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    Good morning everyone;

     It’s really a great honor to have an opportunity for this interview. How I wish I

    could make a good performance today. Now please let me introduce myself to all of you briefly.

    My name is Hu Zhenzhen, and my English name is Janey. I’m twenty-one years

    old and I come from Chong Qing province. I am an open-minded girl with abundant skills in using computer. I have broad interests. Such as reading, writing and travelling. I will graduate from Heng Yang Normal University in June this year. My dream is to be an English teacher, especially in such excellent middle school.

    In the university I put all my attention on learning professional knowledge as well as increasing my personal capacity. Having worked in Students Union for one

    year, I was promoted to be the director of students’ office for my hard work and

    positive attitude.

    Working in Students Union is just a part of my school life. I always spend time in participating social activities. I have been working as a tutor, promoter, tour-guide, waitress and concierge. I always believe that working hard can bring us more opportunities. Because of my outstanding performance I have got a chance to receive Zhou Qiang the governor of Hu Nan province in the fifth XTH and was praised by Mayor Zhang.

     To be the best one is a little bit hard. But Trying All My Best can always cheer me up. Someday when I turn back for what I have left, time will record the victory in my heart. So Try All My Best --- this is the motto of mine.

     Thank you for listening that’s all of my self-introduce.

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