Board minutes - Wabedo Township

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Board minutes - Wabedo Township ...

    Wabedo Township

    Board of Supervisor

    Monthly Meeting

    November 19, 2003

Present: Chair Bill Bliss, Supervisors Patrick Butler, Ralph Schmidt, Treasurer Alicia Burgers

     and Clerk Barbara Anderson

Guests: Craig Anderson, Marilynne Davis, Steve Lemster, Bob & Luann Adelmann, Terry Freeman

     of Landecker & Associates, and Thomas A. Gedde representing Chris Fritch

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Bliss.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Treasurer’s report Burgers gave the Cash Control Statement and the Current Investment Report for

    the month of October 2003. MOTION: Schmidt/passed unanimously: Accept the Cash Control

    Statement with a ending balance of $48,838.25 and the Current Investment Report with an grant total

    of $46,147.73 for the month ending October 31, 2003. The Board discussed the balance in the

    planning commission at the present time is a negative number. MOTION: Bliss/passed unanimously:

    Authorize the treasurer to transfer a total of $1,500 from general to the planning commission line


Minutes Anderson presented the minutes of the following meetings: Monthly meeting October 8,

    2003, a special meeting to interview candidates for the planning commission on October 15, 2003,

    and the special meeting on Pine Crest Trail on October 25, 2003. Corrections: Oct. 8 under Road

    and Bridge first sentence add “by 8 residents” after the word signed. MOTION: Butler/passed:

    Approve the minutes of October 8, 2003, monthly meeting as corrected. MOTION: Schmidt/passed:

    Approved the minutes of the special meeting on October 15, 2003 as written. Correction on Oct. 25

    the second paragraph, second line delete the word “the”, making the sentence read “...Pine Crest Trail meets all aspects...” MOTION: Butler/passed: Approved the minutes of the October 25, 2003

    special meeting as corrected.

Anderson presented a resolution making Pine Crest Trail a township road. This resolution is based

    upon the decision at the October 25, 2003, special meeting. A copy of the resolution is attached to

    the original minutes of this meeting. MOTION: Bliss/passed unanimously: Adopt Resolution 11-

    19-03 making Pine Crest Trail officially a township road.


    Schmidt’s monthly report Schmidt reviewed his written report dated November 2003. A copy of this report is attached to the original set of minutes for this meeting. Pine Crest Trail needs signage.

    The Board told Schmidt to check with the County regarding the yield ahead sign. The road is only .2

    of a mile long. The Board decided to use the high intensity road signs the same as the county.

    Schmidt will order the necessary signs.

Schmidt talked to Bill Herheim of Lott Excavating, the company that maintains this road. Herheim is

    concerned about the grade of the road and the grade of the turn around. The road meets all of the

    township qualifications, including the grade.


Wabedo Township Board of Supervisors

    November 19, 2003

Schmidt reported that the bridge on Sioux Camp Road was hit and sustained a considerable amount

    of damage. He is working with the County for repairs. Anderson reported that she has received a

    copy of the accident report for Cass County and will write a letter to Mr. Schlagel to obtain his

    insurance information. It was suggested that Schmidt talk to the County about getting the bridge re-

    aligned through the bridge program.

Because there were people in the audience who wanted to address the Board of Supervisors the

    agenda was changed to accommodate them.


    Longville Ambulance Service - Steve Lemster presented the board with information about a laptop

    computer. At the annual meeting the residents voted to give the Longville Ambulance Service a

    laptop computer with the necessary software for an ambulance with the dollar amount set at $1,500.

    Lemster reported that the software is now available free through the County. He thought the amount

    authorized was $2,000 and obtained information for a computer based on that amount. He asked that

    this item be tabled until next month so he would have time to research a computer under $1,500.


    Taylor Timbers on Little Boy Lake - C. Anderson presented the plat for the Taylor Timbers on the

    east side of South Little Boy Drive. The plat calls for the land to be divided into 6 lots. The plat was

    presented at the planning commission meeting on October 14, 2003 where about forty residents were

    in attendance and voiced their concerns. The lake lot is not part of this plat. The Planning

    Commission recommends approval of this plat as presented with a letter of concerns stating the four

    major concerns from the residents. The concerns are:

    1. Erosion control from the silt coming from the development of the lots, running under South

    Little Boy Drive through the wetlands and into the lake.

    2. Protection of critical habitat and wetlands in this area

    3. The owners of the lake lot granting easements to the owners of these lots,

    4. The safety issue of six driveways coming on to South Little Boy Drive.

Freeman addressed some of the concerns:

    ? Wetland development needs a permit,

    ? Silt & runoff if 1+ acre the MPCA storm water plan is in effect if less then 1 acre

    then the County’s plan is in effect.

    ? Mr. Fritch does not want shared driveways; he thinks there is enough room for

    individual driveways.

Butler asked if a post was used to determine the lot lay out. Freeman said the monuments will be

    used for the final platting work Freeman reported that Fritch plans on dedicating the triangle of land

    by Bargen Lane and South Little Boy Drive as a roadway.

MOTION: Bliss/passed unanimously: Recommend approval of the Taylor Timbers with the letter of

    concerns to Cass County. Bliss signed the County paperwork.


Wabedo Township Board of Supervisors

    November 19, 2003

Mule Lake Estate - C. Anderson presented the Mule Lake Estate plat plan. There is to be 4 riparian

    lots and one non-riparian lot with a road coming into the property. The four riparian lots meet the

    county width requirement of 150’ at the lake shore and exceed the county area requirement of 40,000

    square feet. However, lots 2, 3, and 4 on the lake will require variances because they do not meet

    county width requirements at the building site. Freeman said the lots measure 142’ to 147’. A

    variance will be needed from the county for these lots.

The Board discussed the plat plan. Freeman reported that the road going into the project will meet

    township and county standards. B. Anderson asked that realtors explain to buyers that this is a

    private road and the owners will need to maintain it. In the future the owners may petition the

    township to make this a township road. The road will have to meet all township road qualifications

    in order for the township to take it over.

MOTION: Butler/passed unanimously: Recommend to the Cass County Planning Commission that

    the Mule Lake Estate plan dated November 19, 2003, be approved. Bliss signed the papers for this

    plat. MOTION: Bliss/passed: Recommend to Cass County that the zoning for the Mule Lake Estate

    be reclassified from water oriented commercial to residential.

Gedde and Freeman thanked the board and left the meeting.


    Tuttle petition - Anderson reported that the Tuttle’s are contacting a lawyer on the petition.

Supervisors’ report - Bliss reported that he had a telephone call regarding Glenmar Road. There are

    several holes in the road. The Board decided to ask Felton Brothers to repair the holes even though it

    is not the right time of the year for such work.

Bliss reported that he had a telephone call stating that Wabedo Springs Road is missing a dead end

    sign. Schmidt will check this out


    Survey - Anderson gave an update on the surveys. Three hundred fifty six surveys have been returned out of the 800 surveys sent out. The responses have been very interesting. The Board

    received a report on the questions; Anderson is still organizing the comments. The Board will

    receive a full report by February.

    Thank you - The Board received a thank you note from Mr. & Mrs. Adelmann for making Pine Crest Trail a Township road.


    Ambulance District - Bliss reported that the City of Longville is considering purchasing the

    ambulance building from the Ambulance District Building Board. It would cost the City $170,000 to

    purchase the building. Wabedo Township would receive approximately $29,500. No action as been

    taken at this point.

     th. Fire District - Butler reported the meeting is been rescheduled for November 25


Wabedo Township Board of Supervisors

    November 19, 2003

    March elections - Anderson was apprising the Board the filing time for the March elections is December 30, 2003 through January 13, 2004. The notices will be published and posted in December.

    She reported that one supervisor (Butler) and the treasurer’s positions are up for re-election.

Bliss discussed the possible changes coming up in 2006. At this time the possible changes being

    discussed are an interpreter for people who do not speak English, a voting machine that will take

    Braille ballots, a person who signs, and the building must be handicapped accessible.

Berger asked if the Minnesota Associations of Townships (MATS) is lobbying for funding for the

    changes. He suggested that Wabedo Township work with MATS on this project.

Law Enforcement Questionnaire The Board discussed the law enforcement questionnaire that was

    in the board packet. The questionnaire was to determine how many townships, towns and cities have

    their own law enforcement agency. The clerk will fill out the questionnaire and return it.

Scanner Anderson reported that the scanner the township has was donated. Over the past few

    months the scanner has not been making good clean copies. She stated that according to her research

    the township could purchase an hp four-in-one (copier, scanner, fax, printer) with the capability of

    reading a digital camera disc for $300. She asked the board to consider purchasing one in the next

    few months. MOTION: Butler/passed: Authorize the clerk to purchase the hp four-in-one with the

    price not to exceed $325.

    Local Government Alliance Bliss talked about the Local Government Alliance (LGA). Wabedo Township has been a member for the past few years. The LGA is a lobbing group for local

    government. The price is 50 cents per person per capita. This equals $187.50 for Wabedo Township.

    MOTION: Butler/passed: Authorize payment of $187.50 to LGA for dues for the next year.

Pay the bills Burgers and Anderson presented the List of Claims for approval totaling $20,880 for

    claims and $3,131.94 payment to the MN Pollution Control Agency. The claims include a payment

    for calcium chloride for $18,143.28. MOTION: Schmidt/passed unanimously: Authorize payment

    of the claims totaling $20,880 and the loan payment to the MN Pollution Control Agency for


PLANNING COMMISSION Report by Craig Anderson

    New Planning Commissioner C. Anderson introduced Marilynne Davis as the newest member of

    the planning commission.


    ? Happe on Little Boy Lake Happe has asked for a variance to build a new log home.

    Because they live on a peninsula every thing they do requires a variance. The proposed home

    will be at the best location on the lot with plenty of room for a new septic system. The

    Planning Commission recommended approval. The Cass County Board of Adjustment

    approved it.

    ? Thorburn on Wabedo Lake Thorburn has asked for a variance to add on to an existing home.

    The proposed addition is more than 50%of the existing house. The Planning Commission

    approved this.


Wabedo Township Board of Supervisors

    November 19, 20003

    Finding of Fact - Anderson discussed the finding of fact form that Bridget Chard wants the planning commission to use for all variance request, conditional use permits and plats. This will help the

    planning commission to make sure they look at each request in the same manner. Each board

    member has a copy of the form.

Help for the planning commission secretary at large meetings - The planning commission requested

    that the clerk be appointed to take minutes when the planning commission meetings are well attended

    and there is a lot of discussion. The secretary is a voting member of the planning commission and

    needs to pay close attention to what is being said. This is hard to do and take minutes at the same

    time. The Board decided to take this on a meeting by meeting situation.

    DeVries update The Board has received a petition from Mr. & Mrs. DeVries to join the Little Boy SSD. The clerk was asked to contact Mark Johnson to obtain a cost estimate for DeVries to connect

    to the existing SSD. Also to keep DeVries up dated on what the Board is doing.


    C. Anderson asked if the Board has received a response to their letter to Cass County Attorney Mr.

    Maus regarding contiguous land. The clerk will follow up on this.

MOTION: Butler/passed: Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 9:08 p.m.

Respectfully submitted Approved

Barbara Anderson William C. Bliss

    Clerk Chair


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