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Energy Saving Tips

Top Tips

BOMA International - the Building Owners and Managers Association has compiled a list of the

    ten best no or low-cost strategies to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

    BOMA says putting these into practice could cut consumption by as much as 30%.

The recommended actions are:

; Check that equipment is functioning as designed

    Double-check energy management systems to make sure that operations are optimised. ; Consider your cleaning options

    These include team cleaning where staff work floor by floor and the lighting is turned

    on/off as they progress; and daytime cleaning, which may not require the lights to be on

    at all. Coordination of cleaners with security walk-throughs is also more efficient and can

    be used as an opportunity to turn off equipment that was inadvertently left on by

    occupants. Install motion sensors to turn lights on when cleaning staff are present - and

    off when they are not.

    ; Encourage occupants to turn off equipment

    During 'closed' hours, power down everything such as copiers, kitchen equipment and

    task lights. Use cleaning/security personnel to turn off items such as coffee pots, kitchen

    equipment and office lights.

    ; Use high efficiency LED exit signs

    LED exit signs operate 24/7 and have lower maintenance costs due to their extended life. ; Institute an energy awareness programme

    Tell everyone about your commitment to energy savings. Keep occupants informed about

    energy savings goals and how they can both help and benefit.

    ; Install computer power management software

    Billions are wasted on electricity for computer monitors that are left on when they

    shouldn’t be. Power management software can help put a stop to that.

    ; Change incandescent lamps to more efficient alternatives

    New light sources use less energy, have a longer life and produce less heat. Check the

    lighting in toilets, cupboards, server rooms and common areas.

    ; Harvest daylight

    Maximise the benefit by locating workstations that require high illumination adjacent to


    ; Evaluate after-hours usage

    Talk to the occupants to learn if they are actually using their space outside normal

    operating hours. Adjust building operating hours to reflect actual occupant use. ; Adjust ventilation

    Reduce exhaust and outdoor air ventilation rates within required limits. Take a look at the

    fans and adjust ventilation in unoccupied and low density areas to reduce the ventilation

    to a practical, yet comfortable level.

Source: BOMA

Essential Knowledge

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