465Revision For Units 17--18

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465Revision For Units 17--18

    Revision For Units17---18

    Name( Number Class

    一,单词过关, 8 指引 17. 侄女 Unit17 9 有天赋的 18. 仪式;典礼 1 无能 10.援助 19. 胜利 2 能力 11. 同情 20. 尊严 3 人行道 12. 鼓励 21. 参与 4 腰部 13. 视觉的 22. 引导;控制 5 四处走动 14. 调整;适应 23. 可以使用的;能进入的 6 商品交易会 15. 适应于;习惯于 7 潜力 16.糖果

     15. 知道;意识到 Unit18 16. 实验;审判 1. 背心 17. 反复实验

    2. 脚后跟 18. 骑手

    3. 专利(,) 19. 满是灰尘的 4. 官员;军官 20.飞行员

    5. 汽油 21.储存

    6. 背景 22. 胶水

    7. 顾及;做准备 23. 毕竟

    8. 排斥;抛弃 24. 打字机

    9. 遇到困难; 25. 保持联系

    10. 摆脱;脱离

    11. 可能性


    13. 联系

    14. 以前的



    ,短语过关:unit17 1. 在整个历史中throughout histry 1. win a award for 2. 创造力和想象力creativity and 2.发展他们的潜力 develop their potential imagination

    3. 对社会做贡献 make a contribution to 3. 想到或提出(答案,办法) come up with society 有不同的背景have different backgrounds 4.

    4.开办一所特殊的教育学院 launch a special 5. 创造性思维 creative thinking education college 6.做得好 do well in

    5.适应adjust to 7. 习惯问题 a matter of habit 6. 表示同情 have sympathy for 8. 框外思维 think outside the box 7. 有很大潜力 have great potential 9.解决问题 solve a problem 8. 有天赋 be gifted in 10.(在计算,估计时)考虑到allow for 9. 弱视的 be visually impaired 11.被卡住 get stuck

    10. 尽管他的残疾 despite his disability 12. 一种自觉能力 a conscious effort 11.在轮椅上 in a wheelchair 13.观念上 in conception 12. 残疾人 disabled people 14.一系列尝试 a series of attempts 13.每隔一年 every two years 15.有联系 be connected to 14. 克服恐惧和艰苦overcome fear and 16.以前所学的知识previous knowledge hardships 17.意识到 be aware of

    15.受到激发和鼓励 be inspired and 18. 作联系 make connections motivated 19.据说 we are said

    16.参加 take part in/ compete in / participate 20.相似 be similar to in/ enter for 21. 毕竟 after all

    17.听觉the sense of hearing 22. 既然 now that

    18. 可进入的be accessible to 23.如此快速地 at such a high space

     24.保持联系 keep track of

     25. 摆脱 break away from


    能力检测题 Name________ Number_________ Marks__________


    21. Thats the best way we should think of ______ the dying soldier.

    A. helping B. saving C. operating D. to save 22. As _______ announced in todays paper, he is to visit China on Sunday.

    A. being B. is C. to be D. been

    23. _____ spring is here, we can expect milder weather.

    A. Because B. Now C. For D. Even if 24. Alec asked the policeman _____ he worked to contact him whenever there was an accident.

     A. with him B. who C. with whom D. whom 25. The interview with the President was ______ in English.

    A. adjusted B. conducted C. participated D. assisted 26. You cant expect me to ______ anything else at this very moment.

    A. think over B. think of C. think out D. make fun 27. I felt ___________ as I weakly told him the real reason.

     A. shame B. shamefully C. ashamed D. shameful 28. It is the man ______ looked for ______ caught the murderer.

    A. that; who B. that; they C. they; that D. they; which 29. --- May I speak to your manager Mr. Williams at five oclock tonight?

     --- Im sorry. Mr. Williams _____ to a conference long before then.

    A. will have gone B. had gone C. would have gone D. has gone 30. Only in that way _____ find out how this kind of animal lived and then finished the research

    on time.

     A. could they B. they could C. were they able to D. they were able to 31. Mr. Green is said _______ an experiment to prove their new method of solving the problem

    when young.

     A. to do B. to have done C. to be doing D. to have been doing 32. --- She shouldnt have done that sort of thing.

     --- Whatever she did was reasonable, _____ to what you had done. Besides, its none of your

    business. Get down to _____ your lesson.

     A. comparing; doing B. comparing; do C. compared; doing D. compared; do 33. It is the very place ______ the anti-Japanese soldiers fought over sixty years ago.

    A. that B. which C. where D. there

    34. Naturally, after I told her what to do, my daughter ____ go and do the opposite!

    A. may B. can C. must D. should

    35. --- I find reading comprehension the hardest in learning a foreign language.

    --- Well, ______, youd better practise reading short passages every day.

    A. so that B. for that C. now that D. with that II. Cloze test(30):

    I always felt sorry for people in wheelchair. Some people, old and weak, cannot get 31___

    by themselves. Others seem perfectly healthy, dressed in business suits, and 32___themselves

    about with strong determination. But whenever I saw someone in a wheelchair, I only saw a disability, not a person.

     Then I fainted (晕倒) at Euro-Disney 33___low blood pressure. This was the first time I


had ever fainted, and my parents said that I must rest 34___after First Aid. I agreed to take it

    ___35___but, as I stepped toward the door, I saw my dad 36___ a wheelchair in my direction!

    Feeling the color burn my cheeks, I asked him to wheel that thing right back to where he __37__it.

     I could not believe this was 38___to me. Wheelchairs were 39___for other people but not

    for me. As my father wheeled me out into the main street, people immediately began to treat me 40___.

     Little kids ran in front of me, forcing my father to 41___the wheelchair suddenly.

    Bitterness set in as I was 42___back and forth. “ 43___kids. Why 44___they watch where

    they‟re going?” I thought.

    People passing by stared down at me, 45___in their eyes. Then they would look 46___,

    maybe because they thought the 47___they forgot me, the better.

     “I am just like you!” I wanted to scream. “The only 48___is you‟ve got legs, and I have