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Eco-Schools Action Plan Template ...

    Eco-Schools Action Plan - General

    Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Responsibility Actual result

    Deadline achieved / Date

    Week of assemblies focusing on Eco-All Staff and pupils made aware of Jan Feb 2009 K Mc Auley Pupil and Staff

    Schools Action Plan Action Plan. awareness

    Development of a Power point for

    assemblies delivered by pupils on


    Action Plan emailed to all pupils and


    Draft Action Plan discussed at staff

    meeting. Amended accordingly. Ancillary Staff meeting to discuss

    Action Plan

    Success Criteria for a St Mary’s Eco An ‘Eco Code’ for all students and Feb 2009 K Mc Auley Eco Code

    Code poster competition as part of staff.

    Year 9 Think Global Thematic Unit. Poster

    competition thWinner to go with Lower 6 to Exploris Aquarium

    Eco Code to be displayed in all


    Eco-Schools Action Plan Energy

    Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Responsibility Actual result

    Deadline achieved / Date

    Notices placed in all rooms as 2007/8 - Electricity = 576,876 units Completed by end Mrs C Bradley Energy Efficiency

    reminders to switch off lights at break, of January

    Target = 530,000 units for 2008/9 Mr K Mc Auley lunch and home time.

    2007/8 Oil = 77,512 units Lights should also be switched off

    after cleaners are finished each Target = 72,500 units for 2008/9 evening.

    th Notices placed on PCs to ‘Switch me Completed by 9 Mrs C Bradley

    off’ when not in use. Feb.

    Mr K Mc Auley

    Data from computerised heating On going Mr E Conway

    system to be used to control

    (Bursar) temperatures in different areas of the


    Teachers encouraged to switch of On going Mrs C Bradley

    radiators if rooms become to warm.

    Mr K Mc Auley

    Costing for placing thermostats on April Mr E Conway


    Compare units of electricity and oil End of each term. Mr E Conway

    saved from last year.

    Calculation of reduced Carbon


    Information to be made available to

    pupils and teachers on Eco-School

    notice board.

    Year 9 Thematic Unit ‘Think Global’ Projects marked using success criteria Term 2 Mrs A Mc Guckin Energy Efficiency

    Project in Year 9 This will include a School energy

    Science efficiency task

Eco-Schools Action Plan - Recycling

    Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Responsibility Actual result

    Deadline achieved / Date

    Expand the blue bin scheme Reduce number of black bin waste. January on-going Mr K Mc Auley Recycling paper,

    by recycling paper, cardboard, cardboard, Record number of recycling bins collected Mrs C Bradlley plastic bottles, and aluminium plastic bottles cans.

    and aluminium


    Teachers and pupils to be December - pupils Mr K Mc Auley

    made aware of procedures for

    January - Teachers Mrs C Bradlley collection.

    Year 8 and 9 pupils to assist in Weekly rota to be drawn up to inform each Mr K Mc Auley

    collecting blue bins every class when they are to bring Blue bins to the

    Mrs C Bradlley week during registration. collection site.

     Instruction sheet for each class on how to

    complete this task.

    Notices to be placed on all Notices obtained from DOE December - Eco Schools

    bins to identify what can be put January Committee

    into the blue bins.

    Blue recycling bins to be Bins obtained from DOE January Mr K Mc Auley

    placed outside for recycling of

    bottles and cans.

All Photocopying to be 9000 reams of paper used last year Reduce Paper

    Back/Back used for = 8.3 reams per pupil

    photocopying Where possible booklets

    Target 8500 reams pages should be reduced from

    A4 t0 A5.

    Teachers should make sure

    that all spaces on pages are

    being used to the maximum.

    Where possible Tests reduced

    to A5

    Pupils to be made more aware Focus week in Term 1 On- going HOYs Reduce Litter of the need to put litter in bins.

    Year 9 Litter collection in term 3

    Recycling/ink cartridges etc Set up an ink cartridge collection point and May/June Eco Schools Recycling

    encourage staff to send them away for Committee


    Mobile phones/ Spectacles Set up mobile phone/spectacle collection May/June Eco Schools Recycling

    point and encourage students to put old Committee

    phones/glasses there.

    Year 9 Careers project Projects completed and rated using an Term 2 Mrs M Walls Recycling Production of products using external judge.

    recyclable materials

    Eco-Schools Action Plan Biodiversity

    Topic Action Target / Measure Timescale / Responsibility Actual result

    Deadline achieved / Date

    Building tree sparrow/ bird nest Couple of groups of 5 boxes along riverside within January - March Eco Schools Committee Nest boxes for boxes- junior school /primary school grounds (tree sparrows-march) Tree Sparrows (during breeding schools technology project.

    20 scattered singles over school grounds (range of season) Working group of volunteers from species-spring time)

     Year 8, 9 and 10.

    Other boxes supplied to local farms/partnered

    Sept Dec 09 primary schools

    Winter supplementary feeding Establish seed preference for tree sparrows Done Eco Schools Committee Bird feeding

    station for tree sparrows and other station Source and price material/seed species.

    Select location December 08

    Operate feeding station (during winter) January 09- on -going

    Monitor feeding station

    Construction of compost box for To be used with KS 3 and 4 Biology Ecology topic. December On -going Mr K Mc Auley Compost Heap area at the side of Cashin

    Observation of organisms using Tulgren Funnel. Box constructed by school Building. Leaves and grass

    caretaker cutting to be placed in box Worksheets on development of a compost heap.

    Grounds men to use this

    for hedge cuttings and


Purchase of logs to create a log To be used with KS 3 and 4 Biology Ecology topic. Febuary 09 Mr K Mc Auley Log pile pile at the side of the Cashin

    Worksheets on the identification of organisms. On-going Building.

    Source of woodlice for use in KS 4 investigations Purpose to increase habitat


    thGaps in the perimeter hedge to be Lower 6 AS Biology classes to assist in this Sept/ Oct 09 Mr K. Mc Auley Planting replanted with mixed species planting. Hedge row biodiversity included in Hedgerows and hedging. revised SOW.

    Trees Increase the number of trees

    planted in the school grounds by


    Application to National Heritage Funding for the development of a pond and access March 2009 Mr K Mc Auley Funding Fund to the Coppies River next the Pound Road

    March 09 Create a new pond /marsh habitat Select location (based on hydrology/drainage) Mr K Mc Auley Pond Development Investigate soil conditions (i.e. do we need liner?) Get underground services map (cables/pipes) Decide size and design (i.e. large shallow pond) with inlets Environmental specialist? Design and Cost up project and seek grant aid Build pond Sept Dec 09

    Steps from School Perimeter Students in Year 10 would analyse water for Sept Dec 09 Mr K Mc Auley Access to fence to River Possible funding invertebrate life as an indicator of the health of this Coppies River investigated river. Yearly report to Lough Neagh Wetlands

    Biodiversity Officer.

    thDate Action Plan was developed: 5 November……………………………..

    Action Plan developed by:…Eco School Committee……………………………………………………………………………….

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