STEP 1 Warming up by asking Ss to how they memorize a word Revision

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STEP 1 Warming up by asking Ss to how they memorize a word Revision


     Unit 5 Music Different types of music 授课人 张世建

     Word Section 4 40ms building

    1. To develop SS word learning strategies.

    知识与技能 2. To consolidate the sentence structures and

    part of speech.

    教学目标 过程与方法 Elicitation+ task-based activities

    To develop SS right mental attitude to deal with 情感态度 learning words/ eliminate the fear of memorizing 与价值观 words/ regard words learning interesting. 教学重点 Word formation: 转换 / 派生 / 合成

    教学难点 Ask Ss to give more examples.

    教学方法 Task-based activities / Questions and answers

     By asking Ss to read the given words, ask them to induct the

    rules and put the words into groups. Also ask students to make 教学设计 up their own sentences and express themselves by using the leant



    教学环节 教学内容 教师活动 学生活动 设计意图 作业练习 STEP 1: Warming up by asking Ss to how they memorize a word (Revision) 1. 读音法 / 发音规则 / 谐音法

    2. 构词法: prefix / suffix / compound words

    3. 奇特联想法 fierce / fire 属于奇特联想

    4. 图像法

    5. 意义法

STEP 2 Guided practice

    Ask Ss to finish the following word families. For each group give some explanation

    about their part of speech and meanings.

1. music / musical / musician

     Guitar is a type of _________ instrument.

     We love ______ because it is something in our heart.

     Williams is one of the best _________ in the world. He writes great music for films

    like Harry Potter and The Terminator.

2. perform / performance / performer

     The Greenwood boys will give a lot of _______ at the Workers Club.

     She __________ important role in our group work.

     Sam was a poor _______ at school and left with no qualifications.

3. form / formal / formation

    Word _________ helps us a lot to build up our vocabulary.

    Music is not like other art ________.

    The letter is very _________ and businesslike.

4. humor / humorous / humorist

    Mark Twain is a great writer as well as a _______.

    A man with a sense of _______ is very popular.

    He gave us a ________ narration (description) of his trip.

5. honest / honestly / honest

    _________ is the best policy.

    _________ to God, James, I mean it.

    I cannot believe he got the money _______.

Note: Sum-up the types of the mistakes.

STEP 3 Group work

6. act / action / actor / actress

    Bruce Willis is a celebrated ________, while Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston a

    celebrated _________.

    He ________ as thought nothing had happened.

    ________ speaks louder than words.

7. familiar / familiarize / familiarity

    When I first met James, I had a feeling of ________.

    Teenagers are quite ______ with the singer Jade Zhou.

    When you use Office 2007, you need some time to ________ yourself with it.

8. devote / devoted / devotion

    His ________ to his wife and family is touching.

    If you want to have a _________ friend, please be one.

    If you _______ yourself to what you are doing, you can not fail to make it.

9. invite / inviting / invitation

    The dishes on the table are _________.

    Ive received an _______ to Michaels wedding.

    He is a bit discouraged at not being _______ to the party.

10. sense / sensitive / sensitivity

    The ______ of achievement is the powerful motive in the course of a students


    Be ________ to the word formation and learn the words effectively.

11. pain / painful

    No ________, no gains.

    Its ________ to recall that tragedy.

12. brief / briefly

    Please give a ________ summary of the passage.

    _________, here is the news again.

Step 4 Free Practice (impersonalized)

    1. Ask Ss to make their own sentences by using the words learned above.

STEP 5 Assignment

    1. Ask Ss to finish 世纪金榜的基础词汇练习.

    2. Every one is required to sing an English song this week.


    1. It is no easy job to teach the strategies of words learning. The tip is

    keeping trying.

    2. It is worth noting that we should ask Ss to impersonalize the words so

    that learning will be more effective.

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