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crisis management

    English for Business and Finance (EN1033A/1043A) Year 2 Semester 2

    ELC, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

    1. Write a summary about the new product

    To satisfy Americans demands of super-sized coffee, Starbucks plans to offer its latest product- "Trenta" cup size which is 917ml beverage. While people are concerning about their health, Starbucks says that the caffeinated and decaffeinated ice series beverage will be sold in new

    cup size, and only 230 calories are contained in it. The caffeine content cannot led to Trenta drinkers addictives.

    2. List 3 points why the product might succeed and three points why it might fail.

     succeed fail

    ; Lager cup size ;

    ; Lower ;

    ; ;

    3. What is your evaluation of the product: success or failure?

    4. Using the notes above, give your overall evaluation of the new product to another student.

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