Unit 5 What Can The Robot Do(Teaching plan)

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Unit 5 What Can The Robot Do(Teaching plan)

    stUnit 5 What Can The Robot Do? The 1 period

     By Henry ?.Teaching contents

     Unit 5 dialogue 1

?.Teaching aids

     1.Learn and master the words and phrases:

    else,robot,speak English,talk with,walk with, work with

    and tell stories.

    : 2.Master the key patterns

    Can you ?Yes,I can./No,I cant.

    What can you do? I can...

    What else can you do? I can

    3.Understand dialogue 1 and try to perform it .

?.Teaching importand points

    1. Master the key patterns

    2. Understand and distinguish the meanings of the word with.

?. Teaching difficult points

    Understand and distinguish the meanings of the word with.

?.Teaching aims

     PPT,exercise paper

?.Teaching steps

     A.warming up

    1.Introduce myself.

     T: Hi,Im your new English teacher.Im .(show PPT1) Oh,Im sorry.Im his brother------ Henry(show PPT2). Do you know me?


    T: It doesn’t matter. Can you read my name? S:

    T: Im Henry. Nice to meet you!



2.Explain how to pround and win the game.

    T: Youre so clever. Can you play a game with me?


    T:OK.Show me your hands and clap after me. 1,12,123, 1234. That means stop

    and be quiet. And if you get a good job. Ill add 1 point for you. Please look.Today boys and girls will have a match.after class, we can know who wins

    the match. Come on ,children.

    3.Go over the pattern: Can you .? Yes,I can. /No, I cant.

    T:You can clap with your hands.But can you clap with your one hand? S1:

    T:You can run with your feet.Can you run with your one foot? S2:

    T:You can walk with your legs. Can you walk with one leg? S3:

    T:you can write with your right hand,can you write with your left hand? S4:

    T:Good. Can you read sentences on the Bb?(point to the Bb,let them read out)


B.Learn the key patterns

    1.Lead in

    T:Great! Can you sing with me?(a song in PPT3)

    T:the tiger can dance.What can you do?


    T:The rabbit can run.What can you do?


    T: the cat can swim.What can you do?


    T:ask S3: What else can you do?


    T:now the match starts. I know you can do many things,please tell me,but cant

    be same. If you can, I ll add 1 point for you.

    T to a boy:What can you do? What else can you do? And then ask a girl,let the match continue.形式可以变为男生采访女生?女生



    2. write down the sentences on the Bb,and let them to interview their partner.

    (PPT4 show out the steps: A: Hi.**.What can you do? B: I can ..

    A: What else can you do? B:I can..

    A: Thank you.)


    T asks two or three pairs to perform it. 4.distinguish the meanings of the word with.

    T: You can do many things.And the word with has different meanings in different

    sentences.just now we knew the meaning use sth to do sth.but please look! Show it the same meaning of it? -------here with that means *and * together(write down)

    -------Show out two PPT67 to practice.

C.Learn Dialogue 1

    1.Lead in

    T:I can work with my friend,too. Now,lets meet my friend.He can sing and dance.He can work and walk,too. He looks like a man, but hes not a man. Who is he? Can you guess?


    T: Yes,Robot.(show PPT8)------read

    ------------say and write down the title-----Unit 5 What Can The Robot


    --------T:Do you know his name?


    T: Hes Rob. Rob,Rob,Rob.


    T:If you can read it loudly,he can say hello to you.Lets try!


    T:(Act like a robot)Hello. Im Rob,nice to meet you!

    2.Learn the dialogue

    T: Im very clever. I can do many things.Do you believe? S: (引导学生借用本节所学的句子进行提问。)

    T:answer and write down the phrase :

    Speak English,talk with you in English, walk with legs, work with hands,tell


stories in English,sing and dance the phrases

    -----重点区分work and walk两个单词.采用大小声TPR去练习。

    4.Read after the tape and read in roles.

    5.ask the ss to perform


    1.Listen the tape again and fill the blanks.(exercise paper)(PPT9) 2.欣赏各种机器人?以激发他们努力学习的热情。(PPT10)


    My Robot

    This is my robot.Its name is ______________________. It’s very clever.

    It can do many things for me. It can _______________________. It can ________________. It can _________________________,too.I like it very much.

E.Homework the dialogue with your partner.

    2.Tell your friends your robot.

F.Blackboar designing

     Unit 5 What Can The Robot Do?

     Can you ? Yes, I can./ No, I cant . speak English

     What can you do ? I can talk with

     What else can you do? I can walk with

     work with


     tell stories

     Boys Girls


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