

    Figure 3. Primary Exercise Locations

    [Show primary exercise locations on map.]

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Pre-Exercise Player Activity

[Describe any play concerning participating organizations that will occur prior to the actual start

    of the exercise. Describe any pre-positioning of players and equipment.]

Guidelines For Emergency Call-Off

    [Insert title of person(s) with authority for emergency call-off] in conjunction with [insert titles, such as lead evaluator or exercise manager] may unilaterally suspend play or end the exercise

    at any time when it appears that a real-world emergency may hamper exercise play or jeopardize the safety of exercise participants. Participating organizations also have the option

    of withdrawing any of their players from the exercise at any time to address matters or concerns

    directly related to their emergency response missions.

When any event occurs that requires (1) the withdrawal by a participating organization from the

    exercise or (2) the application of major resources by a participating agency to a real-world event, the [insert title, such as lead controller] will review the impact of such actions on the

    exercise. If determined appropriate, the [insert title such as lead controller] will recommend to the [insert appropriate title such as exercise manager] that the exercise be temporarily

    suspended or ended. If appropriate, the [insert title] will announce the decision to suspend or

    terminate exercise play and an “EMERGENCY EXERCISE SUSPENSION/TERMINATION”

    message will be transmitted to all participating organizations.

Safety and Security

[The following section describes information and areas to be considered when developing safety

    and security procedures for your own exercise. These procedures will vary with the type and

    complexity of the exercise.]

The incident site should be controlled by designated safety personnel in accordance with the

    exercise safety plan or annex. The number of safety personnel will vary with the scope and

    complexity of the exercise and the physical layout of the site. If certain activities at the site are

    considered dangerous, site safety personnel should have the authority to alter, suspend, or

    terminate those activities. An emergency medical team should also be available for injuries that

    may occur during the exercise. Observers should be escorted by safety or other staff members and be restricted to designated areas.

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Assumptions, Artificialities, and Simulations

[The following assumptions are fairly generic; you may modify and/or add specifics for your own


The assumptions, artificialities, and simulations applicable during the exercise are provided in

    the following paragraphs.

Exercise Assumptions

The following assumptions must be made in order to ensure that the exercise is as realistic as

    possible. It is intended that exercise events progress in a logical and realistic manner and that all exercise objectives be achieved during exercise play.

? Exercise participants are well versed in their own department and agency response plans

    and procedures.

? The term “participants” includes planners, controllers, simulators, evaluators, and players.

    ? Players and controllers will use real-world data and information support sources.

? Players will respond in accordance with existing plans, policies, and procedures. In the

    absence of appropriate written instructions, players will be expected to apply individual

    initiative to satisfy response and recovery requirements.

? Implementation of disaster response plans, policies, and procedures during the exercise will

    depict actions that would be expected to occur under actual response conditions and,

    therefore, will provide a sound basis for evaluation.

? Actions to direct unit, personnel, or resource deployments will result in simulated movement

    during the exercise unless live deployment in real time is stipulated to achieve an exercise


    ? Real-world response actions will take priority over exercise actions.