How to make a gum paste peony

By Charlie Robinson,2014-01-23 21:20
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How to make a gum paste peony

How to make a gum paste peony (part 1)

    I know that a lot of you have asked if I could make a tutorial on how to make my gum paste peony flowers, so here’s a little treat for you.

    This is what I use:

    Gum paste (white or colored pink in your chosen color. You would also need a little green

    gum paste if you decide to make peony buds) Rolling pin

    Peony petal cutters:

    Colette Peters

    Jennifer Dontz

    Sunflower Sugar Art

    Special petal veiner:

    Peony flower veiner

    Round Styrofoam balls 1 1/2″ or smaller for peony buds

    #20 gauge wire

    #24/26 gauge wire

    Green floral tape

    Craft glue

    Chocolate egg mold

    Apple foam trays (you can get those at your local grocery store) Powdered food colors (Matching the color of the gum paste. Remember green color for



    Brushes (for coloring the peony and for the tylo glue) Ball tool


Foam pad

    Small pieces of foam/paper

    Square piece of thin flexible foam about 6″x6″

    Large piece of styrofoam/cake dummy

    Tall drinking glass

    Plastic bag/zipper bag (stops the petals from drying, while you work)

    Cel board

    5 petal flower cutter (1″ or a little bigger)

    Peony cutters:

    I have used a set of peony cutters from Colette Peters, for this tutorial. There are a great selection of different peony cutters on the market. So use the ones you like the best. You can however, depending on how big you want your peony flower to be, mix the peony petal cutters and by that way, get an even more personal peony flower.

Step 1:

    Cut three pieces of #20 gauge wire. It should be long enough so that you can bend the end, when you need to hang the peony, up side down while drying. You can always trim the length when you are finished with the flower. Wrap some green floral tape tight around the wires. Starting about 1/2″ down. Next dip the end of the wires, in some craft glue and

    insert the wire into the 1 1/2″ styrofoam ball. Make sure, that you don’t push it all the way through the styro ball. You should be stopping where the floral tape starts. Note: As you may have noticed. I do not have any floral tape on my wire. Somehow I was not able to find my floral tape, so that’s why I have used a piece of gauge wire


instead. I will replace the photo when I have found the lost floral wire.