IHRM and Culture

By Don Cruz,2014-11-07 20:39
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IHRM and Culture

    IHRM and Culture

     ——Learning and innovation

    As the pace of economic globalization is dramatically increasing today,cultural barriers become more and more obvious when businessmen are conducting the business among various countries.The development of multinational enterprises has put IHRM at different cultures. Some enterprises may mingle cultural differences in various countries comfortably and, as of yet, there are no reliable or permanent ways to deal with cultural problems. Most important issue

    Searching for appropriate measures to work successfully with different cultures is urgently needed.So,how to learn from cultural differences and to use them to build global competitive advantage?In our opnions, we mainly hold the following three points:region, history, learning and innovation. We all considerate learning and innovation to be the most crucial one that attributes to the substantial differences among nations.

    Learning and innovation is leading a national revival, a steppingstone to prosperity. The international human resource management based on learning and innovation will be gradually rationalized and standardized for ages. Reasoning

    1.Judging by theory

    Cultural diversity,a fact we cant escape from,permeate all aspects in our

    life.We need to straighten out the reason that why we can’t leap over the gap

    all the times rather than expend too much time in describing the root of cultural diversity.Culture is a complex combination,including languge ,knowledge,art and so on.

    Hegel said,culture has always been associated with human activity.On the basis of human activity, practical culture and cultural theroy appear.But

undertaking the important task of reproducing labor is “study”.Of course,study

    contains innovation,which can reduce the gap of each state’s labor form and

    throw away the contradiction in different department. The cultural identity having dual property determines learning to be a special position when study narrow down the gap of cultural diversity.Therefore, different state’s posture

    would be the full evidence that cultural diversity exists all the times.

    2.The diversity of learning and creative mind

    To be first, people living in different areas all over the world, they divided in values,belief,the way of living.Above all,the process of history,revolution and evolution has an effect on culture in some extent. Nevertheless, creative minds and the way we learning,thinking enlarge the distinction of culture.Assuming that all nations in our world carry out their education in the same way,the existed culture difference will condense when ereryone in the world accept a same model of learning.On the contray,the diversity of learning and creative mind extends the culture distinction.

    Effect on IHR managers

     The learning and innovation have a great effect on human resource management.Everything vary frequently no matter the external environment or the internal. Pay no attention to learning and innovation spirit, a enterprise can’t exist for a long time and the managers is also not competent for the post. Therefore, how to understand the learing and the innovation spirit successfully, comes to the first which the managers should do the next five years.

    We can’t just copy the model which the modern IHR managers obey to,but

    reference is avaiable.Modern management changes with the devolopment of economy,then man may change their minds and ideology so that managers must impove previous polices or develop new steps correspondly to decrease or handle the cultural conflicts.Only in the complicated cultual atmosphere to develop the good one and discard the bad one, IHRM will handle multiple affairs flexibly and set up its own position in the firm.


    It is a crucial factor that learning and innovation decides whether an enterprise is provided with sustainable competitive superiority or not.Namely, the sustainable competitive advantage will promote our managers to ponder and reform continuously.No protecting the unused thing is a modern

    managers motto. Managers need to be brave in exploring differernt cultures, changing their cultural prejudice,eradicating obsolete ideas and understanding the cultural distinctions among various countries or regions so that they can defeat themselves.Only having the learning and innovation, the superintendent can confront with the unceasingly new question, keep calm in handling matters, and solve the problem by making use of the team wisdom.


     Over the next five years, the world will be even more closely. Standing in the intricate cultual atmosphere,an IHRM manager should grasp the ability of sustainable learning and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of his/her own enterprise.Jiang ZeMin has said that innovation is the soul of nations

    progress,the prosperity of a country inexhaustible power.In order to adapt to the development of enterprises, managers should appreciate and embrace cultural diversity. Managers should learn and understand others’ management theory and combine with specific characteristics of respective enterprises. Theory must get togerther with practice rather than break away from the fact. At the same time, managers should try to master the diversity of culture and increase the sensitivity to cultural distinction.Managers should learn the ability of cultural competency.


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