10 reasons to invest in Georgian Agriculture - Ten Reasons to ---

By Ralph Harris,2014-08-11 17:14
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10 reasons to invest in Georgian Agriculture - Ten Reasons to ---

    Ten Reasons to Invest in Georgian Agriculture

1. Range of Production Opportunities: Georgia is blessed with a vast range of growing

    conditions suitable for virtually any crop or livestock product which can be grown in a

    sub-tropical or temperate climate. The country’s wide range of climatic zones allows for

    year round and off-season production. Both the Georgian Government and International

    Donors have spent considerable effort in evaluating Georgia’s food and agriculture sector

    and identifying promising investment opportunities.

    2. Well-Established Industries: Georgia has a number of agricultural subsectors which are

    already well-established and require only additional investment to be able to take

    advantage of existing domestic and export market opportunities.

    3. Attractive Labor Market: Georgia has a highly educated, exceptionally affordable labor

    supply. Georgia’s new Labor Code is ranked as one of the best in the world, reduces

    labor costs, and gives greater freedom of contract to employers and employees.

4. Attractive Investment Support Packages: Perhaps no other country in the world has the

    support system equivalent to Georgia’s which provides as many direct financial benefits

    to the investor. This includes the potential for land, technical assistance, training

    programs, infrastructure, financing (grants, loans, and equity), market studies, facilities,

    farm machinery, and breeding stock.

    5. Organic Adaptable: Due to the major contraction of the economy after independence,

    the break-up of the Soviet farming system, and the large farmable areas that have

    remained fallow for an extended period, there is significant agricultural land which can

    be quickly certified as being organic since no chemicals may have been applied for over

    15 years.

6. Strategic Geographic Location: Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia,

    Georgia has ready access to markets with populations approaching 900 million

    with rail, sea, road, and air access.

    7. Competitive Trade Regimes: Georgia has low (or no) tariffs, streamlined boarder

    clearance procedures, and preferential trade regimes with major partners including

    the European Union, CIS countries, Turkey, and the U.S.

8. Dynamic Economy: Georgia’s economy has been growing at nearly 10%

    annually and is projected to do so for the foreseeable future. Inflation has been

    consistently in the single digits, and the Georgian lari remains strong against both

    the dollar and the Euro.

9. Attractive Tax Structure: Fewer taxes, lower rates (including a flat tax on

    personal income of only 12% and on corporate profits of only 20%), and minimal

    customs duties make Georgia’s the most attractive tax regime in the region.

    Further tax cuts are planned.

10. Pro-Business, Reform Oriented: There is probably not a more pro-business, ththreform oriented country in the world. The country has moved from 112 to 18

    in the world in the World Bank’s 2008 Doing Business Survey and was rated as

    the top anti-corruption reformer in the 2006 Anti-Corruption in Transition-3

    report. Licensing and permitting requirements have been slashed by 84%.

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