Every Childs Support Plan

By Kenneth Green,2014-06-17 17:43
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Every Childs Support Plan ...

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Every Child’s

    Support Plan

A simple and easy to follow guide to developing a

    Support Plan with a child, young person and those

    closest to them

     Every Child’s Support Plan 1

    in Control Paradigm


This is a resource which can be used to introduce support planning with

    children and young people. It is an amalgamation of different tools and


Key amongst these sources has been some of the ‘person centred thinking’

    exercises. More of these can be found at

The whole resource has been put together by Gill Goodwin, Kate Fulton and

    Nic Crosby, Paradigm.

Copies will soon be available for download from paradigm’s website and the

    in Control website. ‘Taking Control’ is a programme for children’s services

    wanting to begin introducing Personal Budgets, it is an in Control programme of work.

    Every Child’s Support Plan 2

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This process has two key steps and will be followed with a person centred

    approach to reviewing how the plan is going.

     A Personal Profile

Developing a brief person centred profile using a number of person centred

    thinking tools which will inform the development of a Support Plan. These

    profiles can be used in a number of ways and not simply as a part of a

    support plan.

     A Support Plan

Laying out how a child or young person wishes to use their Individual Budget

    to get the best support they can

‘Every Child’s Support Plan’ is based around delivering person centred

    outcomes for the child and young person within the Every Child Matters

    Framework. This approach to planning is not solely focused on Individual

    Budgets for a disabled child or young person but is transferable across

    Children’s Services. In the same way this approach to Support Planning can

    be used at any age; for instance for a very young child or as the Transition

    Review process.

Ground Rules

    ? Be Respectful at all times

    ? No Jargon

    ? No Fixing (or trying to change the way a person lives their life)

    ? No Obsessing (if you can’t sort things out in 5 minutes list it as an

    action point and move on)

!! People only need to share what they are comfortable sharing


Please contact Kate Fulton or Gill Goodwin at Paradigm for expert advice or


Kate Fulton

    Gill Goodwin

    Every Child’s Support Plan 3

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     My Personal Profile

Developing a one page Personal Profile covering:

    ? Introducing ME

    ? What is important to ME?

    ? Supporting ME

    ? Are you getting the MEssage? (Communication)

     Introducing ME

Working in pairs to create a poster (flip chart) detailing My Dreams, My Gifts,

    My Favourite Place, My Favourite Music, My Favourite People.

Once complete ask each partner to guess what is most important to the


For example:

    Lots of talk about outdoor activities ‘getting plenty of fresh air and exercise’ is really important to this person

Equipment: Flip chart paper, pens, wall space and blu-tac

    Optional: Introduce Principles of Person Centred Planning and Thinking

    (Depending on audience)