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    (1)The student who took best in the Historic China was________. 九年级上学期英语学案 (2)Zhao Min‟s photo is of the largest public square in the world._________

    (3)Tian‟anmen Square is_______metres from south to north and _______metres at the northern end. 主编(商国芳 审核(刘胜良 再编(商国芳 时间(2010-11-24 Her photo shows the _________ and ___________of the square _____________.

    (4)________was the winner who took the best photo in the Music category. Modole8 Unit2 Read on to find out who the winners are (5)He Zhong‟s photo shows Becky Wang and the band playing at a concert in 班级(________ 小组(__________姓名(________ 自评:________ 组长评:______ 师评:______- Shanghai.____________.

    . 学习目标 (6)He Zhong‟s photo shows the movement and the sounds of the great new band.___________

    1.To get the general idea of the reading passage; P5 and P6

    2.To use the key words of this unit to answer the questions; (1)A collection of photos by three pupils are called___________________________. 3.To write about the students favorite photograph. (2)The collection of photos includes photos of the same parts of Beijing._____ 二,学习重点 (3)It doesn‟t show the rich culture which makes Beijing so famous successsfully.__

    1) Key vocabulary: (4)John William has agreed to present the prizes at the end of next month.______

     pleased historic even though square category manage movement feature (5)_______________ to our winners and _________ to everyone who _____________ the

    ceremony comment competition.

    2) Key structures: III. Intensive-reading

     Read on to find out who the winners are. Winner Prize Subject Comment

     It successfully shows the rich culture which makes Beijing city

    2. Difficult points: Li Wei Most Beautiful The tallest knows the park well

     How to use the attributive clauses which were composed the words which and who. Nature mountain in Xiangshan

    三,学法指导 Park

    Top-down approach

    四,教学过程 Today well look at the results of students photo competition.

    I. Fast-reading

    Read the text quickly and answer the following questions

    1.How many prizes are there in the photo competition?

    2.What are the names of them for the photo competition and the names of the winners ?


    P1 and P2(T or F) 1.They received less photos than those last year._________

    2.All of the photos are excellent._________

    3.The person who won the prize for the Most Beautiful Nature photography is fifty-year-old Li Wei._______.

     3.Li Wei took photos of the mountains in Xishan Park._________

    IV.检测反馈 4.The park is near Li Wei‟s home.__

    Find out the following phrases?英汉互译, 5.Li Wei knows it a lot. __________

    1...对。。。满意 VI2. 与。。。相比 P3 and P4

3.many more photos(数词+more+名词复数) 4.即使 ------- They are having fun ___________.

    5.给所有人发奖 6 继续读 sing B.of sing C.dancing dancing

    7.给。。。。。。照相 8.know …well/much/little 8.------How did he ________ finish the work ?

    9离。。。。。。。远 10 .like best ----favorite I like rice best==Rice is my favorite --------God knows.

    11.在北端 12.manage to do sth. 9.____ him , the little girl knew the correct expression. 13.have fun 14.从事 、致力于 A.Thanks for B.Thanks to C.Because D. .Because to culture 16.congratulations to sb. 10.There is a _________ tree in front of Dong Yangs house .

    17.Thanks to… 18.agree to do sth./ agree to sth. agree with sb. A.25 meters high B.25meters --high

    19. 在颁奖典礼上颁奖 C.25---meter---high D.25----meters high the end of 在。。。末尾 in the end == at last==finally最后!终于 11. Dont worry! I who______your best friend will do as far as I can to help you.

     V、资料链接 课外探究 A. is C.were D.was

    一,翻译句子 12.The famous singer has agreed ________ the prizes at the prize giving ceremony. 1老师对我的表现很满意。 present B.present presenting D.presenting The teacher ____________________my performance. 13._____ works entered the writing competition this year than last year. 2他是我的朋友!我非常了解他。 A.Many more B.Too many C.Much more D.Too much

    He‟s my friend, so I _____ him ______. VI.Write about your favourite photograph. Include the following: 3与去年相比!你的成绩有进步。 What it shows.

    _____________ last year, your grades are better. Where it was taken.

    二,选择填空 The main colours of the photograph.

    1.Who won ____ prize for the “Most Beautiful Nature” photography? Details about the people and things.

    ____ 18-year-old student. Why you like it.

     A. the; A B. a; / C. the; An D. a; A ________________________________________________________________________________2.Are you pleased ____ the food here?

     Yes, I have got used ____ the life here. __________________________________________________________________________________A. by; for B. with; to C. at; with D. to; in __________________________________________________________________________________3.Who does the house ____ was decorated last year belong to?

     Mr. Brown. __________________________________________________________________________________A. who B. that C. this D. it

    __________________________________________________________________________________4. His father doesn‟t want to stop working _____ he is in poor health.

     A. because B. if C. even though D. as soon as ________________________________________________________________________________ 5.Is Jenny the girl ____ won the photo competition? VII. 课堂学习反思

     Yes, you are right.

    ________________________________________________________________________________A. she B. whom C. which D. who

    6.I won the first prize in the school computer competition. _______________________________________________________________________________________

    __________________________________________________________________________________ A. Really? Congratulations! B. That‟s all right.

    C. Sorry to hear that. D. Good luck to you! ________________________________________________________________________________ 7.-----What are they doing ?

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