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Then show more pictures with pandas and other things and ask Ss to make theirExplain my age to Ss in Chinese, and give more examples, then ask Ss to


    Week beginning/ending: Sep.7

    Teacher’s Name: Yanna Cao

    Subject: Chinese

Lesson Objectives

    Students will be able to

    1. Identify and use the Chinese characters 1-10 correctly.

    2. Speak and identify the character gou(dog), xiong mao(panda) and

    correctly use the Chinese sentence structure ta shi …, ta you ….

    3. Use the chopsticks properly.

    4. Explain the MTV Beijing Welcomes You.

Activity Note

    Pick up the numbers with the chopstick.

    After the students learned the numbers, they can speak them and recognize

    them with Pinyin which is the pronunciation, but they can not recognize the Chinese numbers without Pinyin. So this activity is designed to help them to remember them.

Divide the Ss into group of four or five. Give Ss the flash cards with Chinese

    numbers on it. Then give each student a paper plate and a pair of chopsticks.

    Every time I should throw the … to have a number and I speak a certain Chinese number. Then Ss should pick up all of the flash cards of that number quickly with the chopsticks. We will do all the numbers. Then I’ll see who get the cards most. And I will give a Chinese candy for them.

    After that, when I speak a certain Chinese number, the students should pick up the cards with that number and put them on the table.

Sentence Structure

    Ss have learned the sentence structure “ Wo you baba; Wo you mama; Ta you gege…”, which means I have a father; I have a mother; She has a brother. So, I connect what they have learned with the Chinese numbers and a few new words to help them develop the words to sentences.

    Show the picture: Li Xiaolong ( Bruce Li) you liang zhi gou, which means Bruce Li has 2 dogs. Culture---Bruce Li is practicing Chinese traditional Kongfu.

Then show more pictures with pandas and other things and ask Ss to make

    their sentence.


    Week beginning/ending: Sep.8

    Teacher’s Name: Yanna Cao

    Subject: Chinese

Lesson Objectives

    Students will be able to

    1. Identify and speak the Chinese characters from 11 through 100.

    2. Explain Chinese number format from 11 to 100 with examples and



    thth2&7 period

    nd2 Period Review Chinese numbers by a game named guessing the PASS Objective: number.

    Academic Vocab Explain Chinese numbers format from shi yi 11 to shi jiu 19

    APK (20%) with examples and activities.

    TIP (20%) Explain Chinese numbers format from er shi 20 to yi bai 100

    SAP(45%) with examples and activities.

    SIS (15%)


Activity Note

    Guessing the number

    Throw the toy ball randomly to the Ss. Whoever catches the panda will stand in the front of the classroom. He or she turns back to the students and guess what word the teacher show a Chinese character to the rest of the students

    and they have to tell if it is correct.

Match the Chinese numbers with the Arabic numbers.











Introduce the Chinese number ling (0) and shi yi---shi


    Ask Ss to make a guess of the number 十一 shi yi (11)after teacher explains the rule, Ss make their study of 十二;12 to 十九;19in pairs. Check each group’s work. Then show the Chinese numbers on the PPT.

Numbers 二十 --- 二十九;21-29then 三十--- 九十九;30-99

    Teacher explains the rule with a few examples. Then Ss figure out the rest of them with their group members. Give each group a big piece of poster board.

    In each group the group members take turns to write the numbers down.

    Teacher plays a 5 minutes traditional Chinese light music to record the time.

    When the time is up, check each group’s work together and see which group gets all of the Chinese numbers. The winners will get the prizes.

    Then it’s time for Ss to write the Chinese numbers on their notebook. So the activity follows the process: “I do it. We do it. You do it.”

Speak out your telephone number.

    Ss write down their telephone numbers in Chinese on a piece of paper.


    Week beginning/ending: Sep.9

    Teacher’s Name: Yanna Cao

    Subject: Chinese

Lesson Objectives

    Students will be able to

    1. Connect the numbers that they have learned with some simple


    2. Identity and speak the character sui (which means year of age). 3. Correctly speak and use the sentence structure wo … sui , which means I

    am … years’ old , to ask and answer their ages.

    4. Chant with their classmates.

Activity Note

    Review the last lesson by a game: Call the Number

    Teach the Ss to call the number, but the beginning number should be different, e.g., the first number is 2, then 4, and then 6… (This activity is designed to

    connect Chinese with Math)

    Learn the word sui (which means year of age) and learn the sentence structure wo … sui , which means I am … years’ old.

    Explain my age to Ss in Chinese, and give more examples, then ask Ss to guess the Chinese character sui (year of age)’s meaning. Then teach them how to write and read it. After Ss learn this word, teach them the sentence structure “ni ji sui le?” (which means how old are you) &“ wo…sui” (which

    means I am …years’ old).

    Ask Ss to do the interview in pairs. After that Ss change their partners and do the interview for all the classmates.

Chant together

    1. 一二三?三二一?一二三四五六七?七六五四三二一。

    Yi er san, san er yi, yi er san si wu liu qi, qi liu wu si san er yi;

(One two three, three two one, one two three four five six seven, seven six five

    four three two one)


    Nihao, wo hao, da jia hao

    Hello you, hello me, hello everyone.

    一二三?三二一?一二三四五六七?七六五四三二一。(Repeat the first sentence)


    Lao shi hao, tong xue hao, lao shi tong xue hao.

    Hello teacher, Hello classmates, Hello Teacher Hello students and hello


    2.一二三?三二一?一二三四五六七?七六五四三二一。(Repeat) 小文?小文?你几岁, point to a student, and ask

    Xiao wen, Xiao wen, ni ji sui?

    Xiaowen, Xiaowen, How old are you?

十五?十五?我十五岁。 (the student tell the age)

    Shiwwu, shi wu, wo shi wu sui.

    Fifteen, fifteen, I’m fifteen years’ old.

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