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    Palo Verde Community

    College District



    January 2007

January 16, 1007

Dear Colleague:

     th largest community college. Together, we have Welcome to Palo Verde College California‟s 106

    a unique opportunity to shape Palo Verde College. Our size is very much our strength. Because we are small, we can move quickly to respond to our students‟ needs and to the needs of our district

    and the State. Because we are small, we can offer our students the kind of educational experience that they could find at a small, expensive private college. Because we are small, each of you has the opportunity to make a real difference here.

    This handbook is intended to provide you with information about the College and about our procedures. If you see ways that the procedures can be changed or if there are things about the College you think should be in the Handbook but are not, please let the Human Resource office know.

    Palo Verde College is governed by a Board of Trustees. Five of the Trustees are elected at large from the part of our District in Riverside County; two Trustees are elected from the part of the District in San Bernardino County. Our Student Trustee is elected annually by the College‟s

    Associated Student Body. The Board adopts policies governing the District. A copy of the Board approved policies along with the Administrative Regulations that implement the Board‟s policies

    are available in the Library, in my office and in the Vice President‟s Offices.

    Again, welcome to Palo Verde College. I know we will accomplish wonderful things.


James W. Hottois