My school life

By Josephine Patterson,2014-01-25 10:03
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My school life My school life My school life

    My school lifes memory

    A persons life can just be so fast that he cant present

    and memorize instantly. My life is so. Mostly I spent my lifetime in the school until now. Suddenly an idea occurs in my mind ,and that ideaand that idea seemed to live a long

    time in my heart. Thats my school life.


    Now I almost forget my primary schools life,only

    remember those teachers vague faces with light

    smile ,remember the old buildings which was put down and rebuilt later, remember that not high school gate with iron door . The same time I memorize that I was appointed to custody the key to our classroom . To my embarrass, I was usually late and my classmates were always waiting for me . In our class, a girl student studied very well and was always praised by teachers . I didnt convinced and studied

    hard .Grade one, two, three, four, five passed ,she ranked first all times . I still continued to learn .Eventually miracles happened, I beat her . Its so called Where there is a will,

    there is a way.


    Then I stepped into the life of junior school and was

    assigned to a good classes with the general results. I was the first to study with those town students, so I felt very pressured to announce in class . Especially for English ,I hadnt touched and was afraid to pronounce .I still remembered that English spelling exercises the fist time , there is no doubt that I wrote a mess .But gradually I adapted myself to the study , and my English topped in my class eventually. What impressed me most was also a girl, a teachers child ,studied very well .Every exam, she always ranked first . That time my mind told me I never won her ,she is a legend to me .With the time went by ,I admired her but not give in her .Nothing in the world is impossible,the wonder happened in Junior 2 , my total scores surpassed her and got the first prize facing all the teachers and students . I also didnt forget my crazy life

    which galloped on playground . Whenever I played basketball ,I always risked my life and won the game . It was usual to us see that I almost ran to classroom with much sweet ,also with the ring rang. I want to say that my Junior schools life was full of challenge and passion .


    I never forget my Senior schools life . Because it was gone

    with pressure , competition and friendship .In Senior school , that was not a girl but a boy . I competed with him secretly on study day and day .And also made a good friendship with him . He always laughed, so is now .But his good study made me uneasy and his kind laughter was like a invisible knife pricking into my heart .But we were not enemy,competitors and good friends indeed . Because of his being there ,I had been working tirelessly to learn when facing the great pressure of entering college exam .Now we are keeping a good friendship ,I still miss our life together .No competition ,no improvement .

    I stop here and hope to have a good memory in college .

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