Business Plan for the Burkes Pass Heritage Trust

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Business Plan for the Burkes Pass Heritage Trust ...

Business Plan for the Burkes Pass Heritage Trust

    (up-dated projects and contributions 1/2/07)

    ? The Burkes Pass Heritage Trust is an incorporated charitable trust with 5 trustees,

    established in September 2000. The Trustees are currently; Liz Angelo-Roxborough,

    Ruth Waters, David Taylor, David Reynolds and Jane Batchelor (Chair).

    ? The activities of the Trust are specified in the Trust document.

    ? The Trust is supported by about 120 people, locally, NZ wide and overseas and

    produces a newsletter 3-4 times a year circulated to 120 by post and approximately

    125 others including agencies such as Mackenzie District Council, NZ Historic Places

    Trust, and Opus International, by email.


1) To restore and maintain St Patricks Union Church at Burkes Pass for the use of the Burkes

    Pass community and the general public.

    2) To preserve the function of the church building for services and ceremonies, a place for

    meetings of residents and others and as a venue for cultural events such as music and art


    3) To secure future protection of the church by placing a heritage covenant on the title.

    4) To provide access and to display a wide variety of Burkes Pass heritage for education and

    the enjoyment of the community. This heritage includes both Maori and European people and

    culture, buildings, our geographical and environmental features, and characteristic vegetation

    including local native plants and exotic historic plantings, and wildlife.

    5) To promote public awareness of the original and priceless heritage remaining in Burkes

    Pass and to foster this through education, documentation e.g. via a brochure, web site, photo

    albums, display panels and other audiovisual aides, provision of activities such as walking

    tracks and visitor amenities.

Heritage Inventory

1) The major access to the Mackenzie Basin used by Maori and later on by Europeans.

    2) Characteristic vegetation and wildlife reflects environmental factors and human

    activities over a long period of time. Large groups of mature conifer trees remain from

    pioneer times around the village area. A DOC scenic reserve is located just west of the

    geographical pass with characteristic tussock and Aciphylla (Spaniard or speargrass)

    vegetation. The Canterbury giant weevil, Hadramphus tuberculatus, has recently been

    rediscovered there after being thought to be extinct for the past 80 years.

    3) The principal pioneer settlement for the Mackenzie country and early centre of

    administration with the building of the offices for the Mt Cook Roads Board (the precursor of

    the Mackenzie District Council) in 1876. The township remains relatively unchanged since

    the early 1900’s due to a quirk of history i.e.; the railway from the coast reaching only as far

    as Fairlie instead of coming to Burkes Pass as initially planned.

    4) St Patricks Church c1872; the first church in the Mackenzie District and the first Union

    church in Canterbury and the oldest Union church still remaining on its original site in New

    Zealand. It is registered by the NZ Historic Places Trust as group 2 (consideration is being

    given by the BPHT of applying for an upgrade to group 1) and category Y on the heritage

    schedule of MDC. The original church furniture and organ remain.


5) The pioneer cemetery; many early settlers and mountaineers are buried here dating from

    1873. The only remaining original gothic style wooden fence post is to be listed on the MDC

    heritage schedule.

    6) Burkes Pass Hotel and original stables, the first hotel licence granted in South Canterbury c 1861, an intact wing remains despite a disastrous fire in 1996. The stables are

    still remaining and to be listed on the MDC heritage schedule.

    7) The first Mt Cook Roads Board Headquarters c 1876 and later the original Mackenzie

    District Council Chambers now called ’The Stone House’. 8)The first school building in the area (the original part of the building is to be listed on the

    MDC heritage schedule) and school -teachers cottage remain. Both are c. 1878. 9) ‘Alma Cottage’, 1870’s (cob construction) has a NZ Historic Places Trust covenant on the title, NZHPT register group2, MDC schedule Y.

    10) ‘Elm Tree’ cottage (cob)

    11) ‘Anniss’ cottage, (cob ruin) will be listed on the MDC heritage schedule.

    12) ‘Paddy’s Market’ homestead, an early colonial home.

    13) Rabbit board buildings, a Mackenzie country institution, c1890-1988 at Burkes Pass. rd 1897. 14) One of the first dog trial clubs in Canterbury, marked by Dog Trial Hill.

    16) Limestone horse trough to be listed on the MDC heritage schedule. 15) Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Oak tree planted outside the hotel on June 23

    17) Ice skating rink dating from 1940’s, intact construction and water intake.

    18) Early subdivision of planned the pioneer township with streets and sections mostly

    never developed.

    19) ‘Highfield’ cob cottage and ‘Dornie’ cob villa, Kerr Cottage site, Coulsons cottage

    site and ‘Rollesby’ farm buildings outlying the village.

    20) TD Burnett stone memorial at the top of the Pass

    21) Donated archival material including written, photographic, Burkes Pass postal material

    and other memorabilia.

    22) Musterer’s Hut replica built from the disused bus shelter and incorporating recycled

    original hut materials eg metal chimney, and situated in village centre.

Assets - Property

St Patricks Union church contents, building and grounds.

    Musterer’s Hut


    ??To involve and consult with the local and wider community in implementing the Trust

    aims thereby enhancing the living amenities for residents and visitors by identifying

    and maximizing the assets and minimizing the negative aspects of the village.

    ??To stage changes as a series of projects with prioritization and funding sought for

    each from appropriate sources. Funding will preferably be confirmed before projects

    are started to minimize risk of debt.



    ??Interest and support locally and New Zealand wide


    ??Voluntary labor force and skill base

    ??Intact and concentrated heritage elements

    ??Key role in early Mackenzie development

    ??Located on major tourist highway

    ??Charitable trust structure gives accountability, confidence and tax deductibility to


    ??Communication via newsletter, email, media and web site

    ??Church open to visitors daily and monitored by dedicated neighbour.


    ??Major traffic flow poses potential noise and safety hazard (planned traffic calming for

    village centre).

    ???Small township poses potential hazard of isolated disenchantment (maintain good

    communication) and small pool of available voluntary labor and resources.

    ??Cash flow is dependant on application to funding agencies for major projects that

    means long lead in times for projects.


    ??Interest and awareness in heritage values.

    ??Active pursuits - walking tracks exploiting sites of interest and scenery, mountain

    bike/trail bike/horse riding trails. Two nearby ski-fields provide for complementary


    ??Passive pursuits views of historic buildings, cultural activities in the church,

    family/historical research using cemetery and Trust resources.

    ??Development ideas for local businesses to assimilate heritage concept in design eg

    cafe is on the site of the old blacksmith’s shop.

    ??Increase in patronage of local B&B accommodation and shop.

    ??Development of sophisticated but non- intrusive audiovisual aids could enhance

    visitor experience at the church.


    ??Local council funding is in short supply and several heritage organizations competing

    for it.

    ??Heritage walkway is on Transit land with their permission but theoretical vulnerability

    to future plans.

Projects - 2000

Formation of Trust and incorporation

    Cost; $312.91

    Funding; donated legal services and balance BPHT

    Status; completed 1/09/2000, IRD status as a charitable trust commencement date 13/09/2000.


    Projects 2001

     Purchase of St Patricks church

    Cost ; $3,478.43

    Funding source; Mid and South Canterbury Community Trust $3,000, balance BPHT

    Status; completed 08/03/2001

Building report - G Harris

    Cost; nil

    Funding; donated services

    Status; completed 2001, reviewed 12/01/04.

    Valuation - A Chisnall Cost; nil

    Funding; donated services

    Status; completed 27/04/01

    Surveyor to re-peg boundary of church property Cost; nil

    Funding; donated services

    Status; completed June 2001

Fencing Church property

    Labor and fencing provided by John Harry (neighbour).

Commencement of BPHT Newsletter (quarterly by email and post)

    Cost: Approx $25 photocopying per issue

    Funding: BPHT, and Community Post envelopes when available

Establishment of website - G Batchelor

    Cost; nil

    Funding; donated services

    Status; completed 8/12/01


    th Celebration service

    Service taken by Rev Michael Kerr, refreshments after provided by BPHT.

Projects - 2002

Community use of church e.g. services, concerts, meetings

    Cost; minimal i.e. <$100, petrol voucher/donation

    Funding; BPHT funds or application to Creative NZ etc

    Status; Changeover service in 2001 and 130th Celebration service in 2002, and residents


Manufacture of 4 reproduction pews to match the 4 original ones - G Harris/ M


    Cost; $1100


Funding; BPHT

    Status; completed April 2002, staining and finishing voluntary labor - J Batchelor.

Landscape architect plan for village, heritage walk and church grounds - G Densem

    Cost; Stages 1-3 i.e. Initial concept plan and consultation $2687. 50

    Funding; Mackenzie District Council

    Status; completed 28/05/01

Stage 4 i.e. final plan preparation, detailed planting/management recommendations

    Cost; $1,890

    Funding; MDC grant $1,500, balance BPHT funds

    Status; completion May 2002

    Reconnect electricity to church for lighting both heritage information panels and meetings audiovisual aides, and heating.

    Cost; reconnection fee, line charges and some consumption.

    Status; completed Oct 2002

    Planting according to landscape plan Funding; Church grounds Trees for Canterbury donated plants Oct 2002

    Village threshold area: Trust purchased $430 worth of native plants from DOC Oct 2002

    Status; implementation staged 1-5 years, voluntary labor.

    Search historic titles for archives, Cost $150

    Grant from Southern Trust received.

    Status; complete Feb 2002 th celebration service

    Taken by Rev Peter Hurricks and refreshments after by BPHT. 130

Projects - 2003

    Conservation architect plan for the church building - G Lucking and Tony Ussher Cost; $2,193.75 plus NZHPT costs, printing 7 copies $365.

    Funding; $1843.75 Lottery Grant received, balance BPHT funds.

    Status; Completed April 2003, with the assistance of NZHPT who provided additional

    funding for Tony Ussher, architect. Voluntary research, writing and compilation by J


Anniss Cob Cottage Roofing (stage one of stabilization/ restoration)

     Cost; $2,905

    Funding; received from owner, P Drake, Fairlie Timber Treatment sponsored for treating

    timber, Barwoods for transport, several donations of used iron, voluntary labor -

    Hemmingsen and Batchelor families..

    Status; completed April 2003.

    Heritage covenant placement on the title Cost; donated by NZ Historic Places Trust and Christine Ross

    Funding; donated legal services.


Status; completed 24/06/2003

Purchase of Fencing for Plant Protection.

    Cost; $5,609.70

    Funding Southern Trust Grant purchased 0ct 2003

    Status: Tree /plant protection and gradual implementation with plantings started.

Interpretation plan for church and walkway and production of information panels in church

    and brochure - L Burns

    Cost; $3,638.11

    Funding; Lottery Grant received

    Status; completed 12/11/03

Piping open drain beside the cafe and remove road shoulder for traffic safety

    Cost; $8,000- carried by Transit NZ

    Status; completed January 2003

Rowan Tree Avenue

    Cost: $1,175.16, voluntary labor, digger and Traffic Management provided by Whitestone NZ LTD.

    Funding: Mid and South Canterbury Trust $388.12 for trees, fencing from earlier Southern Trust grant $645.30 and balance from BPHT.

    Status: majority of it completed in October 2003 and remainder in 2004.

Highway Threshold Planting Eastern town entrance

    Cost: $406 for native plants from DOC nursery

    Funding: Lion Foundation, voluntary labor

    Status: Completed October 2003

Antique Display Table Purchase

    Cost: $425

    Funding: Lottery Grant

    Status: completed Nov 2003

Burkes Pass Heritage Trust Brochures/Guide to Heritage Walk

    Cost: $1,022.63- Printing by Herald Print, Timaru. Interpretation by Linda Burns with content provided by J McCarthy and J Batchelor.

    Funded: Lottery Grant

    Status: completed December 2003.

Projects - 2004

Framed interpretation panels for church

    Cost: $295.30 frames from G Harris Ltd, made by Martin Cordes. Interpretation panels by Linda Burns

    Funding: Lottery Grant

    Status completed January 2004.

Photo Collection and Reproduction for Church Album

    Cost: Yet to be determined, leather covered album donated by Jan McCarthy


Status: in progress.

Removal of log burner from church and taking up floor coverings

    Cost : nil Church Painted in Original colors Completed by working bee May 2004, roof made good by G Harris (builder). Cost : $ 3,199.50 for labor. Paint donated by Resene.

    Funding: Grant from Mid and South Canterbury Trust contributed $1,611.88 (total grant received was $2000 which also covered cost of Rowan Trees for avenue) BPHT funds paid for balance.

    Status: Completed April 2004.

Highway Threshold Planting-Western township entrance

    Cost: $602.68

    Funding: BPHT funds

    Status: completed October 2004

Construction of Heritage Walk including track and boardwalks

    Cost; materials for boardwalk, $1913, design and quantity survey- donated services, mowing by voluntary labor.

    Funding; Tekapo Lions Club donated labor,

    Earthworks donated: A Hurst

    Funding for Materials: Lion Foundation

    Status; completed November 2004

Fencing Anniss Cottage

    Cost: $364.80 plus fencing materials provided BPHT

    Funding: BPHT, labor donated by Fairlie Lions Club.

    Status: completed Dec 2004

Chris Cape Folk Music/Poetry Performance

    Cost : $1,200, research/travel and performance

    Funding: $400 from Creative NZ, $500 Lion Foundation, balance from BPHT funds Status: held November 27

    th 2004

Projects - 2005

Hayter Family Reunion

    Cost no cost to Trust and hosted at Alma Cottage. Donation received. ththStatus: held 19 and 20 Feb 2005

Threshold Tussock Planting

    Cost: $413

    Funding: Transit NZ $400, voluntary labor

    Status: Completed October 2005

    Arborist Work on Trees in Church Grounds (John Baxter) Cost: $865


Funding: MDC $791.57 and BPHT $73.43

    Status: Completed

Fire Extinguisher Church

    Cost: $168.43

    Funding: MDC

    Status: Completed

Church Organ Restoration (two instruments)

    Cost: Total cost $11,769.25 = Original 1800’s Needham $4,897.75 plus

    Estey: $6,871.50

    Funding: Community Trust $1,200, Lion Foundation $4,500, Southern Trust $4,415,

    BPHT $1,654.25

    Status: Needham completed March 2005

    Estey completed December 2005

Cabbage Tree Flat

    Cost: $115 for potting mix.

    Funding: 300 cabbage trees grown from local seed and donated by Trees for Canterbury and

    re-potted , transported and planted by voluntary labor. Fencing from previous grant.

    Status: completed October 2005

Cemetery Tour

    Liz Angelo-Roxborough gave an inaugural tour at the Cowan Family reunion held in

    December 2005

Projects 2006

Anniss Cob Wall restoration initial phase rebuilding window support walls

    Cost: nil

    Completed areas below front window sills with voluntary workers.

Cemetery guide booklet

    Cost; $1,056. Research and writing voluntary Liz Angelo- Roxborough Publishing - South Canterbury Museum

    Funding; MDC grant of $475

    Status; in progress

    Preparation of History Summaries - for items to be considered for addition to the MDC Heritage Schedule and both written and oral submissions to Council Long Term Community


    Cost: nil

    Status: completed with voluntary research J Batchelor.

Convert existing bus shelter to ‘Musterer’s Hut’ visitor centre, move 6 metres back from

    road and insert windows etc

    Cost; $3,020 for materials, landscape plan donated by Maurie Angelo (landscape architect)


Funding; voluntary labor, MDC grant of $350 on completion, Lion Foundation Grant $2670

    Sept 2006, donated shingle mix from Barwoods, donated iron from various sources, donated

    metal chimney from Don Willetts.

    Status; foundations laid Projects-2007

    Musterer’s Hut - continued from 2006 Status: Bus shelter frame moved to new site in Jan 2007 and transformation progressed.

Installation of Rubbish bin stand for MDC.

    Cost: paid by MDC

    Status: completed Jan 2007

    Other plans in discussion;

    ? Complete photo album of reproduction old photos of the area and people -

    ? photo reproduction and archiving in progress, album donated by Jan McCarthy.

    ? Record stories of local people as oral history -

    ? contact made with historian to do the work. Will need to identify subjects to interview

    and apply for funding.

    ? Reinstate memorial marble plaque for Queen Vic oak tree (c 1897 - possibly 2007 for

    110th anniversary.

    ? Reinstate original picket fence and entrance gates to church as in original photographs

    ($3,500 est. cost)

    ? Interpretation / activities for children eg old school desk, slate, reproduce pictures of

    interest, garden swing

    ? Fill and level grassed areas beside highway in central village area

    ? ?Restoration/drainage of church/grounds - subject of conservation plan

    ? Development of circular walking track to summit of Sentinel Hill on the back

    boundary of the village

    ? Small interpretation posts at sites of interest along the walkway and seating

    ? Cushions for pews,

    ? Reinstate original leadlight windows in church building

    ? ?Commission folk song - P Garland

    ? Security system - video/tag $2-3,000

    ? Replacement of township lighting in keeping with heritage nature.

Grants Received


    Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury - $3,000 to purchase church

    Lottery Grants Board Environment and Heritage - $7,500 for interpretation and walkway

    Mackenzie District Council - $1,000 for village plan

    Mackenzie District Council rates

    Community Post 200 envelopes



    MDC rates

    Southern Trust - $150 to research historic titles

    Meridian Energy - $1000 for electricity

    Paul Drake $2905 for Anniss Cottage Restoration Community Post 305 envelopes


    MDC - rates

    Lion Foundation - $1912.50 for boardwalk materials

    Southern Trust - $5,609.70 for fencing materials

    Lion Foundation - $406 for native plants

    Community Post 200 envelopes Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury - $2,000


    MDC rates

    Community Trust of Mid and South Canterbury- $1,200 for organ restoration

    Lion Foundation - $500 for Chris Cape (folk singer) concert

    Creative NZ - $400 for Chris Cape concert

    Lion Foundation - $4,500 for organ restoration

    Community Post 300 envelopes


    MDC - rates

    Southern Trust - $4,415 for organ restoration

    Community Post 200 envelopes Transit NZ - $400 to purchase tussocks for village threshold native areas


    MDC rates

    MDC pledge of $350 refund on completion of Musterer’s hut

    Lion Foundation - $2,670 for Musterer’s hut materials

    MDC - $475 for production of guide booklet to Burkes Pass cemetery


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